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Q:I got a cold air intake for the dodge neon, and the crankcase hose doesnt have a place to go into the cai, what can i do with the hose or will i have to modify the cai to fit the crankcase hose too?
my guess is your talking about the hose for the pcv system. just lose the hose and get yourself a breather for your valve cover or wherever that hose comes off of.
Q:im looking for parts to make it more fuel efficient, so far all i know of is a cold air intake or a tornado, if you have any other suggestions id like to hear them
do not pay attention to those those that asserts it would not worth it,, I even have an ninety 8 Honda Civic and that i grow to be instructed the same,, yet i desperate to do it in any case. particular you will see the version interior the potential and additionally improves the reaction to the gas pedal,, helps save cooler your engine's temperature,, help you maintain gas whilst making use of interior the city,, upload an wonderful look to your vehicle,, plus the sound would be purely appropriate if mixed with a muffler or exhaust gadget and that's not even costly you will get it at your community save for around 60 dollars 40 for the pipe and 20 for the filter out.
Q:should i go with the short ram air intake or the cold air intake i got a v6
Cold air is the way to go. KN.
Q:If I add a cold Air Intake to a new Hyundia Accent - Will it hurt the warrenty?
No, you don't loose warranty. In Canada we sell cold air intake as manufacturer approved accessories. The only warranty that you loose is for the air filter and housing (which will obviously be removed upon installing new cold intake). Other than that, nothing else will be affected. You are loosing warranty only on the components removed from the vehicle.
Q:I have a 2007 Impala with a 3.5L engine and want to get a cold air intake but don‘t know which one to get. I have been looking at the KN Apollo and the AIRAID UBI Master Kit I, but don‘t know which one is better? Any suggestions is welcome!!! Also what is a performance chip?
No, don't use your mountain bike for a triathalon. If you are serious about competition, buy a time trial bike. Look at Litespeed, Quintana Roo, or Specialized.
Q:i have a honda civic 2000 ex. i bought a cold air intake for it. i didnt install it yet but i was looking over it. the stock air intake has about three wires connected to it. But when i look at the new cai, it has only two that sticks out a little and one that is enclosed with rubber. im pretty sure the cai is for my car. am i supposed to connect only two? and which two? thanks
Take it back to the store, and never buy it again. On a 2000 Civic EX, an aftermarket cold air intake will provide only 1-2 horsepower at peak rpm. 5500 rpm to redline. Ask yourself really quick, how often you keep the car in that range. In the lower range, which is when you're accelerating, it has been dyno proven to provide -1 to 0 horsepower. That's right, it will actually cause you to lose horsepower. Doesn't matter what brand, they're all about the same. And keep in mind, you didn't buy a cold air intake for the car. It HAS a cold air intake already. You just bought a different variety. Go look at the engine. Intake leads away from the hot air of the engine, to the cold air near the bumper. Cold air intake.
Q:I recently installed a spectre Cold Air Intake in my 2011 3.6L camaro. while installing, i did not disconnect the battery. after installation, i drove the car and immediately noticed the difference. RPM seems to stay high on idle and when shifting from first to second, rpm will literally stay high. A couple hours later check engine light came on. i went and unpluged the negative part of the battery for 45mins then drove it. it drove fine for 2mins then did the same thing. the check engine went away but came back on half a day later. PLZ HELP!!!! i don‘t know what to do.
Technically you may get a better sound by a freer flowing air filter, like KN.
Q:is there any difference from regular after market air intake and an after market cold air intake
K and N are made of cotton and allow your engine to breath easier allowing more horsepower and better fuel economy. compare it to breathing like norman would be the cold air to breathing threww a straw would be the other air filter
Q:I know they make them for the 2005-06 but since they modified the engine in 07 and again in 08 the emissions on that vehicle has changed. I‘ve been searching for a long time and I can‘t find one. Also if you can find a CARB legal muffler or even cat-back system please add that too.
for you air intake i would go to K.n.N.and you will find everything you need. for exhaust i recommend Flow Masters.i have used both many times with great success.remember that by increasing the amount of air coming into the engine,it is important to equalize this with the appropriate ability to exhaust that air as well. increasing the air coming in won't be as effective unless you also improve the ability to get it out as fast as you got it's basic science.
Q:Whats better Cobb short or Mazdaspeed3 cold air intake?
You're posting from the UK area, but I assume you're asking about the 1943 steel (zinc) penny from the US? If so, it's worth about ten or fifteen cents in average, circulated condition.

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