• Nozzle Ring for IHI Turbo RHV4 VJ36 VNT Turbocharger System 1
  • Nozzle Ring for IHI Turbo RHV4 VJ36 VNT Turbocharger System 2
  • Nozzle Ring for IHI Turbo RHV4 VJ36 VNT Turbocharger System 3
Nozzle Ring for IHI Turbo RHV4 VJ36 VNT Turbocharger

Nozzle Ring for IHI Turbo RHV4 VJ36 VNT Turbocharger

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Product Description

Nozzle Ring for IHI Turbo RHV4 VJ36 VNT Turbocharger

10% nickel in pad

65% nickel in vane

Other turbo parts are available

Nozzle Ring for IHI Turbo RHV4 VJ36 VNT Turbocharger

Nozzle Ring for IHI Turbo RHV4 VJ36 VNT Turbocharger

Nozzle Ring for IHI Turbo RHV4 VJ36 VNT Turbocharger

Factory Show

Nozzle Ring for IHI Turbo RHV4 VJ36 VNT Turbocharger


  • High quality and competitive price.

  • Long life span, good sales-after service.

  • 100% new, strict inspection & test.

  • Standard export packing.

  • One year quality warranty.

  • Have strong stock, small order is acceptable

  • Various kinds are selectable with different car models.

  • Over 20 years experience in this industry.

  • Supplier for OEM


Nozzle Ring for IHI Turbo RHV4 VJ36 VNT Turbocharger

Packing & Shipping



  • Standard export hard cartons to assure the safety during the transformation.

  • Put foam bag inside to protect the products.

  • We can offer neutral clean box, original box or customer's special brand box.

  • Custom-made boxes are only avaliable for big order with large quantity.




  • Ship by air or express for the products with small volumn or little amount. Ship by vessel for large volumn products.

  • Please inform your shipping methods when place an order, or we can choose the cheapest method for you from our own forwarders.

  • For our stock products, we can ship to you within 3 days, for the products out of stock, we will inform you advance.

  • Please note that the shipping charge for brand products would be much expensive than neutral products. 

Nozzle Ring for IHI Turbo RHV4 VJ36 VNT Turbocharger

Nozzle Ring for IHI Turbo RHV4 VJ36 VNT Turbocharger


Q: What products you deal with?

A: We mainly supply turbo and turbo parts, chassis parts and electric parts with standard and high quality. 


Q: What kind of quality you can offer?

A: Basically we can offer you three kinds quality with different prices, genuine, high copy and common quality. 


Q: Whats the MOQ for each item?

A: Different MOQ for different items. Normally, we accept small quantity as trial order to test our quality.


Q: What about the delivery time?

A: It's about 1 to 3 days for the goods have in stock, 1 week to 1 month for the goods need to be manufactured based on your quantity.


Q: Do you give any guarantee to your products?

A: Basically, we have at least 1 year quality guarantee for our turbo and turbo parts.

Company Information

China National Building Material Group Corporation (CNBM) is the largest state-owned group corporation

in building materials and equipment field in China. It’s under direct supervision of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

We are dedicated to integrate scientific research, manufacturing and logistics into one entity.

  •  Founded upon the approval of China State Council in 1984;

  •  Ranked as one of the Fortune Global 500  from 2011 until now;

  •  Over 300 subordinate factories and companies;

  •  2 public listed companies in Hong Kong;

  •  6 public listed companies in China mainland;

  •  20 public listed companies in which CNBM has a substantial percentage of shares.

Nozzle Ring for IHI Turbo RHV4 VJ36 VNT Turbocharger

Q:Im not looking to spend a whole lot, unless I have to.I have a 2004 Mazda 6s, and was thinking about getting a cold air intake. How much should I spend for a good one? I‘ve seen $300 ones, $200 ones, $60 ones and even $35 (on ebay). Whats the difference between these? If I get the $35 and install it will it even make a difference? I know $300 will but I wouldnt want to spend that much.Thought?
A CAI really isn't going to have any measurable effect on the car's performance. A $300 CAI may sound better than a $35 one, but neither will make your 6 a burnout beast. You're better off putting that money elsewhere (ie, high performance summer tires).
Q:i am planning to go with air intake for my 01 maxima. just need to know is theres any cons? and whats the pros.does it gain power or loss the power at all? i heard it changes the sound of your cars engine it gives the growl type of sound which is great but does it gain any HP at all? please advice. thanks.
Yes they are mainly for looks and give you the growl sound. Depending on how much horsepower you have now will determine how much you gain. At 100 HP you will gain like 2-3 HP. 200HP gain 5-7 HP. At 300 HP gain 15-20HP, it also depends on your exhaust system, with a stock exhaust you will get minimum gains.
Q:I am just looking for the pros and cons of installing a air intake on a 2002 impala
PRO: It looks nice. CON: It does absolutely nothing for performance or gas mileage, and it cost money. IF your car had a carb. then it MIGHT make a difference. But with fuel injected and computer controlled engines, changing the air intake does nothing, but look pretty.
Q:hey, i found the cold air intake that i wanted, but one of them is long, like the tube is long and the other looks like its twisted upside dwnany difference?
if its the shifter itself that's hard then it might be the cable or the shifter assembly that needs to be freed up i would have someone else look at it to see what they say before the service which is a good thing to do
Q:would a kn cold air intake make my 2003 mercury mountaineer louder?
The cold air intake will exclude silencing baffles that will make your Mercury slightly louder, but almost noone will notice it. It's not like installing a low restriction exhaust system. I say do it! The engine will breath better, resulting in slighly better power and fuel economy. As a bonus, the KN air filter is permanent. Just wash it and re-oil it twice a year and save the cost of replacing the air filter annually.
Q:does cool air intake effect the life of an engine?
no, but the quality of filter does.
Q:I wan to buy the injen cold air intake for my Nissan maxima but i don‘t know if it will be worth the money i was hoping someone had it and would let me know how it is workingand if it really gives you that extra HP and torque
Zero sum Gain money spent vs extra noise and chance of damaging a $450 air flow meter. Maxima is a family Sedan if you wanted a sports car? Reliable long lasting almost trouble free just keep it stock on the inside and buy some good tires and wheels. ECM modifications cold air intake and exhaust then your doing something that may get you 25 hp. You might even get .5 second faster 1/4 mile
Q:need help whats the different between both of them and which is better to buy
yeah, they are basicaly the same thing, the difference is that for some cars the intake needs to be short, b/c of not enought space, and the cold air intake, which is the same thing for other cars, cold intake alreasy says everything, simply more cold air pumping to ur engine! hope that helps
Q:I have read that KN adds 16 hp and i see some other no name brands saying they add 35hp i don‘t think that‘s possible if KN is only 16. the others i think are including a flash computer program.so help whats the best cold air HP gain i can buy for my 08 GT?
everyone's a little bit right but all circling around only the CAI. a cold air intake is needed in a performance modification program, and the key word is PROGRAM, on its own it adds a few HP at the crank but nothing that will be noticeable at the wheelsso the marketing information may be ok, but you will NOT feel the performance enhancement from a stand alone installation a standard modification program involves ALL of the following, so unless you are committed to doing them all at some point in time its a waste of money to install them alone : -CAI (all the name producers whether K N or bbk or steeda etc are basically all the same, i run bbk now (04 cobra) and ran it on my last car (heavily modified 01 gt) -increased throttle body (75mmm) -performance exhaust, catbacks with x-pipe (best names are bassani, magnaflow, flowmaster, borla slp, mac) -headers, for later profile mustangs mid length are just fine, cheaper easier to install than long tubes -tuner chip, to reset the engine management system at each installation and to dial up performance (like diablo predator or equivalent) TOGETHER, these installations which address intake, exhaust the engine management system will give a typical mustang approx 15-18% increase in HP over stock, and with headers much of that will get to the wheels making the performance noticeable. if you also frop in 3.73 gears in the rear end and a short throw shift you will be seriously quick. these modifications also set the car up fully for a mild boost supercharger installation which can take late model gt's on stock internals up to the range of 420hp (rwHP) cheers 04 cobra
Q:im located in chicago and all they do here is the hook up they dont check under the hood so will i still pass emissions with a cold air intake?
You already getting cold air because your intake is directly in the grille. But yes you will be able to pass inspection. a cheaper way to get high flow is installing a KN drop in filter. Not as good as intake, but you wont notice the difference.

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