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AFC\BFC Series
small size
middle size

Joint pipe bore

Drian Type
Blank: Differential Drain

D: Automatic Drain


MAX PRESS: 9.9kg/c㎡

ADJ RANGE: 0.5-9.0kg/cm²

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Q:Main points of type selection of pneumatic control valve
Pneumatic control valve refers to the pneumatic system to control the flow of air pressure, flow and flow direction, and to ensure that pneumatic actuators or institutions work properly all kinds of pneumatic components. Pneumatic control valve structure can be broken down into the valve body (including the valve seat and valve hole, etc.) and valve heart two parts, according to the relative location of the two, there are normally closed and normally open two. Valve from the structure can be divided into: cut-off type, slide column and slide valve type three valves.
Q:What's the function of the oil sprayer in the pneumatic component?
But the current pneumatic technology has been phased out, this oil lubrication, because the pollution of the environment.
Q:A brief description of pneumatic three element and its function
The pressure regulating valve is used to adjust the pressure of the size, can according to their own needs to adjust; the oil mist is used to hold some of the more dilute lubricating oil, when a little oil will take the air into the cup, play the role of lubrication and cooling to tools.
Q:Where are the industry standards for pneumatic components?
5, GB/T, 2350 - 1980 (1997) hydraulic, pneumatic systems and components, piston rod, thread type and dimension seriesEQV ISO 4395:19786, GB/T 2351 - 2005 hydraulic pneumatic system with hard tube outer diameter and hose inner diameterISO, 4397:1993, IDT7, GB/T, 3452.1--2005 hydraulic pneumatic O rubber sealing ring first parts: size series and toleranceISO, 3601-1:2002, MOD
Q:Pneumatic components, those equipment needs to be used, specific points. Additional reward
Personally, I think it's available on the device. This mainly depends on the design concept of the designer.
Q:Air compressor pneumatic three element
The air compressor is to provide power source, pneumatic system is the core equipment of electromechanical drainage main source device, it is the prime mover (usually motor) devices that convert mechanical energy into pressure energy, is the pressure of compressed air generator.
Q:What are the classifications of cylinders in pneumatic components?
Two, according to the installation form of cylinders1. fixed cylinder (installed on the body fixed). They are lug type, flange type, flange type, Rodless cylinder, etc..2. pin cylinder (cylinder around the fixed axis of the swing angle) with the head and tail shaft pin type shaft, pin type cylinder, rotary (piston rod and spindle connected with gas cylinder set real).3. rotary cylinder4. embedded cylinder. (the cylinder is in the jig.)
Q:Pneumatic three jaw chuck control principle, pneumatic components how to control the chuck?
You can only answer your previous question. How does the pneumatic component control the three jaw chuck?:The three jaw chuck is also a kind of cylinder, but the connecting rod is added to the piston rod of the cylinder to form two claws or three claws.So the pneumatic component is the principle of controlling the air claw, the same as the principle of controlling the cylinder
Q:What are the parts of a pneumatic system?
Pneumatic system source contains a number of Wuxi smart air source processor such as auxiliary components; pneumatic control part contains a variety of Wuxi smart precision valve, solenoid valve, cylinder and so on, which is used for flow, pressure and direction control of the working medium; implementation part contains a cylinder or a motor is started, according to the actual requirements of their choice
Q:Which three pneumatic components are three?
Finally, the oil mist is used to transfer the air containing the oil to the actuating element and to lubricate the actuating element.

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