Handheld soil heavy metals analyzer

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Handheld Analyzer introduction of heavy metals in soil

S1 TITAN handheld analyzer capable of real-time heavy metal factory, mining, heavy industry to monitor the surrounding environment, so as to effectively control emissions and pollution, protect people's health and safety. S1TITAN handheld soil heavy metals analyzer is Bruker's latest international strongest, the latest generation of handheld XRF fluorescence spectrometer, it's the power of the giant, walking in the forefront of non-destructive testing techniques.

Soil heavy metal analyzer to analyze soil mainly harmful metals Pb (lead), As (arsenic), Cd (cadmium), Hg (mercury), Cu (copper), Ni (nickel), Zn (zinc), Cr (chromium) based. In several of our heavy industry, mining, development zones and heavy metal contamination of soils contaminated irrigation survey results show: the vast majority of heavy metals in soil above the soil background values, Cd, Zn, Hg and other obvious exceeded. S1 TITAN use of heavy metals in soil analyzer capable of real-time plant, mining, heavy industry to monitor the surrounding environment, so as to effectively control emissions and pollution, protect people's health and safety.

Currently, soil heavy metals Brook handheld analyzers have become the preferred tool for all levels of analysis of environmental monitoring agencies and emergency monitoring of routine monitoring.

On-site analysis of Pb, As, Cd, Hg, Cu, Ni, Zn, Cr and other heavy metals.

Analysis of all metallic elements may cause pollution

GPS positioning full compliance with the technical requirements of the US Environmental Protection Agency EPA 6200

Meet the requirements of RCRA Act

Handheld Analyzer main applications of heavy metals in soil

Field, laboratory can be used to easily analyze heavy metals in soil, convenient and fast.

The main analysis of soil, sand, sludge, solid waste, dirt, mud; dust, dirt, filter material, the film layer.

Analysis range: S, K, Ca, Ba, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, As, Se, Rb, Sr, Zr, Mo, Pd, Ag, Cd, Sn, Sb , W, Pb, Cs, Te, U, Th, Hg, Sc, Au, Ce, Y, P, Hf, Nb, Ac, Nd and other 40 kinds of elements. Soil common heavy metals Pb, As, Cd, Hg, Cu, Ni, Zn, Cr, etc. excellent sensitivity.

Handheld Analyzer main characteristics of heavy metals in soil

Easily measure stipulated RCRA metals and covers all primary pollutants (except Be).

Fully configurable no limit to save all the elements the police cordon

Fast, accurate measurement of Cd, Hg, Pb, As, Cr, and all pollutants

Chinese user interface, while providing alternative languages

Measurement results can be instantly displayed on the transfer to the PC

In the wild, without preparation of soil samples can be analyzed directly

WindowsXP or Windows7 operating system

Self-calibration function, the boot can be measured without waiting

Real-time analysis of data and map display, automatically stores data and map

Machine integration design, high strength sealed, waterproof, dustproof, shock

One-button timing measurements, easier to operate

Built Bruker specialized operating software calculates and displays the speed

Instrument adapt to high temperatures, low temperatures, humidity, rain, dust and other harsh environments

When long time without measuring instrument automatically standby, energy-saving, environmental protection

Optional GPS positioning system, which can pinpoint the location and map the distribution of pollution

Free software upgrades

Customer base

Environmental Sciences

Environmental monitoring agency

Inspection Company

Mining Company



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Q:What safety matters should we pay attention to when using chemical reagents and using analytical instruments?
General workshop control analysis, selection of analytical pure chemical reagent. Any preparation, experiment, cooling bath, or heating of a drug. Optional industrial products.
Q:Is the Zibo analytical instrument expensive?
Boshan Zibo Sea Branch instrument factory, the quality is excellent, the price is preferential, the after-sale service is perfect, the casting material model is complete. You need the analysis instrument of friends, if you do not find suitable for the factory, you can contact the first time - Shandong city of Zibo province Zhong Lin Road No. 207, by professional and technical personnel of a set of solutions to meet your actual situation of you.
Q:The working principle of flue gas analyzer, with the brand
The electrochemical principle is the instrument is used in electrochemical sensor, the sensor has some chemical substances, these substances and specific gases (such as chemical sensors on the CO met CO, a chemical reaction will occur, to determine the concentration of CO according to the size of the reaction) reaction. The sensor is characterized by fast response and short life (usually 2-4 years)
Q:How does the LabVIEW connect to the instrument?
LabVIEW serial procedures template, try to open, debug, and the instrument serial port connection. However, instrument communication protocols are needed.
Q:Instrument features of ICP-AES analyzer
The analysis accuracy and precision are higherICP-AES method is a small interference in various analysis methods. Under normal circumstances, its relative standard deviation is <10%. When the concentration of analyte exceeds 100 times, the relative standard deviation is <1%
Q:Which UPS power supply is better for analytical instruments?
Advanced DSP digital control technologyAdvanced DSP digital control technology makes UPS more high-performance, more stable product performance, more reliable quality.
Q:The principle and application of austenitic gas analyzer?
Working principle of austenite gas analyzerThe use of different solutions to different groups have been absorbed in the gas sample points in the sample of carbon dioxide with 40% sodium hydroxide absorption; in the sample of oxygen by pyrogallol solution of potassium absorption; using ammonia solution to absorb cuprous chloride in the sample of carbon monoxide. Then the content of each component is calculated according to the volume change of the sample before and after the absorption. CH4 and H2 were determined by explosive combustion, and the remaining gas was N2.The advantages of austenitic gas analyzer are simple structure, low cost and easy maintenance.
Q:In the measurement of resistance capacitance coupled amplification circuits, why are the common ends of all instruments connected together?
The transmission and measurement of signals are done at the common end.
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Chemical reagents, scales and some glassware are used for the determination.
Q:Could you tell me the error range of carbon and sulfur analysis?
Measurement range of HCS-500 type infrared carbon sulfur analyzer: HCS-500 type infrared carbon sulfur analyzer is the pyroelectric sensor as the core, by high frequency induction combustion furnace and intelligent microcomputer control system composed of infrared analysis instrument. The analysis software is based on WINDOWS XP operating platform, which has standard WINDOWS, Chinese operation interface and user-friendly human-computer interaction function. Mainly used in metallurgy, machinery, commodity inspection, scientific research, chemical and other industries in the ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, rare earth metals, minerals, minerals, ceramics and other substances in the analysis of carbon and sulfur content.

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