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  • NOZZLE RING GT2056V 709838-0003 Turbo Kit System 2
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NOZZLE RING GT2056V 709838-0003 Turbo Kit

NOZZLE RING GT2056V 709838-0003 Turbo Kit

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Product Description

NOZZLE RING GT2056V 709838-0003 Turbo Kit

10% nickel in pad

65% nickel in vane

Other turbo parts are available

NOZZLE RING GT2056V 709838-0003 Turbo Kit

NOZZLE RING GT2056V 709838-0003 Turbo Kit

NOZZLE RING GT2056V 709838-0003 Turbo Kit

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NOZZLE RING GT2056V 709838-0003 Turbo Kit


  • High quality and competitive price.

  • Long life span, good sales-after service.

  • 100% new, strict inspection & test.

  • Standard export packing.

  • One year quality warranty.

  • Have strong stock, small order is acceptable

  • Various kinds are selectable with different car models.

  • Over 20 years experience in this industry.

  • Supplier for OEM


NOZZLE RING GT2056V 709838-0003 Turbo Kit

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  • Put foam bag inside to protect the products.

  • We can offer neutral clean box, original box or customer's special brand box.

  • Custom-made boxes are only avaliable for big order with large quantity.




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NOZZLE RING GT2056V 709838-0003 Turbo Kit

NOZZLE RING GT2056V 709838-0003 Turbo Kit


Q: What products you deal with?

A: We mainly supply turbo and turbo parts, chassis parts and electric parts with standard and high quality. 


Q: What kind of quality you can offer?

A: Basically we can offer you three kinds quality with different prices, genuine, high copy and common quality. 


Q: Whats the MOQ for each item?

A: Different MOQ for different items. Normally, we accept small quantity as trial order to test our quality.


Q: What about the delivery time?

A: It's about 1 to 3 days for the goods have in stock, 1 week to 1 month for the goods need to be manufactured based on your quantity.


Q: Do you give any guarantee to your products?

A: Basically, we have at least 1 year quality guarantee for our turbo and turbo parts.

Company Information

China National Building Material Group Corporation (CNBM) is the largest state-owned group corporation

in building materials and equipment field in China. It’s under direct supervision of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

We are dedicated to integrate scientific research, manufacturing and logistics into one entity.

  •  Founded upon the approval of China State Council in 1984;

  •  Ranked as one of the Fortune Global 500  from 2011 until now;

  •  Over 300 subordinate factories and companies;

  •  2 public listed companies in Hong Kong;

  •  6 public listed companies in China mainland;

  •  20 public listed companies in which CNBM has a substantial percentage of shares.

NOZZLE RING GT2056V 709838-0003 Turbo Kit

Q:I have a toyota celica GT 2001 and i want to know which air intake is best for my caR?
Stock one, newer cars have cold air intake already, save the money and spend it else where on the car. There just really isn't a reason to change the intake by itself, because youre still limited by the size of the throttle valve, the intake manifold, the cylinder head, the valves, and the whole exhaust. So why bother for what 1-3 hp? You won't even notice it. Advice is dont take everything you read in car mags. seriously, yeah it says you'll gain 10-20 hp with it, but are you really getting that much HP, probably not as you probably need to change a few other things up too.
Q:i have a stock JK Wrangler and i want it to sound better. my friend kevin told me to get an air intake on it. he said it will improve power, fuel economy, and the sound. now this sounds like a miracle part so i thought id ask you guys. i want my car to have a nice low-pitched thunderous sound but not like obnoxiously loud (his car is sooooo ******* loud). so is what he said true and if so will i get the sound im looking for or what?
A cold air intake is not a good idea. It will let large amounts of dust into the engine. Any short initial power boost is gone as the computer compensates to keep factory settings. If you go through water there's something called hydrolock. They do look cool and sound good but the stock air box lets in more than enough filtered air, not restrictive. Definately go with the Magnaflow exhaust for better sound. For more power we have to save up for the Hemi replacement. Good luck.
Q:ok so i m thinking of getting cai or a short ram. what works better. how does it work, can you feel a difference right from the the start? anyhelp would do.
Waste of money, Dont worry about that kinda junk. The main thing is what kind of headers(most importanlythen crank and camshaft. dont know what your goin for but a 302 (a.k.a. 5 point oh) is a fast right off the line! . yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa boyyyyyyyyyyyy
Q:What is the tube called that comes off the catalytic converter and runs back up to the air intake on the engine calledits broken on my car and I want to fix it.1992 Ford Tempo
Yes there is such a thing as not enough backpressure. Typically straight through/piped exhaust is better for turbo and supercharged applications due to the amount of pressure in combustion.
Q:I want mreo performance out of my lil 2.8L V6 which is bored 20 over and has a beefed up cam and have a pair of hooker headers im gonna throw on. I have seen do it yourself cold air intakes since no one makes one for my model/year of car would a home made cold air intake work on on older car? What is needed of my engine to be able to install one?
you should be able to install it no problem. there shouldn't be any computer problems to worry about. your car shouldn't have a computer. now as far as performance, you won't really notice any difference with one of those.what you should look for is a turbo set up from a grand national and have someone custom fit it to your 2.8. seeing the grand nationals are 3.8s. now that you would definitely notice. ) vroom vroom! just don't s#!t yourself when you find out how much faster it is. LOL!!! good luck.
Q:I am looking to buy a cold air intake for my Honda Civic 2001 LX. A lot have told me that name brand intakes like AEM, INJEN and K N give horse power and the $ 70 intakes on ebay dont. Some have told me that they all just do the same job and the brand is just the difference. I just want to know what should I buy and is it worth buying those unbrand named intakes.
no tire size has no affect on camber or caster or toe
Q:So, based on my last question decided people were right and im not getting a turbo for my 2006 honda civic lx coupe, but i still want to tune it a bit so i was thinking of getting the magnaflow cat back exhaust system, high flow cat, and a cold air intake and calling that good for modifying it. My question is does anyone know the decibel rating of the exhaust system cause i dont want to get a ticket for being too loud
Cat back exhaust and a high flow intake is a good upgrade for your car and will still keep it reliable. Check your local laws regarding the modifications. Here in California, any intake has to have a CARB E.O. Number to be legal. Noise laws will vary too, but if you go with the Magnaflow cat-back system unmodified you should be fine with exhaust noise as far as legality. You won't notice a huge performance difference, but it will be a nice increase, not to mention a little more aggressive sound when you step on the skinny pedal! Good luck!
Q:I have a Dodge Charger i been thinking of putting a Air Intake on my car but im not sure if the warranty will get cancel any of you guys how the warranty on cars work
Its saddening how little the average person knows about warranty, and their rights. For them to deny you warranty coverage they have to prove that the modification caused the damage that you are requesting be warrantied. For example, if your engine has an oil leak, they cant blame that on the intake, their-for it will be covered under warranty. The only problem area I can think of would be the MAF sensor, it senses the amount of air that is coming through the intake. Aftermarket intakes with oiled filters could possibly ruin this part due to some oil residue getting on it. This part is only around $100. But this should not happen unless you oil the filter excessively. Also if you buy a KN they will talk to your dealer, or even the manufacturer directly and fight for you, if your dealer is denying you warranty work due to the KN intake. KN also says their filters do not give off any oil residue. If you are getting an intake system, get KN they claim their filters give off no oil, and they will fight for you with the dealer if you are being denied warranty, even if it has to do with a MAF. CONSUMER PROTECTION PLEDGE We want to make sure that when you buy a KN Lifetime Air Filter or Air Intake System, you can be confident your vehicle's warranty will not be impacted. We also want you to feel confident that even if you experience difficulties with a dealership repair department, we will step-in and resolve the issue, so you won't have to. KN pledges to our customers that they will not be taken advantage of and charged for a repair due to a manufacturer warranty denial blamed on the presence of a KN product. Steven Rogers, CEO The truth is that oil does not come off our air filters, even under extreme conditions
Q:Will HHO damage my engine? I‘ve heard that acetone destroys the rubber parts that are in the engine. Is this true? Is there a way to replace the rubber parts with metal ones?Does the cold air coming from a cold air intake, that has been built by myself, help my engine? Thank You All!!!
There is a small chance it could damage the engine. Acetone is actually one of the components of gasoline many times, or is used as an additive in small amounts. Replacement of seals is something that can be done, but there are no metal replacements for most of the seals and other components that would be affected by the acetone. At best you might find some seal materials that would be reasonably resistant to the acetone, but they may be degraded by other fuel components. Your best bet is not touch the acetone. Especially if you have an aluminum block engine. While cold air is denser, the auto companies in an effort to reduce certain emissions they did what they could to get the engines to warm up faster, and that included ducting and valving to divert warm incoming air into the engine. The real performance difference between cold and warm air is not as significant as you might think it would be. The reality is if you really want to increase the volumetric efficiency of an engine, you part and mate the parts in a way that compresses the flow of incoming air and fuel as it flows into the cylinder, and exhausts as rapaidly and smoothly. About the only way to do that is porting and polishing the head and intake and exhaust. Using a 5 angle valve grind combination to ease transitional flow into and out of the cylinder. And adding either a turbo charger or a super charger. It does not hurt to experiment, because it lead to new ideas of how to approach things. But at the same time, you need to make sure you have back up plans if something goes wrong- like a spare engine.
Q:I have been looking online for 2 months so far. My Camaro IROC is a 1988 with a 350 TPI. It‘s a V8 with a 5.7 Liter motor. You‘d think that some company out here would make it for this Camaro but the only Camaro for my year they make cold air intakes for are the 5.0 Camaro‘s. So if anyone has any place they know of that actually sells the real deal, let me know please. I have KN Air Filters in my Camaro but for some reason KN doesn‘t make the cold air intake for my year, make model.
same engine(outside ) so a cold air for a 5.0ltr(305cid) will work

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