Micro X-ray fluorescence

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Product Description:

M1 ORA is specifically applicable to the jewelry industry, desktop micro X-ray fluorescence (μ-XRF). Compact, small footprint.

Technical parameters:


High-performance micro-focus light source tube, tungsten target, windows

Voltage, power 40 kV, 40 W

1100mm2 large area proportional counter detector sensing area

Spot size 0.3 - 1.0mm collimator (factory setting)

High-resolution color imaging system observed sample, 20-40 times magnification

Sample manual sample stage scissor lift

Quantitative analysis of empirical model based on the standard sample

No standard model based on the fundamental parameter method

Power 230V / 50 Hz, 100 W

Dimensions 355 × 330 × 330 mm

Weight 26 kg

Main features:

M1 ORA can accurately determine the elemental composition of the alloy jewelry, elemental analysis range: all the elements of atomic number 22 (titanium) above.

The illuminated light pipe, a small spot size to 0.3mm, the complex pattern of the sample can be a non-contact, non-destructive analysis, the results can be obtained within minutes.

Sample sizes up to 100 × 100 × 100mm, without any treatment, directly on the sample stage is detected using an optical microscope for accurate positioning.

Using a large sensor area proportional counter sample emitted fluorescence signal is received. Signal acquisition, the more accurate the results. Content elements can be detected in more than 0.5%.

Based on standard or non-standard model model can identify and quantify all the elements in the sample. High accuracy and precision of 0.2 wt%. For it is not expected to be able to analyze the elements.

Fineness of gold analysis can be used K (open) or mass percentage (%) said.

XSpect package provides the following features:

Instrument control, data acquisition and processing

Peak identification

Quantitative analysis of the components, no standard method and empirical models based on the standard sample

Report Output

Jewelry, gold, precious metals analysis

Jewelry and precious metal jewelry, money is not the main part by the design and production of artificial decision, but the most important is determined by the type and quality of the precious metal alloy composition and gemstones. Several alloys known analytical methods for accurate fire oldest MediaTek, the first use of high-density high-precision weighing scales original piece of metal, non-metal material is then removed by unsynchronized outs (oxidation and dissolution), and finally weighing more than the amount. But this method so good, but need to destroy the sample, colleagues also produced a lot of toxic pollutants and gases.

X-ray fluorescence is non-basic and non-destructive analysis method colleagues can be analyzed with high accuracy of the test results

Because jewelry pieces are usually very small, and some are using different expensive is a gold portfolio, X-ray fluorescence spectrometer analysis process can be employed collimator within the instrument will inspire the X-rays focused on a small point, precise Yan policy sample composition .

X-ray fluorescence measurements can be widely applied to a large number of gold alloy series, measurable materials including gold, silver, copper, palladium, platinum, rhodium, gold and other precious metals element composition range of 35% (8 kt / K) ~ 100% (24 kt/ K)

Applies to: platinum, gold, platinum alloys, silver alloys, analytical accuracy of better than 0.2%

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Q:What kind of jobs does the analytical instrument include?
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Q:What is mechanical, instrumentation, automation?
Application:For example, the chemical industry, chemical industry, there are many parameters need to be controlled, such as flow, temperature, level, pressure, composition of the need to control, because they are directly related to the required product quality, and mechanical instrument automation is the instrument management.
Q:What are the domestic brands of Spectrum Analyzer?
In the performance indicators and basically can compete with foreign companies, in addition to do domestic low-frequency RIGOL, Shenzhen antaixin and other manufacturers, 41 AV4036 also won the two national science and technology progress award, as a single universal instrument award which is rare in our country, in addition to the award-winning leading technology must also have very high economic value!
Q:What indicators are used to measure the merits of a detector in instrumental analysis?
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Q:About black head instrument
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Q:A machine analysis instrument to sell it out
It's controlled by a cell phone or by a remote control.
Q:What's the weight loss effect?
In general, the use of external weight-loss pills only for simple obesity patients, due to secondary obesity caused by various diseases, first of all should look for the cause of disease, only the removal of the cause, in order to fundamentally "weight loss."". But even obese also have two different performance, the performance of general obesity, which were significantly more overweight, simply rely on medicine slimming effect are not so ideal, so the patients should use other diet based (such as food therapy, physical exercise method), supplemented by external weight-loss medicine. Another is mainly focused on the accumulation of subcutaneous fat abdomen, buttocks and thigh, the patients with medication better weight loss, if applied properly, the short term can often achieve better results in weight loss.
Q:Working principle of automobile exhaust analyzer
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Q:What's the price of the ore Analyzer?
Analysis of high speed, high precision, realizes the on-site analysis of chemical components such as geology, ore surface, core or have prepared samples. Through real-time multiple sampling, direct assessment of ore grade, and obtain analytical results, not only greatly improve the productivity and production schedule, and the results obtained from the laboratory analysis of the number of time days to a few seconds now.
Q:What are the modes of calibration for measuring instruments?
You should be wondering what the measuring instruments usually need to be calibratedThe level instrument needs to be calibrated by the circular level axis cross cross level

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