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Aluminum Foam Filled Bumper Beam

Aluminum Foam Filled Bumper Beam

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Product Description

 100% Recycling Soundproofing Closed Cell Aluminum Foam Panel

,1. What Is Aluminum Foam2. Main Properties of Aluminum Foam3. Comparison Between Aluminum Foam and Other Sound-absorbing MaterialsLT9Y_LZLL~6RBK7)~JBN

Q:What is the car bumper?
The previous bumper is really a bar. Now doing more and more, not the appearance of the bar. So, called "front" "back".
Q:Is the car bumper made of plastic?
The role of the front and rear bumper is not to protect the car, but to protect people.
Q:What is the car bumper made?
Now most of the use of plastic. Can save more cost. But like those who have modified pieces of carbon fiber also has glass fiber. But the cost is relatively high.
Q:What is the difference between a car crash beam and a bumper?
Bumper are generally plastic or resin and other high elasticity, to slow down the impact of a slight collision on the car. Anti-collision steel beams are generally hidden inside the bumper and inside the door, under the influence of a larger impact, the elastic material has been unable to buffer the energy, the real role in the protection of the occupants of the car.
Q:How much money the car front bumper
What's the car? The easiest way to do this is to enter the name of the part you want to inquire about. You can know the market price
Q:What is the role of the car bumper
Is it safe?

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