PIR Motion Detect Recorder with audio&video

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Product Description:

PIR Motion Detect Recorder with Audio&Video

Main Features

1.Motion Activated Camera / Security Light.

2.PIR Motion Detect and Record: 1280*720pixel.    

4.AVI Format Audio/Video record with date&time stamped.

5.TF Card upto 32GB, Overwrite Function.  

6.5 million Pixel CMOS sensor and hidden camera.

7.90° detection area,6m detection distance.  

8.USB2.0 PC connection  

9. 54pcs cold LEDs for illuminate 8m at night.  

10.IR LEDs is optional.

Technical Paramete

Working temperature
Support max.
32GB TF Card
Video format
Hidden camera
5 million pixel
Video recording time
Camera visual angle
illumination range:
PIR motion detection range
Time&Date stamped
Water-proof grade
Runs with
Power supply
DC 12V 2A

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