Turbocharger GT2052LS Turbocharger 765472-5001S Turbo charger for Rover

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Product Description:

Technical Details

Turbo Model







Application For

Rover 75 1.8 Turbo

Rover MG R75 1.8 Turbo

Rover MG ZT 1.8 Turbo

Engine Code

K Serie 16V

MG 1.8

Engine Capacity

1796ccm 1800ccm

Engine Power

117kw 110kw



Cooled Type

Oil Cooled

Fuel Type


Product Description

Turbocharger GT2052LS Turbocharger 765472-5001S Turbo charger for Rover

Turbocharger GT2052LS Turbocharger 765472-5001S Turbo charger for Rover

Turbocharger GT2052LS Turbocharger 765472-5001S Turbo charger for Rover

Factory Show

  • Certified by ISO 9001:2009 and ISO/TS 16949:2008 standards, CNBM is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Turbochargers and Racing products in China since 1994.

  • Producing TURBOCHARGERS of Garrett, Holset, KKK, Schwitzer, MHI and IHI models. Totally 300 different models, exporting to over 30 countries incl. EU, North & South America, Middle East & etc..

Turbocharger GT2052LS Turbocharger 765472-5001S Turbo charger for Rover

Turbocharger GT2052LS Turbocharger 765472-5001S Turbo charger for Rover

Turbocharger GT2052LS Turbocharger 765472-5001S Turbo charger for Rover

Turbocharger GT2052LS Turbocharger 765472-5001S Turbo charger for Rover

Turbocharger GT2052LS Turbocharger 765472-5001S Turbo charger for Rover

Turbocharger GT2052LS Turbocharger 765472-5001S Turbo charger for Rover

Packing & Delivery

Packing Detail:

  • Neutal Packing or the package as requirement

  • One turbo in a Carton

  • Wooden case is a good choice for ocean shipping

Delivery Detail:7-30 Days.(As Per Quantity)


  • High Speed, higher torque and improved response.

  • Lower Fuel Consumption.

  • Turbo and all its parts 100% changeable with original.

  • Perfect Follow-up Service

In Addition,we are also business in parts of Turbocharger such as:

  • Turbine Housing

  • Compressor Housing/Cover

  • Bearing Housing

  • Repair Kits

  • CHRA

  • Valve

  • Shaft Wheel 

  • Compressor Wheel/Impeller

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Q:What is the concept of the back pressure of the car exhaust system? What is the impact on vehicle performance?
Exhaust back pressure on the engine in the work indicators have a certain impact
Q:In a 02 mustang gt, is a cold air intake KN or other top brand going to be worth the $120-$180? Vs Stock filter and all. I also have some sort of flowmaster. I just got the car. So from you, first hand, what do you think?
It'll likely add 5-10HP. Depends on what you're into, and what other bills you have etc. I've spent 10's of thousands on modifications to cars in my lifetime (seriously). It's all about whether or not you're into it. Also, research the different available parts and brands, and determine which one is good for you. Sometimes off-brands provide more horsepower for cheaper, and with some brands maximum horsepower is attained by purchasing multiple products that are specifically designed to work together.
Q:if you could give me links to a place describing the system or some brand names that would be great!thanks!
Your Mustang HAS a cold air intake -- the engineers at Ford are perfectly capable of installing a piece of aluminum pipe if it actually increased hp, (which it doesn't), so save your money.
Q:Cool Air Intake?Im looking to purchase a cool air intake for my 1998 sebring convertible jxi. I‘ve been looking for a while, and i can‘t seem to find any? i‘ve looked with aem, kn, and several others. where else should i look?also if i can‘t find a cold air intake, what would be the best substitue?
Lots of metals are magnetic. Ferromagnetic materials (such as Iron) carry a permanent magnetic moment. Paramagnetic materials can have a magnetic moment induced in them by bringing a ferromagnet within close proximity, but will return to a non-magnetic state in the absence of a magnetic field. Ferromagnetic list: cobalt | gadolinium | iron | nickel Paramagentic list: aluminum | americium | barium | calcium | cerium | cesium | dysprosium | erbium | europium | hafnium | holmium | iridium | lanthanum | lithium | lutetium | magnesium | manganese | molybdenum | neodymium | niobium | osmium | oxygen | palladium | platinum | plutonium | potassium | praseodymium | protactinium | rhenium | rhodium | rubidium | ruthenium | samarium | scandium | sodium | strontium | tantalum | technetium | terbium | thorium | thulium | titanium | tungsten | uranium | vanadium | ytterbium | yttrium | zirconium
Q:QQ Speed Renault how to change to the intake system +1
Bought to modify
Q:Which is better for speed: getting ram air or a cold-air intake system?
better for engine - ram air intake better for performance - cold air intake cold air intakes bring in more air but are more likely to suck water into the engine the ram air suck less air and also are safer for an engine.
Q:What is the best air intake system for a 2008 Nissan Maxima? I want a bit more power and MPG. I would like to keep it under $300 if possible. Links and personal experience with the product are appreciated.
It's common for people to believe that a big free flowing intake should increase fuel economy, but that line of thinking is seriously flawed. when you are cruising down the highway it doesn't matter how restricted the air is going through the filter, because it is much more restricted by the throttle plate which is only open 10 to 20 percent at low highway speeds. It would be like expecting better mpg by increasing to size of fuel lines and injectors.
Q:what is the point of a cold air intake and whats the difference between a cold air intake and a short ram intake?
I'm hungry but not tired.
Q:Hello, Im currrently in Aghanistan talking with some buddies on mods that we want to do on our vehicles upon our return. Now what i want to do in particular is put a CAI on my 99 Tahoe along with a throttle body spacer. I already have the Flwmstr cat back with a KN filter set up; now my question is will I get a lil more mpg‘s with those few additions? Im not necessarily interested in power, although I do tow every now and again. im also easy on the pedal as well, so help me out gear heads, will that be a good invstmnt and will i be looking at a slight increase in mpg‘s? Thnx
What Do Exhaust Systems Do
Q:what are the perks of installing a cold air intake ?
don't take this the wrong way, but if you have to ask then that means you have no idea what is entailed in doing this. i highly recommend taking it to someone who can do this or at least can give you a price to do it!

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