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Q:Are Spectre Cold Air Intakes a good buy?
you run the risk of tearing you blades when trying to get them unstuck from the windsheild. I always keep the last old set of blades that i replaced in my car just in case. I had a blade come apart on me in a snowstorm a few years ago. luckily i was near walmart and ran in for another one before i trashed my windsheild.
Q:why is my cold air intake so quiet?
You bought a cold air intake just to be loud? Oh God.
Q:Eclipse Cold Air Intake Issues?
many people have multiple problems with cai after installation. And then write yahoo and ask questions, I get tired of answering this one I suggest you hook your intake back up and use this experience as a lesson learned. I would contact your mechanic and ask him before adding any of this fake crap to your car. Moat times it does not do what it promises, and you can damage the engine too. Best of luck I left my vehicle stock after a discussion with my mechanic.
Q:Which is better, a K&N air intake or a BBK intake?
KN, i have one on my Chevy Silverado Z71 and it helped with acceleration, an air intake kit isn't going to give much HP to notice at all but the acceleration is from more air being put in the engine and being less restrictive, but to get full effect of an air intake kit you'll need an aftermarket exhaust, your putting more air in so you need to get it out just as good - theneelster, you have a point but also KN has high performance oil filters which the only filter better than the KN oil filter is the Mobil 1 oil filter, KN of course has the air intake kits but also has stock replatement filters where you can use the stock intake system if you want while i don't know if BBK even has stock replacement filters, so KN is on the market of filtering while BBK is just only the market of air intake so to me KN knows filtering better, also a bigger throttle body doesn't put it more air, just allows the air to maybe get a better air flow into the intake manifold but the fitler is what lets in more air into the whole system so a throttle body alone won't do much good if your letting the same amount of air in, not saying your wrong cause your not but just pointing something out that you might not didn't know, but im still trying to figure out why you think its bad to have that on an automatic because it has nothing to do with the transmission, even though i prefer manual but automatic isn't completely bad either
Q:Is it considered cold air intake?
I wouldn't call it a cold air intake. It is more free flowing which is totally a plus, along with the cooler air coming into the airbox. A real cold air intake seals with the hood, and does not allow heated air from the engine to get into the intake! What you did is fine though :)
Q:dodge cold air intake?
Yes, as long as you change all four.
Q:air intake for 92 accord?
Doesn't matter. Only so much air will go through the throttle body.
Q:Cold Air Intake for my volvo?
The proximity of the intake hose to the Hot parts in the engine bay completely overrides the cold air intake. Just stick with the stock air box add a KN filter element. Advise:Opt for exhaust upgrade along with a performance chip.
Q:Will a cold air intake for a manual tranny work on my automatic?
as far as funtion no there is no diffrence. the diffrence is the way they go in. the one you are looking at probebly goes through a hole and the filter part sit behind the bumper and not in the engine bay. once you get the engine put in just look at the space and find one that will fit in the space that is there.
Q:I need help with a cold air intake for my 94 geo prizm!?
that is probably the worst thing that you can put on an engine/does no good and will hurt gas miles/that car has computer that trys to compensate for the diff in the air/go to home depot and get some some plastic pipe and a couple of clamps/tell everybody its a custom design

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