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Q:Short Air Intake Question?
Unless you also buy a larger throttle plate assembly, a bigger air tube really won't do anything since the extra air can't get into the engine. Also, if the air coming in can't get out, by using headers, free flowing muffler, etc, it doesn't pay to buy a bigger system. If the engine is stock, I personally think a bigger intake is a waste of money.
Like all aftermarket intakes below the $1000 range it is inferior to the cold air intake with preheat that came standard on your car, truck, or moon rover. unless it is from the early 1980s or earlier. It will give you poorer fuel economy - especially in cold weather - and no extra usable power. The desperate quest for fuel economy in the 1980s is what made the manufacturers turn away from crude intakes like the Injen in the first place.
Q:Best Jeep XJ Air Intake?
Most of the well known aftermarket air intake systems are pretty much the same. They all use a bigger tube and a free flowing air filter. Some of them have a splash guard so water wont slash up and get sucked into the intake. Those are recommended. If you don't want the hassle of having to take the filter off and cleaning it and then having to spray oil onto it, stay away from the KN, because that is what you have to do. I used the KN intake as an example in my other answer just as a generic answer as an example, but I would not use it. There are others out there that are great and do the same thing. Buy a good brand name is my best answer and stay away from things on Ebay that are no name, not known products.
Q:QQ speed car need to modify the intake system Mody
At present, there are five kinds of modified parts design, namely "suspension system, engine system, fuel system, ignition device, intake system."
Q:So if COLD AIR INTAKES dont do anything positive for your cars performance, then how does a K&N filter help?
WELL I dare say you have never ever tested a cold air intake, or even know what one really is? correct? because what your car has on it from the factory, is a cold air intake. That crap made from sewer pipe plastic with and air filter stuck to it is not a cold air intake in the first place, and the only way to test one, is to put the car on a expensive dynomometer and push your foot to the floor and do A WOT AKA KNOWN AS THE WIDE OPEN THROTTLE TEST. so k n puts some air cleaner on a stock 350, does wide open throttle, then puts it on a high performance 350 and does a wide open throttle test again. and says oh gee look, we put 10,000 dollars in performance equipment on a 350 did wide open throttle with stock air filter, then did the same test with k n filter and got a whopping 3 1/2 horsepower change, and put that on every box for every car,. I ddon'tknow about you, but frankly you cannot run around town at wide open throttle to make extra hp it does not work ok? check with your mechanic, and ddon'tbuy power chips, these are less than worthless on a stock motor ok? always talk you your mechanic, before putting this crap on a car, 600 bucks still buys a lot of gas today ok?
Q:i have an 09 mustang gt how much horsepower will a cold air intake give?
1/2 HP if you are lucky. This is an often asked question but CAI(cold air intake) kits are usually nothing more than gimmicks and unless you have more extreme mods done to the intake and fuel systems then you will see NO gain in power whatsoever. Even with those other mods you would only see a very minuscule increase at the very top RPM range with a CAI. Don't waste your money on a mod that will cost you $150-$250 or more and net you nothing in power gains. Go out and spend that money on headers, a slightly bigger MAF(mass airflow sensor) along with slightly bigger fuel injectors, a computer programmer(tuner), etc. Any of these items will actually do something to increase power output. Even with the performance exhaust the CAI is just about useless. You were right in not buying yet until you did other mods like the exhaust but it's still not time to buy it unless you don't mind wasting money. Do more mods then the CAI.
Q:Is it possible to have a supercharger and cold air intake together?
Absoulutly, Par-for the course. Super Chargers often include some form of cooling the compressed air. - Packing ambiant air into a confinded space compacting ambiant air temp into a confined space increased air temp at a higher then ambiant pressure. Simple stuff. Are you asking - if one after market kit will mate with another ?
Q:whats the difference between the (MAS) Mass Air Senson & (AIT) Air Intake Sensor?
IAT is intake air temp sensor. Cars with MAF (mass air flow) sensor do not often have IAT. Old cars with MAP (manifold absolute pressure sensor) needed IAT to compensate for air temp. But the MAF all by itself and measure air MASS without IAT. So your car probably does NOT have IAT. If it exists it is integral part of the MAF. There are few thing you can do to save (or maximize) gas MPG. First get a tune-up. (1) spark plugs (2) spark plug wires (3) distributors, coil, rotors (if you have them). (4) new air filter (5) PCV (6) correct tire pressure (7) clear the trunk of useless heavy items (8) spray clean MAF sensor. Forget all those SAVE GAS scams. This was on NBC morning TV show. The difference is as much as 38% (their claim). There are very simple rules to save gas: (1) drive slow - not too much past 55 (2) accelerate slowly (3) don't brake unnecessarily (4) use cruise control - whenever it is safe to do so. Don't coast - it is NOT safe (to coast in Nuetral) and it does NOT save gas. It only saves gas, if you are planning to slow down (exiting, tolls, traffic). Coasting then accelerating again is LESS efficient than just cruising. The above really works. Using those simple rules I was able to drive from Boston to NYC (210.5 miles) on just 5.112 gallon (94 Civic). That's 41 MPG (94 Civic 187K miles). Actually I was speeding at 72 MPH so I could do even better at 55. WOW !! As simple as that. Good Luck. Good Luck.
Q:do cold air intakes really do what they say?
It really depends on the car you have and the engine it like having an hd television without the hd cable kind of pointless.
Q:Cold air intake kits for Infinity G35 03 coupe?
Take it from an expert cold air stuff is wasted money on 95% of cars made in the last 15 years. My friend has a dyno at his shop and we like to see the difference in peoples cars he/we dyno. Like in this case we have OH so many times looked for power gains with KN filters. We have never seen any proof on the screen that KN filters and many other aftermarket products that claim more power actually work. We have also dynoed with NO air filter and even that didn't add power. MYTH BUSTED! KN filters use an oil that is saturated in a cotton cloth held if form by wire mesh. ALL cars with a mass air flow meter for the last 10 years or so can't use a KN filter without problems down the road. The oil eventually makes it way up to the air flow meter and the oil coats little tiny sensitive sensors. Plus the dirt that is not captured by the filter also coats the sensors. When this happens all sorts of problems can happen, from poor gas mileage to a no run situation. KN filters LIE big time on the HP gains and MPG gains its all BOGUS. KN filters ONLY belong on carburated cars and cars with mechanical mass air flow sensors. Some people say this oil in the MAS problem is related to people putting to much oil on/in the filter ALSO a busted myth. Car companies are always looking to get a better MPH and hp and torque rating if KN filters worked and didn't cause problems ALL cars would have a KN filter or similar filter brands in every new car built.

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