Art and Archaeology analyzer

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Art and Archaeology handheld analyzer

Nondestructive elemental quantification of almost any element is used (from magnesium to uranium) analysis techniques

Handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers have the ability to quantify or describe almost any element from magnesium to uranium, depending on the specific instrument configuration.

Portable XRF spectrometer enables you to take a battery-powered analyzer to analyze the sample, rather than the sample to the laboratory. When larger or heavier the test sample, it is very useful.

Art and Archaeology analyzer applies a very wide range of industries and applications, such as:

Metal analysis

Waste sorting

Identification of the material reliability

Mining and prospecting

Environmental and Soil Screening

Art and Archaeology

Research and Teaching

The new anti-tie detector TITAN

You use a handheld metal turning fluorescence spectrometer or metal filaments it?

Have you had punctured handheld fluorescence spectrometer detector it?

You will learn that the cost of repairing a probe will be in the $ 4000 to $ 7000 range; plus unknown downtime.

TITAN anti-tie detector can reduce this risk!

Brook production of handheld fluorescence spectrometer is divided into two different series, which gives you a wide range of options to meet your analytical needs.

Tracer III-SD system

Tracer series product line for research aims to provide users with the most flexible measurement conditions, and the ability to create and modify calibration.

  X-ray fluorescence as a non-destructive testing equipment elements, used in archaeological excavations, the protection of cultural relics and works of art and other fields more than 50 years of history.

  For some archaeological excavations unearthed objects, historical artifacts and works of art of the origin and structure identification, you first need to understand its elements. Especially in the identification of some of the artwork is genuine or fake, the art and archeology analyzer elemental analysis often has very important significance.

  Until recently, the technology development of powerful handheld devices, which makes this a non-destructive testing techniques can be fully applied in the field. Because the analysis can be applied to a variety of field work, and elemental analysis are also more and more accepted by conservation workers. At the same time, armed with fluorescence spectrometer on the target detection has also been greatly expanded.

 German company Bruker TRACER III-SD handheld XRF analyzer equipment Art and Archaeology in this area has become a unique research tool.

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Q:How do you decide which instrument analysis method can be used to solve an analysis problem?
1 according to the theory of instruments2., refer to the national standard, standard and so on
Q:What is the height of a level instrument? What is the back view reading?
The foot and foot pad of the instrument are firmly trampled, and the settlement will not happen in a short time! 5, the minimum level of silk ruler reading more than 0.5 meters; the above conditions are indispensable!
Q:Which is better, sic-100 multi component gas analyzer and gas chromatograph?
GYE99 oil chromatograph testerIs the gas chromatographic analyzer as mobile phase (carrier gas). When the sample is injected by a micro syringe into the injector, the carrier gas is carried into a packed column or a capillary chromatograph. Because the sample component in the mobile phase chromatograph (gas phase) and stationary phase (liquid or solid) between the distribution or adsorption coefficient, in the flush of carrier gas, the components in the two phases are repeated allocation, make organizations are separated in the column, the components in the column isolated, and then connected to the column after the detector based on the physical and chemical characteristics of components, the components in order to detect. Oil chromatographic analyzer is based on the analysis of the principle of the instrument manufacturing.
Q:What indicators are used to measure the merits of a detector in instrumental analysis?
1, linear range, that is, a detector slope remains constant concentration or mass range.2, detection limits, the minimum detectable concentration or quality of the detector.3 limit of measurement, minimum concentration or quality that the detector can accurately measure.4, sensitivity, in GC, refers to the response signal to the sample rate of change, usually refers to the slope of the line.5. Selectivity, in GC, refers to the ratio of the response value of the measured component to the response value of the interference component, which generally refers to the anti-jamming capability of the detector.6, precision, which includes the precision of the method and the precision of the instrument, is usually indistinguishable.7. Stability. In the potentiometric method, the stability is usually indicated by the potential shift of the electrode system under constant conditions.8. Reproducibility. The mean deviation of potential in the potentiometric method when the finger electrode is returned three times to determine the solution with a concentration of 10-3 mol/L and 10-2 mol/L.
Q:The quality of the coal analysis instrument is the best
Hebi City Sanjie instrument limited company specializes in manufacturing and sales of coal quality testing instruments, quality analyzer, calorimetry, and development of a measuring instrument of sulfur, provide the coal analysis instrument and laboratory solutions for high-tech joint-stock enterprises for coal, metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, cement, research institutions and other related field of coal combustion.
Q:Quantitative analysis principle of gold standard quantitative analyzer
At present, gold standard rapid diagnostic reagents using colloidal gold have been used more and more in hospitals, communities, physical examination hospitals and other medical institutions. The advantages of this method are rapid, convenient and can be screened in large quantities. But the disadvantage is that it can only be qualitative, and can not read the data on the corresponding test board. The best gold standard diagnostic reagent can only be semi quantitative, such as urine albumin detection reagent. But now the clinical requirements more and more high, more and more diseases need gold standard diagnostic reagents can do quantitative effects, such as the most common early pregnancy test (human chorionic gonadotropin Kit), once through the early pregnancy (human chorionic gonadotropin) were detected, its significance is not only test whether pregnancy is so simple, also can be done on the embryonic development of the monitoring and differential diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy, uterine fibroids, cervical cancer, hormone therapy and prognosis. Greatly improved the role of gold standard diagnostic reagents and cost-effective. Such as early pregnancy test paper, such as: cardiac troponin I test paper, urine albumin detection reagents can be quantified by gold scale instrument to achieve quantitative function.
Q:Is the Zibo analytical instrument expensive?
Boshan Zibo Sea Branch instrument factory, the quality is excellent, the price is preferential, the after-sale service is perfect, the casting material model is complete. You need the analysis instrument of friends, if you do not find suitable for the factory, you can contact the first time - Shandong city of Zibo province Zhong Lin Road No. 207, by professional and technical personnel of a set of solutions to meet your actual situation of you.
Q:What are the optical communication inspection instruments?
You're asking a lotLight power meter, spectrum analyzer, etc.
Q:What are the modes of calibration for measuring instruments?
The theodolite needs to be calibrated, the horizontal axis is perpendicular to the vertical axis, the cross wire is perpendicular to the horizontal axis, and the collimation axis of the telescope is perpendicular to the horizontal axis and the transverse axis is perpendicular to the vertical axis
Q:Carbon sulfur analyzer which brand is better? Laboratory use
The better, nature is imported brands, now carbon sulfur analysis instrument top brand of German ELTRA (in), LECO (the United States, Japan force) HORIBA (juechang).

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