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TITAN handheld fluorescence spectrometer Bruker company's newest handheld X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (alloy analyzer), a leading international, powerful, lightest, quality control (QA / QC), material analysis (PMI), mixing Recognition , waste sorting (Recycling), grade identification (Grade ID) and other areas in the best, most reliable detection equipment.

 TITAN compact design, precise measurement accuracy, superior ability to resist harsh environments, more suitable for users in a variety of environments, such as temperature, pressure, humidity, rain, and even when the job can ensure normal operation of equipment, use more lightweight and convenient.

Measuring range of elements: Mg-U

Handheld fluorescence spectrometer applications



Metal recovery and classification

Quality Control

Military industry


Power Station

Boilers, vessels, pipes, etc.

Manufacturing & Processing Machinery

Precious metal analysis


Handheld fluorescence spectrometer software features

Bruce Crockett has been certified S1 TITAN patent accessories, anti-tie detectors, not only can protect the detector window is sharp metal materials (such as wood shavings and filaments) pierced bad, but also can quickly and accurately analyze virtually any material. Anti-bar detector which greatly reduces the probability of the detector is pierced, thus avoiding the problems and costs arising due to the replacement detector.

Patented anti TITAN tie detector can protect the detector

Anti-bar detectors reduce the maximum degree of expensive probes were slashed the odds

Does not reduce the analytical performance, even for light elements

So downtime to a minimum

Worry greatly eliminate waste measurement

Results The mean function

Battery power display

Color code shows

Voice prompts

Power Saving Function

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Q:Is there an instrument that can detect leaking water in a wall?
The tester uses his hand to feel the water pipe to see if there is any drop. The entire water pressure measurement process takes 30 minutes, if there is no leakage of water, it shows that the pipeline is no problem.
Q:We do analytical instrument products, and now want to do CE certification
CE certification, which contains instructionsThe most commonly used CE-EMC, LVD, RTTE theseMachinery directive MD is also entering the EU marketLow voltage only do CE inside EMC (electromagnetic compatibility)High pressure, you need to do the CE inside the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) +LVD (safety instructions)Our company has done a lot, there is a need to call the user name
Q:What are the methods of calibrating or calibrating a measuring instrument? How to operate?
In the 1 test, if the length of the level bubble deviates from the center, first with the foot long spiral level parallel adjustment, the amount of air bubbles to deviate from the center moved nearly half. The remaining half is adjusted with a correction needle, the levelling screw (on the right of the level) is adjusted to the center of the bubble.2 the instrument is rotated 180 degrees, check whether the bubble center. If the bubbles are not centered, repeat (1) until the bubbles are centered.    3 the instrument rotate 90 degrees, with third foot screw adjustment in the bubble.
Q:What is instrumental analysis?
Instrumental analysis and chemical analysis (chemical, analysis) are two analytical methods of Analytical Chemistry (analytical, chemistry).
Q:What are the main methods of modern instrumental analysis?
Chromatography analysis:1) gas chromatography; 2) high pressure liquid phase analysis;4 、 nuclear magnetic resonance analysis5 mass spectrometry
Q:Water quality analyzer, what are the well-known domestic manufacturers?
Domestic instruments are indeed much worse than foreign instruments in this one.
Q:What is the world's largest exhibition of chemical analysis instruments and laboratory equipment?
Electronic and optical microscopy, optical spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, analytical instrument, chromatography, spectroscopy, spectral, electrochemical analysis instrument, X-ray analysis instrument, thermal analysis instrument, all kinds of portable instrument, surface analysis, core analysis, element analysis, process analysis instruments;
Q:How to scientifically use and maintain laboratory analytical instruments
1, equipment management, improve the maintenance system. According to the different characteristics of the best instrument maintenance personnel and the maintenance cycle, regular maintenance, and make the relevant records, to facilitate the day after inspection.2, the use of personnel to master the instrument structure, principles, procedures and matters needing attention, to avoid misoperation caused damage to the instrument
Q:Apparatus for measuring formaldehyde
It is best to add anti interference agents, because there are many impurities in the air, these impurities will interfere with the results of the test, resulting in the result is not allowed. The role of the anti interference agent is to eliminate the interference of these impurities. Therefore, it is necessary to select an anti interference detection kit.
Q:What are the general aspects of evaluating the analytical properties of an instrumental analysis method?
Repeatability and reproducibility, stability of evaluation methods.

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