wireless gsm home alarm system with best price smart alarm system(M1)

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China (Mainland)

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Packaging Detail:1 set in gift box,10 sets in carton box
Delivery Detail:1 day for sample,7 days and 15 days for bulk order


wireless gsm home alarm system;50 wireless zones; 
3.has CE,CCC,RoHS,ISO9001

HOT!!!   wireless gsm  home alarm system with best price smart alarm system(M1)  





products introduction:

1,6 Wireless and 4 wired zones, every defense zone with 5 different type selectable.
2, 2 groups timely ARM/Disarm, every timely ARM/Disarm group can choose week.
3,6 groups voice phone call numbers,3 groups SMS phone numbers.
4,Embedded with multi intelligent voice prompt, exactly know incidents place and defense zone while alarm.
5,Support 10 seconds auto recording, can playback on the alarm panel.
6,Support remote setting via your cell phone or SMS.
7,Support remote monitoring, announce functions. 8,Remote control via your cell phone or SMS to Arm/Disarm etc operations.
8,1 group relay output, realize remote home appliance control.
9,Wireless coding, compatible with 2262 & 1527, can pair with 50 remote control and 50 detectors.
10,Built-in NI-HI rechargeable battery, auto switch to back-up battery and SMS alert while power cut off.  










Technical ParameterS




Power supply: AC=220V±10%  


DC=12V (Built-in NI-HI) rechargeable battery


Standby Current: <60mA


Alarming Current: <450mA


GSM band: 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900MHz


Wireless Frequency: 315/ 433/ 868MHz±0.5MHz


Wireless receiving sensitivity: 5mV/m


Anti-interference : 1V/m (Frequency range: 20-1000MHZ)                  


Working Temperature: 10°C~+40°C


Humidity: ≤90% ( no fog)


Wireless detectors: 60pcs











Components List



Main panel                1 pc,


Remote controller            2 pcs,


Siren                     1 pc,


Wireless PIR sensor        1 pc,


Wireless Door sensor        1 pc,


Power adapter (DC 12V/1.2A) 1 pc,


Back-up battery            1pc

User manual              1 pc.

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Firstly, you can add more alarms. I myself have about 30 or 40 alarms set. Also, you find a high pitched beeping tone and set it has your alarm tone. The pitch of the sound is important because it makes your brain awaken. When you listen to someone one talk your brain analyzes and breaks down everything they are saying. If you hear the high pitched noise your brain will wake up and try to process a noise it doesn't find familiar or understandable.
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It is interesting, we just had a similar problem. The alarm is also hardwired in our home. My husband changed the batteries it kept going off. Finally, he bought a different brand they stopped. The kitchen alarm is about 20' from the stove, but is very sensitive to heat, but not nearly as wild as yours. My educated guess is the alarm is placed way too close to the stove or it just is a good quality doing its job. More likely the location of the alarm is causing the problem. If I were you I'd call the Sup. Good luck, hope this helps.
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