Nozzle Ring for IHI Turbo RHV4 VJ36 VNT Turbocharger

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Product Description

Nozzle Ring for IHI Turbo RHV4 VJ36 VNT Turbocharger

10% nickel in pad

65% nickel in vane

Other turbo parts are available

Nozzle Ring for IHI Turbo RHV4 VJ36 VNT Turbocharger

Nozzle Ring for IHI Turbo RHV4 VJ36 VNT Turbocharger

Nozzle Ring for IHI Turbo RHV4 VJ36 VNT Turbocharger

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Nozzle Ring for IHI Turbo RHV4 VJ36 VNT Turbocharger


  • High quality and competitive price.

  • Long life span, good sales-after service.

  • 100% new, strict inspection & test.

  • Standard export packing.

  • One year quality warranty.

  • Have strong stock, small order is acceptable

  • Various kinds are selectable with different car models.

  • Over 20 years experience in this industry.

  • Supplier for OEM


Nozzle Ring for IHI Turbo RHV4 VJ36 VNT Turbocharger

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  • Standard export hard cartons to assure the safety during the transformation.

  • Put foam bag inside to protect the products.

  • We can offer neutral clean box, original box or customer's special brand box.

  • Custom-made boxes are only avaliable for big order with large quantity.




  • Ship by air or express for the products with small volumn or little amount. Ship by vessel for large volumn products.

  • Please inform your shipping methods when place an order, or we can choose the cheapest method for you from our own forwarders.

  • For our stock products, we can ship to you within 3 days, for the products out of stock, we will inform you advance.

  • Please note that the shipping charge for brand products would be much expensive than neutral products. 

Nozzle Ring for IHI Turbo RHV4 VJ36 VNT Turbocharger

Nozzle Ring for IHI Turbo RHV4 VJ36 VNT Turbocharger


Q: What products you deal with?

A: We mainly supply turbo and turbo parts, chassis parts and electric parts with standard and high quality. 


Q: What kind of quality you can offer?

A: Basically we can offer you three kinds quality with different prices, genuine, high copy and common quality. 


Q: Whats the MOQ for each item?

A: Different MOQ for different items. Normally, we accept small quantity as trial order to test our quality.


Q: What about the delivery time?

A: It's about 1 to 3 days for the goods have in stock, 1 week to 1 month for the goods need to be manufactured based on your quantity.


Q: Do you give any guarantee to your products?

A: Basically, we have at least 1 year quality guarantee for our turbo and turbo parts.

Company Information

China National Building Material Group Corporation (CNBM) is the largest state-owned group corporation

in building materials and equipment field in China. It’s under direct supervision of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

We are dedicated to integrate scientific research, manufacturing and logistics into one entity.

  •  Founded upon the approval of China State Council in 1984;

  •  Ranked as one of the Fortune Global 500  from 2011 until now;

  •  Over 300 subordinate factories and companies;

  •  2 public listed companies in Hong Kong;

  •  6 public listed companies in China mainland;

  •  20 public listed companies in which CNBM has a substantial percentage of shares.

Nozzle Ring for IHI Turbo RHV4 VJ36 VNT Turbocharger

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Q:I have a 1993 ford probe gt. I‘m getting a klz engine swap and its recommended to get a new cold air intake to have the engine work at its best. on ebay they all say for manual tranny only. is there different ones for a automatic? if so how could i get my hands on one?
definite, you are able to set up an intake on your vehicle. chilly air intake is ideal because it collects air from below your vehicle as adversarial to the nice and comfortable/warmth air interior the engine compartment of the vehicle. The chilly air rushes on your intake manifold, for this reason making your vehicle breath more advantageous positive and putting out more advantageous ponies. look at muscle automobiles as an celebration, they have those enormous blowers sticking outside the hood of the vehicle- to collect the chilly air from outside and feed it to the engine. follow the chilly air intake setup. -CM
Q:Someone told me that it is bad for the central air system to cover the intake vents with furniture, even though the furniture sits on legs and is not flush with the floor.any ideas or answers?
The only way you can hurt it is if you cause it to freeze up due to lack of air flow. Check the heat exchanger coil and if it does not ice up and block the air, it will not harm the unit.
Q:would any1 recommend this cold air intake?if yes/no, why?plz write a little review
i love AEM n Injen, yes.if u do like the sounddoes give u abit more hp (5 is max) noif there're alot of floaded areas near you.cuz CAI is locate under you car n if it sucks in waterur engine is gone
Q:I have a 2006 Nissan Sentra. I am interested in buying a cold air intake system for it. The price for the different systems range from $120-$300. Are there really major performance differences with the intakes or would you be paying extra only for a better brand name?
Interested in buying a cold air intake system for it? OMG
Q:It‘s in my ‘73 chevy Cheyenne.I just want to know if there are cold air intake systems that can be installed on this type of engine.
If you wanted to do it on the cheap, compare the core support of your truck, to the '81+ trucks. They have a larger capacity (better flow) air cleaner on many of them (it's about 8 tall, other was about 5) and the ducting to the core support is pretty decent as these things go. Over 3 in diameter, so it easily supports the small block. Will bolt on in place of the '73's. Note: if you get the air cleaner, rip the inner carbon filter element out. It's glued to the intake, but WILL come out. It was an emissions thing. Look specifically for the 305 trucks, GM was doing some wacky stuff in the early 80's, trying to replace all 350's with 305's, so the early 80's truck 305's were getting 800CFM carburetors, and big air cleaners, which apparently helped torque. (Yes, I've owned a few of these trucks, and all 305 ones had 800CFM Quadrajets and the big air cleaner stock) Be advised, cold air increases are averaged at about 1HP for every 10* cooler the inlet air is, the temp difference would have to be 100* for 10HP, which is often considered the break even point for felt increases in power. However, knowing the ridiculous air cleaners the 70's GM vehicles were saddled with, 1 inlet on the air cleaner, the air cleaner alone would be a massive improvement. It will certainly sound better. :)
Q:If I add a cold Air Intake to a new Hyundia Accent - Will it hurt the warrenty?
No, you don't loose warranty. In Canada we sell cold air intake as manufacturer approved accessories. The only warranty that you loose is for the air filter and housing (which will obviously be removed upon installing new cold intake). Other than that, nothing else will be affected. You are loosing warranty only on the components removed from the vehicle.
Q:I just installed a short ram air intake on my Honda Civic yr 2000 today, but it sounds the same compare to my stock air intake when I hit on the gas pedal. Should that be normal? I bought the kit from ebay, and wonder if I use different air filter will make a difference?
In my experience 10 bolts are not that durable.Alright for road and snow some light mud but I've seen a lot of them blown in mud runs.
Q:I have a 1994 ford mustang gt 5.0ho and i want too either put a cold air intake or ram air intake witch one is better? witch one will add more hp and mpg?! thanks
A Cold Air Intake adds more power and torque than a short ram intake. This is because cold air is denser than hot air and more can be crammed into your cylinders. some people prefer short ram intakes who live in very rainy areas where water could possibly get into the intake with a cold air intake. If you are a fast driver, an intake will not improve your MPG because you will be using the extra horsepower, but if you are a cruiser who does the speed limit and is light on the pedal, i've seen people pick up a couple miles to the gallon with an intake.
Q:I have a 2007 Sportster EFI and I want a cold air intake. I am thinking of using one of the conical KN filters but I was wondering what other parts I would need to assemble it and if it would work as well as one of the kits off of Ebay or similar. If you have done this please include a lit of parts and how to put it together thanks
A man has to do what a man has to do. Nearly 50 years ago my first means of motorized transportation was a Honda 90 motorcycle, two weeks later I bought my neighbor's unused '50 Chevy.
Q:what kind of flowmsters should i get for my 98 jeep grand cherokee? How much will it cost, and how much HP gain? Also what kind of cold air intake should i get? How much will it cost, and how much HP gain? PS: it‘s a 4.0 i6
For the gas mileage i am not sure, but a gain of 6 hp and 4 lb-ft of torque at around 4500 rpm will be achieved. it doesn't seem like much but you will notice the throttle response. If you want a little more changing the exhaust to a Magnaflow 2.5 catback it will increase by 18 hp and it will make it sound better.

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