EU Pneumatic Seal

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EU Pneumatic Seal

Material: PU shore 93

Producing Way: Injection

Color: Deep Green Blue

This as application for pneumatic piston rod sealing, dustproof or fiting

1.Three function: sealing, dustproof and fixing.

2.Assembling easily no need any tools

3.No corrosion because of the single Polymeric materials

4.Running stably

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Q:What are the pneumatic components used in the automatic production line?
Cylinder, rotary joint (also called oil distributor), solenoid valve, sensor, vacuum chuck
Q:Pneumatic solenoid valve base blind plate leak is how?
2. check the solenoid valve to see if the seal is damaged or missing, or coil and valve parts of the leak.
Q:What are the main parameters of pneumatic components?
There are many kinds of pneumatic components. In general, they can be divided into auxiliary components, control elements and actuating elements:Auxiliary components: filters, pressure reducing valves, oil mist, etc., the main parameters are the pipe diameter, flow size, filtering accuracyControl components: mainly electromagnetic valve, the main parameters are voltage, nozzle diameter, bit through function, installation method, flow, single coil or double coil, etc.Pneumatic actuator: the main parameters is the cylinder stroke, installation, installation size, positive reaction, etc.Basic parameters on these, special occasions special treatment
Q:Development prospect of pneumatic technology
The development of pneumatic industry also tends to protect the environment, improve product performance and reduce the cost at the same time, due to the improvement of the performance and reduce cost and help to save energy and environmental protection, the key is to improve the level of automation of pneumatic industry, make the product more superior, so pneumatic industry development direction is roughly 1.: mechanical and electrical integration integration, miniaturization 3. 2. high efficient and low cost 4. non oil 5. high life, high reliability 6. integrated, complex, multi function 7. speed with pneumatic products is more and more used in biological engineering, medicine, atomic energy, microelectronics, robotics and other industries. Put forward many new requirements, so the development of new materials, casting, heat treatment, surface sealing technology, computer technology, sensor technology Many basic technologies have attracted more and more attention.
Q:Pneumatic components, three bit, five - way, can you explain?
AB is not power when the 1 position, and here are divided into: three bit middle seal, three bit medium pressure, three bit discharge three (coil is not connected, when the spool stops position, P port and AB port connection)
Q:Development of pneumatic components,The expansion of application of pneumatic technology is the development of pneumatic industry
A smaller, lighter weight and lower power consumption. In electronics, pharmaceuticals and other manufacturing industries, the processing volume is very small, it will limit the size of pneumatic components, miniaturization, light is the first development direction of pneumaticcomponents. An ultra small solenoid valve with a thumb size and an effective cross sectional area of 0.2mm2 has been developed abroad. It is more ideal to develop components with smaller size and larger flow. To this end, the same size of the valve, the flow has increased 2~3.3 times. There is a series of small solenoid valve, its body width is only 10mm, the effective area of up to 5mm2; wide 15mm, effective area of 10mm2.Electromagnetic valve power consumption abroad has reached 0.5W, will be further reduced to adapt to the combination of microelectronics.The gas source treatment assembly mostly adopts the block type block structure at home and abroad, which is not only compact in size, but also convenient in combination and maintenance.The positioning accuracy of the actuator is increased, the rigidity is increased, the piston rod is not turned, and the use is more convenient. In order to improve the positioning accuracy of the cylinder, the application of the cylinder with the brake mechanism and the servo system is becoming more and more common. The cylinder with servo system can still get the positioning accuracy of + 0.1mm even if the supply pressure and the load change.
Q:How to open the pneumatic component store?
The light assembly is not enough, but also know its working principle, if you have time to go to the assembly shop of pneumatic machine practice, various pieces of mastery is impossible, as long as the common thing to do that on the line, almost a year
Q:In turn, the pneumatic components follow the inlet direction. Why?
Because, first of all to water, oil and gas, dust and impurities by water filters from the compressed air source, thereby purifying air; then, in order to adjust pressure to stabilize the gas pressure through the purified gas through the valve;
Q:How does the pneumatic valve change the AC to direct current?
The working principle of pneumatic valve:First, pneumatic control valve classification: pneumatic control valve refers to the pneumatic system to control the flow of air pressure, flow and flow direction, and to ensure that pneumatic actuators or institutions work properly all kinds of pneumatic components. A component that controls and regulates the pressure of a compressed air is called a pressure control valve. A component that controls and regulates the flow of compressed air is called a flow control valve. The element that changes and controls the direction of the flow of air is called a directional control valve.
Q:What about leakage of pneumatic components?
In general, solenoid seals are rarely purchased separately.
We can produce according to the polyurethane, polytetrafluoro and rubber samples provided by customers both standard and anomaly. Our every property target of products is corresponded to the quota of international. They can wholly replace the imported ones. Our products have been exported to countries and regions all over the world, such as Europe and Southeast Asia. We can design and research all kind of seals and sundries out of standard according to customers' requirements.

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Location Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2001
Annual Output Value US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
Main Markets North America 20
South America 10
Oceania 1
Mid East 2
Eastern Asia 1
Western Europe 15
Eastern Europe s 28
Southeast Asia 15
Africa 2
Northern Europe 2
Southern Europe 1
South Asia 3
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