• High Quality Car Front Bumper -86511-1Y000 for KIA PICANTO k5 2010 ,86511-2t000 System 1
  • High Quality Car Front Bumper -86511-1Y000 for KIA PICANTO k5 2010 ,86511-2t000 System 2
  • High Quality Car Front Bumper -86511-1Y000 for KIA PICANTO k5 2010 ,86511-2t000 System 3
High Quality Car Front Bumper -86511-1Y000 for KIA PICANTO k5 2010 ,86511-2t000

High Quality Car Front Bumper -86511-1Y000 for KIA PICANTO k5 2010 ,86511-2t000

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$25.00 / pc get latest price
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TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
10 PCS pc
Supply Capability:
1000 PCS/MONTH pc/month

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1Specifications of KIA Front Bumper:


Production Name



KIA metalbody parts 


Autoclave technology,straight weaves, nice flexibility 
Non-fading glossy look,good fitting 


Africa, South, America, Mideast, Europe, etc




2Applications of KIA Front Bumper:



 3 Advantage of KIA Front Bumper:


 1.Small  MOQ: It can help your marking business very well.


2.Continuous development of new products   .


3.Good Service : We treat clients as friends.


4.Good Quality :We have strict quality control system & good reputation in the market.


5.Fast & Cheap Delivery: We have great discount from forwarder (Long-term contract ).


4Packaging & Delivery of KIA Front Bumper:


Packaging Detail: strong cartons and wooden cases, can pack according to customer's requirements.


Delivery Detail: in 20 days




Q:What is the car bumper made?
Twenty years ago, the car front and rear bumper is based on metal materials, the current car before and after the bumper using plastic, known as the plastic bumper.
Q:What is the role of the car bumper
Now the bumper is mainly used for decoration, not the role of security and the role of protection vehicles.
Q:Is the car bumper made of plastic?
Most of the car's bumper is made of plastic
Q:How much money the car front bumper
10-15W of the car is generally about 1,100 yuan 10W the following general 700-900 about 5W 400-200
Q:What is the car bumper?
The previous bumper is really a bar. Now doing more and more, not the appearance of the bar. So, called "front" "back".
Q:What is the difference between a car crash beam and a bumper?
The collision beam is generally hidden inside the bumper and inside the door, under the influence of a larger impact, the elastic material has been unable to buffer energy, the real role in the protection of the occupants of the car. Anti-collision beam is not every car has, it is mostly metal materials, such as aluminum, steel and the like. Now more and more manufacturers will be side door anti-collision beam into the car side door, side door anti-collision beam is also called the door anti-collision beam, refers to the internal structure of the door with beams, to strengthen the vehicle side of the structure. Based on the probability of side impact, the door anti-collision as an additional energy protection, can reduce the crew may suffer from external forces. Facts have proved that the door anti-collision beam in the vehicle hit fixed objects (such as trees) when the protection effect is very obvious. Especially in the low-speed collision accident, there is no collision-resistant steel beam will be a direct damage to the vehicle parts.

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