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Blu Ray Player With Recorder Supplier & Manufacturer from China is a professional Blu Ray Player With Recorder supplier & manufacturer, offers integrated one-stop services including real-time quoting and online cargo tracking. We are funded by CNBM Group, a Fortune 500 enterprise and the largest Blu Ray Player With Recorder firm in China.

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Ask the professional to answer, monitor the camera with water ripples
There is a woody jam on the monitor. The presence of this kind of interference does not overwhelm the normal image at a slight time, and the image can not be viewed in a serious way (even breaking the sync). This kind of fault phenomenon is more complicated and complicated.
Panasonic surveillance camera wv-cp704 / ch corresponding to which foreign models
2. Outside the network, then the first domain name under the first ping, whether normal, check whether the domain name
Monitor inside the infrared network camera infrared light automatically switch and synchronous switch What does this mean?
Synchronous switching --- image color mode switching action by the fill light control, light image black and white, light off image color. The
Monitoring the camera has a 700 line with 1080 lines of 900 lines is what does that mean? consult
How many lines follow the concept of the simulation era, and how many lines can be resolved from left to right (similar to resolution, but not equal to resolution). 1080 refers to the video from top to bottom there are 1080 lines, also refers to the full HD resolution, and 1920 (each line) * 1080 (line), which is the format of digital video
Monitor the camera what models
Longitudinal and under the "and too" series for the industry's top ten users recommend the brand. Product quality and cheap, trustworthy! Longitudinal and was with the major government, military, schools, enterprises and institutions are all cooperation.
Monitor the flash indicator on the DVR panel
Which lights are flashing? Hard disk lights and network lights flash is normal
What is the number of lines that a surveillance camera needs to use?
2, video cable (transmission video signal, syv75-3, syv75-5, syv-75-7 these three are the most commonly used)
What is the power consumption of the camera day?
This power consumption is negligible. The The 10 cameras plus 24 hours can consume about once electricity