Gas Regulating Station, Gas Turbine Front Module

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We specializes in gas power station auxiliary equipments research, development, complete sets supply, Gas industry engineering consulting design and general contract business. We have a professional technical team and rich experience in engineering practice. Gas power station equipments covers all types of gas turbines, possessing first market share in “H class” gas turbine business field. We have undertook more than 10 science and technology R&D projects, and obtained nearly 20 invention patents and utility model patents.

business scope:

Gas Power Station Booster Station

Gas Turbine Front Module

LNG/CNG Filling Station, Various Joint Filling Station Design General Contract

Design and General Contract of Skid-Mounted Natural Gas Processing Unit

LNG Storage, Distribution And Gasification Station Design And General Contract

Urban Gas Transmission And Distribution Projects

LNG Liquefaction Plant 

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Q:How did the fire of the gas cooker turn yellow? How to adjust?
But why this yellow gas stove fire points: one is the uniform mixing of gas and air (a less air, less space or mixed); two is the combustion exhaust gas is not good (two times less air, increase the two air mixing area, which is discussed above); three is the gas fire the excess hole nozzle (fire hole and flow of the right size). There are several reasons for the yellow flame of the gas stove and the corresponding solutions are as follows: 1. The lack of primary air supply leads to bad combustion. Users can adjust the throttle plate, increase the air inlet area to solve, generally can make the flame from yellow to blue.
Q:The fire of the gas cooker turns red, the smoke is very big, and the bottom of the cooker is black
A good tune on the ignition switch is one of the intake valve is the intake valve ash is not sufficient to open the valve to open a small fire problem... We burn the gas stove on the site
Q:What pipe used in indoor natural gas pipeline
Because of the difference of technology, there are some differences in the pipeline steel produced by different manufacturers. 1960s, the general use of X52 steel grade, in 70s using X60, X65 steel grade, 80-90 to X70 steel. Some foreign countries have begun to use X80 steel gas pipeline. With the continuous development of pipeline steel, Canada and other countries have laid X100 and X120 pipeline steel test section. For the first time in our country, the X80 grade pipeline steel was used in the test section of 7.71km in the tie line project
Q:Home gas smell, but check the gas altar and no problem, how
With a bowl of water diluted detergent you advice, and then open the interface of gas cutting and brush cleaner wash detergent water from the gas bottle and gas pipe down the trachea has been swept to the gas stove at the interface (note that the bottom of the pipe should stick to detergent water) and then carefully observe the look of that place small bubbles continue to emerge, there is a leak. Note that when you check the air circulation, the room was found to have a gas smell, do not use the open and close appliances, should try to let the natural gas dispersed dilute
Q:Natural gas is not new energy? Why?
A long time ago, natural gas, there is no new energy. The new energy should be solar energy, geothermal energy, wind energy, ocean energy, biomass energy and nuclear fusion energy, etc..
Q:I would like to ask the electric water heater is good or good gas
In fact, the final use of the effect, if properly installed, pipeline flow, whether it is a gas water heater or electric water heater, can be satisfactory, it is difficult to say who the best who bad.
Q:There is a gas range, not connected to natural gas
You should be built, is a portable stove for filling butane gas as the main fuel.
Q:Natural gas pipeline is how to connect the seal
The General PE pipe welding connection or hot melt connection, low pressure metal pipe with the raw material for winding wire link set,,
Q:Natural gas and air density which is higher than that that is when the gas leak upward or floating
Because the main component of natural gas is methane, the relative molecular mass of methane is 16
Q:A lot of stoves and water heaters that use artificial gas can be converted to natural gas
The stove and water heater manufacturers can be door-to-door service, usually for natural gas nozzle. Natural gas company at the beginning of the artificial coal gas into natural gas, but also provide services, Sacon and other brands must by the manufacturer.

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