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5E-MHG6090 blast oven

Intelligent stainless steel oven blast

■ Applications

Adaptation of water used in electricity, coal, metallurgy, petrochemical, environmental protection, building materials, paper, the geological survey, research institutions and other sectors to test coal, coke and other substances

■ using standard

GB / T212-2001 "method of analysis of coal industry", GB / T211-1996 "Determination of total moisture in coal."

Technical parameters:

■ Technical Parameters

Power: ≤1.1kW

:( Thermostatic temperature range +20) ℃ ~ + 200 ℃

Temperature fluctuation: ± 1 ℃

Power source: 220V ± 22V

Within the space dimension: 450mm × 450mm × 450mm (length × width × height)

Dimensions: 600mm × 590mm × 875mm (length × width × height)

Main features:

■ Technical Features

Vertical structure, intelligence operations inside the heating thermostat system consists of a centrifugal impeller is equipped with imported German low-noise motors, electric heaters and temperature control device and other components, LED digital display, with leakage, overcurrent, overtemperature overshoot protection, housing for electrostatic powder coating of cold steel, high-temperature insulation material cotton. Studio made of stainless steel, not students

Rust is not the dregs. There are double glass observation window on the door, can be clearly observed inside the heating items.

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Q:What are the specific methods of chemical instrument analysis?
Chemical reagents, scales and some glassware are used for the determination.
Q:How to select multiple elements and analyze the working parameters of the instrument at the same time
1. Analysis method: photoelectric colorimetric analysis2, range: 0-1.999A absorbance value, 0-99.99% concentration value3, measurement accuracy: in line with GB223-88 standards4, measurable elements: metal materials manganese, copper, nickel, chromium, molybdenum, rare earth, magnesium, titanium, zinc, aluminum, iron and so on
Q:What is the difference between modern instrumental analysis and chemical analysis methods?
The function of the instrument to replace some artificial action, five concept identification and human, to speed up the progress of the analysis, to reduce the number of human errors; but if the principle is the use of new technology to achieve detection, then the determination object may be different, the determination of some heavy metals such as traditional chemical methods, may require chemical titration reaction each other through a variety of substances to judge analysis, a large number of samples needed before processing can be realized, but modern spectral instruments can realize nondestructive testing, do not need to complete the reaction through the middle to qualitative or quantitative, also do not need to sample pretreatment.
Q:What instruments do you need to open a beauty parlor?
This needs to start with the actual location of the beauty parlor, and some beauty salons are positioned as family style salons, so that only a few simple nursing instruments are needed;
Q:Excuse me, when laboratory qualification is confirmed, how does analytical instrument confirm?
For the calibration certificate, the result is confirmed directly; the calibration certificate is to see if the calibration result meets the requirements, and then confirm.
Q:What instruments are used in building lightning protection testing?
The utility model is suitable for measuring the grounding resistance of various devices and measuring the resistance value of a low resistance conductor, such as power, post and telecommunications, railways, communications, mines, etc., and also can measure soil resistivity and earth voltage. Ground resistance tester should be kept indoors to maintain its ambient temperature 0 to 40 DEG C, relative humidity of not more than 80 percent, and in the air can not contain enough to cause corrosion of harmful substances.
Q:What are the problems in the application of analytical instruments?
Analytical instruments also have limitations, such as gas chromatography can not measure a high boiling point of organic matter, the detector does not respond to the material can not be measured, the column has no adsorption ability on the target can not be measured.
Q:How does the audio analyzer test circuit parameters?
Generally speaking, an audio analysis instrument with complete functions should be able to measure parameters such as signal AC and DC voltage, signal frequency, harmonic distortion, signal-to-noise ratio and so on. Powerful audio analysis instrument provides spectrum analysis, 1/3 octave analysis, octave analysis, sound pressure level measurement, and other functions. If you want to build an audio analysis system, you also need a standard audio generator as the source of the excitation.
Q:Development trend of instrumental analysis
Methods the sensitivity, selectivity and accuracy of instrumental analysis method were further improved. A variety of selective detection techniques and simultaneous simultaneous analysis of many components are important subjects for instrumental analysis and research.
Q:The calorific value of testing equipment | thermal analysis instrument is what?
I was in Chengdu with the heat of the HY-A9 tester, as called the universal automatic calorimeter, we are used to detect coal, oil, fast, good precision, have what big problems, has been in use for 4 years

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