CT16 Turbocharger Nozzle Ring 17201-30160/17201-30160/ 1720130160 VNT

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Product Description

CT16 Turbocharger Nozzle Ring 17201-30160/17201-30160/ 1720130160 VNT

10% nickel in pad

65% nickel in vane

Other turbo parts are available

CT16 Turbocharger Nozzle Ring 17201-30160/17201-30160/ 1720130160 VNT

CT16 Turbocharger Nozzle Ring 17201-30160/17201-30160/ 1720130160 VNT

CT16 Turbocharger Nozzle Ring 17201-30160/17201-30160/ 1720130160 VNT

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CT16 Turbocharger Nozzle Ring 17201-30160/17201-30160/ 1720130160 VNT


  • High quality and competitive price.

  • Long life span, good sales-after service.

  • 100% new, strict inspection & test.

  • Standard export packing.

  • One year quality warranty.

  • Have strong stock, small order is acceptable

  • Various kinds are selectable with different car models.

  • Over 20 years experience in this industry.

  • Supplier for OEM


CT16 Turbocharger Nozzle Ring 17201-30160/17201-30160/ 1720130160 VNT

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  • Standard export hard cartons to assure the safety during the transformation.

  • Put foam bag inside to protect the products.

  • We can offer neutral clean box, original box or customer's special brand box.

  • Custom-made boxes are only avaliable for big order with large quantity.




  • Ship by air or express for the products with small volumn or little amount. Ship by vessel for large volumn products.

  • Please inform your shipping methods when place an order, or we can choose the cheapest method for you from our own forwarders.

  • For our stock products, we can ship to you within 3 days, for the products out of stock, we will inform you advance.

  • Please note that the shipping charge for brand products would be much expensive than neutral products. 

CT16 Turbocharger Nozzle Ring 17201-30160/17201-30160/ 1720130160 VNT

CT16 Turbocharger Nozzle Ring 17201-30160/17201-30160/ 1720130160 VNT


Q: What products you deal with?

A: We mainly supply turbo and turbo parts, chassis parts and electric parts with standard and high quality. 


Q: What kind of quality you can offer?

A: Basically we can offer you three kinds quality with different prices, genuine, high copy and common quality. 


Q: Whats the MOQ for each item?

A: Different MOQ for different items. Normally, we accept small quantity as trial order to test our quality.


Q: What about the delivery time?

A: It's about 1 to 3 days for the goods have in stock, 1 week to 1 month for the goods need to be manufactured based on your quantity.


Q: Do you give any guarantee to your products?

A: Basically, we have at least 1 year quality guarantee for our turbo and turbo parts.

Company Information

China National Building Material Group Corporation (CNBM) is the largest state-owned group corporation

in building materials and equipment field in China. It’s under direct supervision of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

We are dedicated to integrate scientific research, manufacturing and logistics into one entity.

  •  Founded upon the approval of China State Council in 1984;

  •  Ranked as one of the Fortune Global 500  from 2011 until now;

  •  Over 300 subordinate factories and companies;

  •  2 public listed companies in Hong Kong;

  •  6 public listed companies in China mainland;

  •  20 public listed companies in which CNBM has a substantial percentage of shares.

CT16 Turbocharger Nozzle Ring 17201-30160/17201-30160/ 1720130160 VNT

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Q:i am considering buying a KN air intake. what is the difference between plastic and metallic tubes? it is for a 06 4.0 tacoma
I would highly suggest you get a metallic air intake. reason for that is wear and tear. I used to have a plastic air intake and it cracked on me. you wouldn't think that the intake gets hot, but it does and ofcourse it cracked. so i bought a metallic air intake and had no problems with it. i also suggest you get a water-bypass-valve to prevent any water from going into your throttle body. it's a must have if you going to get an intake. anyways good luck!
Q:As far as i know, radiator cools the engine.Where Cold air intake or inter-cooler cools down the air before it enters the engine i know cold air is denser. carry more oxygen.but i‘m confused at the point about mechanism types of air intake inter-cooler which one would be better to be used after turbocharging a car.?can we use both together.? (if yes, then is it more beneficial in comparison to one of them.)how much difference can any of these make on a turbocharged engine non-turbo engine.?
Radiator cools coolant. Cold Air intake PULLS air from the wheel well which is somewhat better than from the engine bay (but not as cool as ram air setups) Intercoolers are on forced induction cars. In a supercharged car they are called HEAT EXCHANGERS (at least on roots supercharged vehicles); they are air to water systems (ie a radiator for the manifold). Some don't have them but they generally are low boost applications. All Turbo cars have intercoolers because the compressor side of the turbo is attached to the turbine side which is bolted to the exhaust.need to cool the air prior to going into the intake. Usually air to air but some people do run a air to water setup. You can technically run an air to air intercooler with a centrifugal supercharger but nobody really does that. You can't run an intercooler on a n/a car because there's no point, it would probably end up heating the air prior to entering the engine (if you did it: Intake, intercooler, manifold) because most intercoolers sit smack dab on the radiator which heats up as well.
Q:What is the best cleaning agent manufacturers?
This kind of more, caxi pure is one of the best! Cahi pure intake system cleaning agent quality did not have to say! Let the car into the airway smoothly
Q:My idea is to fit a compressor and canister in the boot, and have a valve that releases the compressed air just in fron of the air intake. My theory is that because expanding air will be extremely cold, it will be denser and therefore more oxygen rich. Would it work do you think?
please don't use pure oxygen as another has suggested that is just a bomb waiting to blow. and as everyone should know engines run on a mixture of ambient air and fuel.and a compressor just does what it is called. it compresses ambient air.not pure oxygen and not co2 as previously stated by another.Any hoo if you cool your fuel thru a cool can [a can with a tube spiraling through dry ice to cool fuel] you will accomplish more. you can also water inject your inlet air thus introducing water and air at a cooler temperature and also raising compression due to the water taking up space.see you can't compress a liquid so this water uses up space in the cylinder and raises compression. this way you will not have to install a compressor because the water will also cool the incomming ambient air thus accomplishing your original idea of denser air. hope this has helped some good luck!
Q:I have a 97 corolla and it is an automatic 4 cylinderso its usually great on gas.when i hooked up an injen cold air intake that cost me way too much money it started to really affect the gas mileageI hooked it up according to the instructions and it looks and sounds great but I have been noticing that the gas is going down way too fastmy stock air filter only had one hose going to it so i used iton the new setupI had to plug one of the holes into the pipe because but there was a tube sticking out for another hose. which hose is it? if any?what is that for? can that be the problem?I also have a flowmaster exhaust system (muffler) on my caris my car taking in too much air and then expelling it too quickly or efficiently so that its doesnt have time to properly combust?ii am thinking of switching it back to the old one unless I can get some help!thanks tuners
the only way to get more air into your intake is by installing Ram air, turbo charger our a super charger. they all compress air to some extent and force it into the intake, Any modifications you make must have a CARB label on it or the car wont pass smog. There's a air charge sensor on the car that monitors air temperature entering the intake and adjusts the fuel ratio accordingly. If the cars going into controlled fuel the o2 sensors is responsible for the amount of gas it uses
Q:I have a 1997 Mazda 626 LX 2.0L 4 Cylinder DOHC. Can I install a cold air intake? If so, which kind?
save your money, none of this fake air intakes have been proven to work, and there is no cold air filter better than the one that came with your car. Keep in mind that anything you do to make the engine work harder, is going to make it blow up sooner. These fake plastic sewerpipe air filters get many complaints here, some times the car will not start, or the computer kicks an engine check light. The manufacturer may claim bolt on but it does not. There is no place for important sensors, and on and on. before trying to make your engine run harder, ask your trusted mechanic whats the best thing for your car and see what he says.Sorry if this is not the answer you were looking for, but I have read many comments from people who payed up to 300 dollars, and got almost nothing they could even notice other than the intake of air is louder. this does not equal horsepower.
Q:I own a 2008 nissan sentra 2.0L and i am looking into in purchasing a cold air intake today. Please tell me which brand i should get and whyThank YOU )
I agree with Kyle J. But I think you should use the money u save and get a small nitrous injection kit and a cemetery plot. If you truly intend on racing that thing and crash it, you've already got a casket. Cold air kits only help when you're at wide open throttle and don't really help bring in cool air. They just sound louder giving you the illusion that you've got more power, Besides, they don't filter the air as well as the stock paper filter despite what the manufacturer says.
Q:I‘m looking to install a Short Ram air intake on my Blazer. With a typical kit, do I have to mess with the MAF and intake sensors with the installation? I looked at the intake system on my Blazer, and it appears as if all of the sensors are positioned between the throttle body and the tubing for the intake, not on the intake itself. But I‘m not completely sure. Has anyone here installed a short ram or even a cold air intake on one of these before? thanks.
AHHHH. another one that watched The Fast and the Furious and went nuts. Don't buy either one. Save the money, buy something useful, give it to a charity or whatever. Its a 2.0 Nissan!!!!! While your at it take that big, stupid, fart can of a muffler off and see if you can return it!
Q:why is it important p1193 air intake temperature sensor 2000 dodge neon?
The temp of the incoming air helps combustion of the fuel. That is why a cold air intake increases performance. If you disconnect the air intake tube so the engine gets the hot air under the hood, performance will deteriorate. The air intake sensor reports the air temp to the ECM which adjusts the fuel mixture for best performance.
Q:does it matter on what brand to choose for the C.A.I.such as the non branded or AEM brands ? would it affect my immission test? and also how do i prevent water from gettin into the intake? -2000toyota celica-
OK you should check out Best buy or Circuit city. They have tons of alarms and they even have some with window breaking tech. (The alarm goes off if someone breaks your window.) Plus you can get a remote starter with it which would allow you to A: start your car from the house (great on them cold or hot days) and B: it has a kill switch that cuts off your gas line if the key is not in and someone steps on the break. (You must step on the break to change gear into drive). These type of systems are really great they have multi purposes and they work great.

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