Turbocharger Turbo Charger for Cummins HX55 3590044 M11 Supercharger

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Product Description:

Quick Details

  • Type: Turbochargers

  • Car Make: Cummins Truck

  • OE NO.: 3590044

  • Model Number: HX55

  • Warranty: 12 Months

  • Engine Code: ISM/ISME/ M11

  • Cooled Type: Oil cooled

  • Build/Year: 2007

  • Fuel Type: Diesel

  • Related Part No.1: 3590044 3590045 3536995 3536996 4039173

  • Related Part No.2: 4046031 3800471 3800471RX 3803938 2834419

Packing & Delivery

Packing Detail:

  • Neutal Packing or the package as requirement

  • One turbo in a Carton

  • Wooden case is a good choice for ocean shipping

Delivery Detail:7-30 Days.(As Per Quantity)


  • High Speed, higher torque and improved response.

  • Lower Fuel Consumption.

  • Turbo and all its parts 100% changeable with original.

  • Perfect Follow-up Service

In Addition,we are also business in parts of Turbocharger such as:

  • Turbine Housing

  • Compressor Housing/Cover

  • Bearing Housing

  • Repair Kits

  • CHRA

  • Valve

  • Shaft Wheel 

  • Compressor Wheel/Impeller

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Q:I have an Extended Warranty from Nissan (100K miles bumper to bumper). It says that it covers everything unless the part/system is listed under the What is Excluded section.I have been told that I need a new catalytic converter. That part is not specifically excluded from extended warranty coverage, but the exhaust system is.So my question is, does the exclusion of the exhaust system mean that the converter is also excluded ?
dint think so the catalytic converter is an emissions part, the exhaust is an outlet for the fumes to go to they are two totally different parts talk to your dealer, also depends on the mileage of the car it shouldn't go out within at least 3-4 years if that i had the same one on for at least 4 years before mine went bad but there should be a number on the warranty information, call that number
Q:Since i want to gain some horse power, I‘m attempting to install exhaust system and cold air intake to my 2007 civic si coupe. But i‘m just worried if they harm my car‘s durability. I heard some stories that cold air intakes make some problem when its raining, because the water percolates through the intake to engine. And i‘m worried if installing new exhaust system does that kind of thing too. Is it okay to install those??
not enough to justify the cost maybe 1 to 1.5 hp more
Q:do exhaust systems make your car any faster? or is it just for show
Yes the can increase horsepower depending on what you mean by exhaust system. Just throwing on a fart can resonator at the end of your tailpipe wont do anything except get you a ticket and annoy everyone around you. But if done properly, a complete performance exhaust system can increase power, and fuel economy. When you put a performance exhaust system on your car, it is decreasing the amount of restriction. Hence, the engine can work more efficiently when it doesnt need to waste its power trying to shove old exhaust fumes down a bottle neck exhaust. More exhaust flow means more intake flow, which equals more power, and better gas mileage because it doesnt need to work as hard to breathe and exhale.
Q:How much is a decent single or duel exhaust system that will be loud and make a suv sound fast?
I would guess about 3-400 bucks depending on the material and the brand you chose. Don't get too loud, you don't need the man stopping you every time you trun around.
Q:I live in Illinois. I was pulled over for driving with unsafe equipment. My exhaust system is hanging low in the middle of it, but is still bolted onto the car in the front and back. It wouldn‘t have fallen off, yet I got pulled over for driving with unsafe equipment. I didn‘t get a warning and hardly had time to fix it, as it had happened just a little bit before getting pulled over. Do I deserve this ticket? Any way I can get out of paying the fee? I cannot afford it at the moment, and quite frankly do not think that I deserved the ticket, as I don‘t think I was driving unsafe. I don‘t know how to prove it though, so it‘s just his word against mine. Any way to fight this ticket?
It's OK for an exhaust system to be hanging low in the middle as long as it's bolted at either end? I'm no expert, but that sounds wrong. You don't get warnings for fix it tickets, you get the ticket. See if it says correctable on the ticket; if so, you fix the exhaust and don't have to pay the fine. And you weren't cited for driving unsafe, you were cited for driving with unsafe equipment.
Q:I have a 1996 Tahoe, V8 5.7. I wanna get an aftermarket exhaust but I don‘t want it too loud. I want a nice low rumble. Something attractive. I used to have a 1990 suburban 2500 with headers and a cherry bomb kit and my neighbors hated me I dont want something to hear from a quarter mile away. A nice low rumble, something sexy. Any ideas? Im not too familiar with exhaust systems.Maybe if you have a youtube video or something, that would be cool.Thank You
You could keep the existing y- pipe and split it off into 2. Keep the catalytic converter (reduces 40% of noise) and you could do 2 glasspacks where you split it off. Remember the longer the glasspack, the quieter. But dual pipes will add a nice grumble but will be cheaper if you keep the y-pipe.
Q:I own a 2009 mitsubishi lancer gts. i want a nex exaust that makes it sound sweet ! i was thinking magnaflow or borla. what kind of exaust should i get ?
Brandon likes Magnaflow and they do make good exhaust systems but I think the Borla has better sound and makes more horses--its all subjective--pays your money and takes your chances-LOL
Q:I want to gain a little more acceleration so i can take off quicker like when going on the highway but i dont like the ones with large mufflers so i am thinking about getting a flowmaster exhaust installed on my ex. Even though it is automatic will i still notice any performance gains, even slightly? I figure since the pipe outlet is like the same size as the oem one that i will still have the back pressure needed and get the benefits of the high flow exhaust pipe too.also if i get that installed should i also get a new aftermarket intake put on too? is it better to have both or would it be a waste and should just get the exhaust. becuase i hear the stock air intake system is more efficient thatn a short eram or cold air aftermarket one.thanks
usually that kind of stuff is bad for the vehichle my dad is a mechanic and he says that sure it makes it sound cool but in the long run it ***** things up in your engine. i wouldnt do it but thats just me
Q:I recently bought a ses injen complete exhaust system for my v4 mit eclipse but,when,i received the package,it said it was for v6 eclipses, i was wondering if it could work on my 2.4 v4 sohc, please help me i hope i didnt spend 800 for nothing!!! What do i need to install it (additional material) or idk
Are u talking about just an exhaust pipe? or exhaust pipe and headers? If its just the exhaust pipe it should be able to fit over a 4 cylinder header because i dont see why the slots would be differed other than the piping might have a larger diameter because of larger engine exhaust output. See if the slots match up and if they dont, u got ur answer If its headers with it, you arent going to fit a 6 cylinder header on a 4 cylinder. And BTW. You car doesnt have a V4. You car has an inline 4 cylinder engine. V blocks are shaped in a V when inline blocks have the cylinders all inline.
Q:I have a stock 2010 Mustang GT. I want to add exhaust and want it to be loud yet gain a good bit of horsepower. What system should I get? Also price is another factor in which system I will get.
Truth is that on th S197 GT's the gains of an aftermarket exhaust system over the stock system are minimal at best. The stock system has mandrel bends and at 2.5 inches is actually a bit oversized already. It's not a liability until you start going to forced induction. Most people who go with aftermarket exhausts in these cars do it for the sound. Borla S types and Pypes Violators seems to be pretty popular, personally I think Bassani has some nice sounding stuff for the 05+ GT's.

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