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What is the car bumper made?
Mostly with pp plus EPDM rubber.
What is the role of the car bumper
Bumper, is the vehicle or the driver in the collision force, the absorption of external shocks, resulting in the buffer device, play a role in protecting people and cars.
Is the car bumper made of plastic?
Most car original bumper is made of ABS plastic, this material is inexpensive and toughness is elastic. And the buffer performance is good. Can be effective in the car collision energy absorption. But also better protection of pedestrian safety.
How much money the car front bumper
10-15W of the car is generally about 1,100 yuan 10W the following general 700-900 about 5W 400-200
What is the car bumper?
The previous bumper is really a bar. Now doing more and more, not the appearance of the bar. So, called "front" "back".
What is the difference between a car crash beam and a bumper?
The anti-collision beam is used to strengthen the structure of the vehicle, thereby improving the anti-collision resistance of the side impact to enhance the safety of the side. Protect the car staff, protect the engine and other major components. Car front and rear anti-collision beam, we generally row behind the bumper, side collision beam is generally arranged in the interior of the door structure.