wireless gsm home alarm system with best price smart alarm system(M1)

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China (Mainland)

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Packaging Detail:1 set in gift box,10 sets in carton box
Delivery Detail:1 day for sample,7 days and 15 days for bulk order


wireless gsm home alarm system;50 wireless zones; 
3.has CE,CCC,RoHS,ISO9001

HOT!!!   wireless gsm  home alarm system with best price smart alarm system(M1)  





products introduction:

1,6 Wireless and 4 wired zones, every defense zone with 5 different type selectable.
2, 2 groups timely ARM/Disarm, every timely ARM/Disarm group can choose week.
3,6 groups voice phone call numbers,3 groups SMS phone numbers.
4,Embedded with multi intelligent voice prompt, exactly know incidents place and defense zone while alarm.
5,Support 10 seconds auto recording, can playback on the alarm panel.
6,Support remote setting via your cell phone or SMS.
7,Support remote monitoring, announce functions. 8,Remote control via your cell phone or SMS to Arm/Disarm etc operations.
8,1 group relay output, realize remote home appliance control.
9,Wireless coding, compatible with 2262 & 1527, can pair with 50 remote control and 50 detectors.
10,Built-in NI-HI rechargeable battery, auto switch to back-up battery and SMS alert while power cut off.  










Technical ParameterS




Power supply: AC=220V±10%  


DC=12V (Built-in NI-HI) rechargeable battery


Standby Current: <60mA


Alarming Current: <450mA


GSM band: 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900MHz


Wireless Frequency: 315/ 433/ 868MHz±0.5MHz


Wireless receiving sensitivity: 5mV/m


Anti-interference : 1V/m (Frequency range: 20-1000MHZ)                  


Working Temperature: 10°C~+40°C


Humidity: ≤90% ( no fog)


Wireless detectors: 60pcs











Components List



Main panel                1 pc,


Remote controller            2 pcs,


Siren                     1 pc,


Wireless PIR sensor        1 pc,


Wireless Door sensor        1 pc,


Power adapter (DC 12V/1.2A) 1 pc,


Back-up battery            1pc

User manual              1 pc.

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Q:Someone was peeping through my apt. window this morning with a flashlight least 4 times this morning. I called the cops twice, they still didn't catch the person. I'm afraid that might happen again tonight. I'm quite poor don't have anything special a person could want. Do you think that could've been a rapist, a burglar, a peeping tom or what? I was so scared that I was crying sweating. I nearly had a heart attack. I'm afraid of this happening again tonight. This was so scary, this was scarier than my Hurricane Katrina experience. I almost thought I was gonna get killed. Do you think this was possibly someone who KNEW me? I hardly know anyone in this town.
when an alarm is going off 'by itself' its almost always caused by a loose or misadjusted door switch or trunk switch or hood switch (if it has a hood switch). the alarm senses that someone is trying to break into the car by monitoring the light circuits in the car. If the dome light, trunk light or underhood light (on some cars) comes on when the alarm is armed then the alarm 'thinks' someone has opened a door or the trunk or the hood to break into the car. usually the alarm that goes off by itself is doing so because a vibration, usually from a passing truck or, here in california, from a tremor causes to the door , hood or trunk lid to move a bit and that in turn breaks contact with the light switch and sets the alarm off. have the door switches checked and replaced as necessary. its almost always a door switch. check the truck and hood switches as well, but those are less likely causes. it think you'll find a door switch is loose or a door is not properly adjusted. hope that helps
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yes, this is fairly easy. First, the alarm switches are wired in a LOOP. You can use a pair of wire run to each switch and back to the controller where they are connected as a loop. Open the loop, the alarm sounds. OK so far so good. Next, you need a controller that takes a normally CLOSED switch to cause an alarm when opened. This is reverse logic. You can build a reverse logic device using a hand full of transistors or one IC. The IC would have to be a NAND gate. where if on the nand gate, any input would be a HIGH unless both inputs were HIGH. Thats the basics. The rest is up to you.
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Q:What procedures are required to install the alarm
1. The use of special vehicles: (1) police cars, public security, prosecutors, the courts, the judiciary used to maintain social order, to deal with law and order, criminal cases, command vehicles, exploration vehicles, security vehicles and the implementation of special emergency tasks; (4) engineering rescue vehicles, utilities, coal, mining, construction, fire, fire, fire, fire, Railway and other engineering departments for the rescue of public facilities and people's lives and property of the special vehicles and on-site command vehicles; (5) ambulance, medical and ambulance departments for the rescue of life-threatening personnel dedicated vehicles.
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My husband works for Apx in Fresno CA, and he should have said something like if you put this sign out in front of your house, we'll give you equipment and installation free of charge. This is not a scam. The only thing you have to pay is a one-time fee of $99 (its an activation to get the alarm connected to the police, fire dept, and medical or ambulance), and then about $44.99/month for 60 months. Apx also guarantees the price will never go up (as stated in the contract), unlike ADT who hikes up the prices every few years. Apx also gives you a free move certificate, so if you move before your contract length is up, they will move and install the system in your next home for free! The rep should have had a badge on and on the badge there is an employee ID number that you can actually input on APX's website and verify that he's really an employee of a legitimate company.

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