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BENZ6010500801 6030500301 1020505501

BMW11311709580 11311738370

CHEVROLET93244916 9321950792244916

CHERYREF372-1006020 REF372-1006060 481H-1006030 481H-1006010

DAEWOO90232446 K90264937K90264937W961829649026493790156995901569869631621412710-80D0093235615,96666394, 94604433,96325213,

FIAT FIAT480 4199663 4351726FIAT100-33 4362489 7646365 FIAT640FIAT3000FIAT-T1700 FIAT P-1600 4388356 7623542 46540207 ,

FORD89FF6250AA C21478HM6250BA86BM6250BAD3DZ6250A78HM6250AA914F6250AA 93059800E C2105751136DDN-6250C7NN6250B C7NN6250E AR61351AR61352

HYUNDAI24110-41000 24100-32800 24100-27500 24110-22012 24100-02510 24100-02200

ISUZU4BC2, 4BD1, 4BE14JA1, 4JB14ZE1G161Z6BD14HF1

IVECO: 98427674,



WL84-12-420FE85-12-420 F240-12-420 F210-12-420 ,G601-12-420,

MITSUBISHI4D304D314D324D34 ,4D55,4D56 4G33 4G544G63 4G64 4M406D16T120



PEUGEOT: 0801.E8 , 0801.F8 , 0801.J8 , 0802.16 , 0801.90  , BT083 , 0801.N7 ,

PERKINSMF240 MF265 31416307

RENAULT 7700742906 7700695661 7700655334 7700735509 7700699231 8200089894 7700686473 7700620111

SUZUKIF8A F10A 12710-60D50 12710-62H50 12710-82001 12710-76G50


TOYOTA13511-44040(5R) 13511-31020 (12R)13511-35010 (22R)13511-71901 (2Y)13511-73902(4Y)

13501-54020(2L) 13501-54060 13501-54070 (3L)13501-17010 (1HZ)13511-64071(2C)

13511-60060(2F/3F)13511-64010(1C) 13501-13012 (4K/5K)13501-75010 (1RZ/2RZ),13501-30040(2KD-EX), 13501-30030(2KD-IN),

VW.:074.109.101B 074.109.101J 047.109.101R 058.109.022C 058.109.021K

026.109.101L 026.109.101Q 059.109.021BP 059.109.021BQ 059.109.022BC

059.109.022BD 028.109.101G 075.109.101A 111.109.021OK 054.109.022

054.109.021, 068.109.101B, 038.109.101R,

CUMMINS: 4BT , 6BT , 6CT , NT855 , K19 , K38 , V28 , M11 , NH220, 199180,

DAEWOO: D1146 , D2366

KOMATSU: 4D94 , 4D95 , 4D102 , 4D120/4D130 , 6D95 , 6D102 , 6D105 , 6D107 , 6D108 ,

6D110 , 6D114 , 6D125 , 6D140 , 6D155

ISUZU: C223 , C240 , 4JG2 , 4BA1 , 4BE1 , 4BG1 , 4HG1 , 4HE1 , 4HF1 , E120 , 6BG1 ,

6RB1 , 6HK1 , 6HE1 ,
8PC1 , 10PC1 , 10PE1 , 12PC1



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Q:Ive heard about the filter sucking up water, but the filter location would be behind the headlight and I think there is a large piece of metal that looks like it would be under the filter. One would the CAI add much of a difference to acceleration, performance etc. Two is there much of a chance of the filter sucking up water? I‘m also thinking about getting a tube off of EBAY and removing the cheap filter and putting a KN filter on it.
A cold air intake is made to take in cold air away from the hot air around the engine. The reason this helps performance is because cold air is much denser than warm air, so you can fit MUCH more air/fuel mix into the cylinder, which in turn, makes the car perform better. However, in essence, the stock air intake is a cold air intake, however it just offers pour air flow. So basically you could just take the cover off of the air filter box, take the air filter out, get a KN air filter, put it inside the filter box attached to the actual intake snorkel, and leave the lid off of the filter box, and boom. A cheap, and just as effective intake as a true cold-air intake.
Q:Chosing air intake system?
What Ron G. said. But I will add that you should use mapp gas and not propane. Mapp gas burns at a higher temperature. It doesn't take as long to heat the pipe.
Q:How much will the MPG go up on my 2000 Nissan Maxima if I add a cold air intake?
I easily have an 06 Altima 3.5, it is close to in fact a similar motor vehicle engine sensible. as quickly as I threw on an intake it definately made it a lot louder from 4k RPM to redline. the different autos i've got had and threw an intake on did no longer somewhat impact the sound that a lot, yet for the VQ motor it definately wakes up the noise up extreme. As for overall performance, you're realistically finding at next to none.
Q:how do u install the cold air intake on a 94 honda civic and what is the best exuast system setup to get for it to get that deep tone bumble bee sounds and would i need headers to get that sound
Installation procedures vary by model of intake.Most come with instructions.Just clamps and screws,not intimidating.Why do you want to put a Coffee Canmuffler on your Civic? The droning noise at Cruise will drive you berserk.Most Japanese in-line fours require some back pressure in exhaust to run efficiently.Research the key words Performance Honda exhaust Google and pay attention to specs.You can get stuck with an exhaust that may not meet emission standards in some states.
Q:does adding a cold air intake decrease or raise your gas mileage?
Modern vehicles are factory equipped with a cold air intake, cool dense air is desire able for economy and performance. An aftermarket cold air intake will only be an improvement if your factory design is restrictive or poorly drawing fresh air. An improvement of mileage is unlikely; the original intake is allready pulling cool air and a flow capacity increase is irrelevant when light throttle is being used trying to attain mileage.
Q:My friend has one and his 4 cylinder 2001 Eclipse gets much better mileage after having it installed, but I hear also they just increase overall efficiency. If this is the case, why are they not standard in cars? Are there negatives?
They are standard - I don't know of any car made since 1990 that didn't come with a cold air intake. Aftermarket CAIs are relics of the 1960s and 1970s, when most cars took in hot air from above the engine. Every modern car has an intake that is better than any of the aftermarket intakes. However, the improvements in efficiency ended when electronic fuel injection became standard in the late 1980s. Carburetors could not adapt to the temperature changes and filter restriction; those make relatively little difference to modern engines. In fact, aftermarket CAIs reduce fuel efficiency in modern cars by eliminating the rapid warm-up of the factory intake. That really shows up with short trips in the winter and are the most common complaint about aftermarket CAIs. Your friend is wrong about improving fuel efficiency in his 2001 Eclipse - it is impossible for sound technical reasons. Ram air is worse, though. Short rams are the hot air intakes the aftermarket CAIs were made to replace (but they are okay with superchargers where intake air temperature is unimportant), and genuine ram air makes so little difference it is laughable. At 70 mph a true ram air system can increase power up to 1% at full throttle.
Q:I want to buy a cold air intake not the short ram. i live in Vermont, we got long winter and rains too. So my ? 4 u guys is do you know if the snow or water will enter through intake? I am very concerned abt that. Which is better short ram intake or da long one? Do you if know if new intake will have effect on my gas mileage, if yes how much?
A cold air is much better in WRX's because of the high under hood temps. As far as water is concerned, the filter will have to be submerged in water for there to be a problem so if you avoid deep pools or floods, you will be fine. Even if you get a good splash on the filter, by the time it gts through the turbo, the heat will vaporize the water. Something to know is on 02-03's it is safe to put an intake without tuning and while it will make power, it will not be much. It's pretty much just going to sound cool. The factory unit is a cold air system too so a drop in filter will give similar gains. I have had Injen and Perrin in past cars and both were perfect fitment. The Perrin unit was a little more money but looked much better with the silicone pipes in different colors to choose from.
Q:what‘s the difference between short ram intake and cold air intake?
Yes you can if you have the correct tools to do the job, however I wouldn't recommended it. When you change a tyre on either a car or motorcycle it requires balancing afterword's to ensure the weight around the circumference of the wheel is evenly distributed, otherwise there is the possibility that you will get wheel shake. That is bad enough on a car, but could be catastrophic on a bike! Also, although I don't know the local laws in your area I would assume that once you are on public roads you would have to wear a helmet. Why you wouldn't wear one is beyond me to be honest, a fall onto the road at even 30mph is more than enough to smash your skull, so don't do it!
Q:for a 99 ram 5.9 L and benefits of it?
No, gas grade would not cause the check engine light to come one. BUT, the engine could just simply be in need of service. Some check engine lights come on at certain intervals to signal the need for maintenance which would include oil change, etc. The best thing to do it to take it in to have it checked. But, do not do so with an open check book. mechanics are crooks for the most part.
Q:Can someone walk me through step by step how to install a cold air intake for a 2006 cobalt ss.
wrong section, btw tires, car and bike develop wear, not ware! Timothy :o)

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