Gas Regulating Station, Gas Turbine Front Module

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We specializes in gas power station auxiliary equipments research, development, complete sets supply, Gas industry engineering consulting design and general contract business. We have a professional technical team and rich experience in engineering practice. Gas power station equipments covers all types of gas turbines, possessing first market share in “H class” gas turbine business field. We have undertook more than 10 science and technology R&D projects, and obtained nearly 20 invention patents and utility model patents.

business scope:

Gas Power Station Booster Station

Gas Turbine Front Module

LNG/CNG Filling Station, Various Joint Filling Station Design General Contract

Design and General Contract of Skid-Mounted Natural Gas Processing Unit

LNG Storage, Distribution And Gasification Station Design And General Contract

Urban Gas Transmission And Distribution Projects

LNG Liquefaction Plant 

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Q:Gas stove has been broken fire is how
2, check the fire is OK, with the hand will rotate in the burner fire cover on the base to see, some fire a small lump on the cover, the bumps on the base hole alignment press, determine the installation in place,
Q:How many cubic gas is a gas tank?
The liquefied gas residual liquid, temperament also have some problems, but also easy to Duanjinqueliang, according to the user's actual reaction can be cheaper 2/3
Q:Can you put the gas tank outside in the summer?
Only the gas leaking into the air exploded in space. The above is about the chemical explosion, there is a physical explosion, chemical explosion, physical explosion occurred in the gas tank, gas tank fire, when under high temperature conditions, the gas inside the tank can be increased due to intermolecular repulsion, is also increasing, there is a need to expand the space demand, but by the tank the sealing function can not meet the demand of the expanded volume
Q:There are two gas cylinders at home, a long time no use, and one of them have been put down for more than a year... The bottom of the gas tank is out of paint.. Very worried! I don't know if it will be a problem I'd like to know a little bit about the knowledge! Thank you!
The gas tank is transportable pressure vessel steel, with explosion danger, it is only about 2.5 mm wall thickness (cylinder wall thickness calibration), very thin, it all the time under pressure from internal media generated during normal use of internal pressure (pressure) from 0.5 to 1 trillion and 200 billion Pascal ($from 5 to 12 kg / cm2), the cross section will be 1000 kilograms of tension.
Q:What a scientific way to solve it! Please tell me
Gas tank leak fire, do not panic, not to run away. To close the cylinder valve immediately, and cool the bottle with cold water, with rags, sacks, bedding and other water soaked back cover in the gas cylinder, so that the flame suffocation. If it is found that the hand wheel angle valve is not closed, or the pressure rise, gland leak off, both hands pressed down on the angle valve handwheel, don't let others leave, with a rope to the tie, then the cylinder moved to safe areas, notify the Gas Co.
Q:My electricity fee is 8 ~21 at about $21 in the evening to 8 in the morning at about $0.35Bottled gas tank 120, 50 can I here myself to the gas station rushed near very convenientPipeline gas 2.2 liters, heard that it will rise to a liter of 2.5Electricity does not take into account the security price ladder 6My problem is to say that water heating electricity, canned gas, pipeline gas which cheapWhich is not convenient. I am renting all the things that are off the shelf without considering the addition of items purchasedThere is a gas pipeline and gas ratio is how much I press the total how much cheaper or cheaper, need to be answered in detail with a high score. Is the pipeline gas cheap or canned gas cheaper or cheaper
Price a yuan / kWh heat equivalent 860kcal/ electrothermal conversion efficiency =97% 12.0a / kcal million yuanNatural gas B yuan /kg calorific value 9000kcal/kg thermal efficiency =80% 0.59b yuan / million kcalFilling liquefied gas C yuan /kg, calorific value 9000kcal/kg thermal efficiency =80% 1.39c yuan / million kcalFilling liquefied gas tank 120/50=2.4 yuan per kilogram /kg yuan, can 50/20=2.5 /kg,
Q:I would like to ask the electric water heater is good or good gas
At present, there are two kinds of water heater suitable for household use in the market. The utility model is characterized in that the fuel gas water heater is divided into liquefied petroleum gas, artificial gas and natural gas, and the electric heating type water heater also comprises a water storage type and a hot type type.
Q:Natural gas pipeline is how to connect the seal? How to do not leak
The General PE pipe welding connection or hot melt connection, low pressure metal pipe with the raw material for winding wire link set,,
Q:For example, 5000NM3/H of natural gas into the quality should be how to calculate,
The main component of natural gas is methane, molecular weight of 16, a molecular weight of methane is equal to about 16 hydrogen atoms, is about equal to the quality of the 16 protonsProton mass of 1.6726231 x 10^-27 kgTherefore, the quality of a cubic meter of natural gas:1.6726231 * (10^-27) * 16 * 6.02 * (10^23) * 1000 / 22.4=0.7192 kgNatural gas per ton:1000/0.7192 = 1390 cubic metersThe above algorithm is more accurate, but too cumbersome
Q:Is natural gas solid?If so, under what conditions will become solid?
Natural gas hydrate is a kind of white solid substance, which is like ice and has strong burning power. It is mainly composed of water molecules and hydrocarbon gases (mainly methane), so it is also called methane hydrate. Natural gas hydrate is in certain conditions (the appropriate temperature and pressure, gas saturation, water salinity, pH etc.), solid white crystalline substance formed by the interaction of gas or volatile liquid and water in the. Once the temperature rises or the pressure decreases, the methane gas escapes and the solid hydrates tend to disintegrate. (1 cubic meters of combustible ice under normal temperature and pressure can release 164 cubic meters of natural gas and 0.8 cubic meters of fresh water) so permafrost gas hydrate solid are distributed in the water depth of more than 300 meters above the seafloor sediments or in the cold. Natural gas hydrate on the thick layer of pressure to maintain its solid state, its distribution from the seabed to 1000 meters under the seabed within the range, deeper temperature due to its solid state is destroyed and difficult to exist.

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