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which air intake sytem is better and why?
if you were going to race you dont want to race in a ford focus its not a racing car they are peace of **** cars you will stand no chance on the road with that thing to small of an engine and to much wait on the car
what are the benefits of having wai? wondering if i should get one or leave my stock intake 2002 grand am 2.2 ecotec engine
Makes the intake of air warm thus making it easier to take in oxeygen. You dont get more hp but u save more gase.
I am looking at a 2003 Nissan 350z Track Edition with 2,700 miles (yes only 2,700 miles). The car has an after market AEM cold air intake and an engine grounding kit, are these desirable additions to the car, or something I should be worried about.
I don't know why you posted the Smartypants was a best answer, unless you is him trolling for points. 250cc motorcycle are NOT trainers -- they are middleweight motorcycles capable of any road, including coast-to-coast on the Interstates. I rode a 'dual-sport' DT175 from 1974-1987 in Los Angeles -- dual sports are the *best* city motorcycles -- lightweight, agile, quick, don't care if the are dropped, ignores bad pavement / pot holes / curbs.
If you have a cold air intake can you keep it on year round and if so is it ok to drive in the snow and rain or will that harm the car in any way???
It's fine to use the CAI in the winter. The only problem you would have in the snow or rain is if the CAI was close to the ground where water or snow could get to it.
I have heard that many cars have some piece of plastic in the stock air intake piping. supposedly they can be simply cut out and the intake will be slightly deeper sounding. is there a piece like this in the 96 camaro v6?
Your car, being a '96 may have been altered. The only way to know for sure what you've got in your air intake is to look.
i just installed a short ram air intake on my 98 jetta, and my vacuum house and another hose are pretty much just sitting there free. now when i hit the gas (when driving, not idle) my car makes a loud growling type of noise almost like a muscle car, is this normal? or is this because those 2 hoses are unused now? ive been told to remove one and plug the vacuum but im only good at putting things together, i dont even know which one is the vacuum hose or which one to plug or remove or what.
you wont get a growling noise, get a whistling sound from the filter. if you have a exhaust, such as flowmasters the intake works really well with flowmasters muffler, giving it a deeper note.
i have a 2005 hyundai tiburon in-line4, what will a cold air intake do for my car will it make it faster or use less gas or what, and is it even worth getting one???
Typically a cold air intake is meant to give you more power. As the name implies, a cold air intake cools the air as it enters the combustion chamber. Colder air is more dense so you can get more air(oxygen) into your combustion chamber compared to if the air was warm, which means you can put more fuel to mix with the greater amount of oxygen in your chamber resulting in more power. Typically it results with a slight decrease in mileage (it uses more gas) but it also gives you more power.
Looking for a cold air intake that adds the most horsepower. What is the best intake? (2012 Nissan Altima 2.5s)
I am not allowed to answer this as a 2.5 liter has no power to begin with, But I will regress look into KN KN 69-7061TS 69