wireless gsm home alarm system with best price smart alarm system(M1)

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China (Mainland)

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Packaging Detail:1 set in gift box,10 sets in carton box
Delivery Detail:1 day for sample,7 days and 15 days for bulk order


wireless gsm home alarm system;50 wireless zones; 
3.has CE,CCC,RoHS,ISO9001

HOT!!!   wireless gsm  home alarm system with best price smart alarm system(M1)  





products introduction:

1,6 Wireless and 4 wired zones, every defense zone with 5 different type selectable.
2, 2 groups timely ARM/Disarm, every timely ARM/Disarm group can choose week.
3,6 groups voice phone call numbers,3 groups SMS phone numbers.
4,Embedded with multi intelligent voice prompt, exactly know incidents place and defense zone while alarm.
5,Support 10 seconds auto recording, can playback on the alarm panel.
6,Support remote setting via your cell phone or SMS.
7,Support remote monitoring, announce functions. 8,Remote control via your cell phone or SMS to Arm/Disarm etc operations.
8,1 group relay output, realize remote home appliance control.
9,Wireless coding, compatible with 2262 & 1527, can pair with 50 remote control and 50 detectors.
10,Built-in NI-HI rechargeable battery, auto switch to back-up battery and SMS alert while power cut off.  










Technical ParameterS




Power supply: AC=220V±10%  


DC=12V (Built-in NI-HI) rechargeable battery


Standby Current: <60mA


Alarming Current: <450mA


GSM band: 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900MHz


Wireless Frequency: 315/ 433/ 868MHz±0.5MHz


Wireless receiving sensitivity: 5mV/m


Anti-interference : 1V/m (Frequency range: 20-1000MHZ)                  


Working Temperature: 10°C~+40°C


Humidity: ≤90% ( no fog)


Wireless detectors: 60pcs











Components List



Main panel                1 pc,


Remote controller            2 pcs,


Siren                     1 pc,


Wireless PIR sensor        1 pc,


Wireless Door sensor        1 pc,


Power adapter (DC 12V/1.2A) 1 pc,


Back-up battery            1pc

User manual              1 pc.

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Q:Why are lightning rods taller than the buildings they protect?
Depends on the alarm and how it was wired. Sometimes you will hve to reconnect wires that have been cut and rerun to a relay.
Q:Why do the fire alarms in my house go off when there is no fire?
It is illegal to park in front of any hydrant no matter what color it is. The area where a person would try to park is often painted with a red or yellow stripe and a sign would be posted not to park there.
Q:Sulfuric Acid safety question?
hi, fire alarms are indicative of a abrupt fire hazard in whichever place you are in !!!!!!!!!! The system of fire alarms consists of specific noise creating setup and with the assistance of these people induce alertness among themselves.
Q:Alarm Clocks!?
I'm not too sure why is it being delayed but to solve the problem do the following. Main menu settings Rest. Factory sett. (This will restore the phone back to factory settings meaning all of your settings will be changed and will possibly fix the alarm problem) Note: You may be asked to enter the security code which is 12345 (Default) and NONE of your data will be deleted in the process. I hope this solves the problem!
Q:how to remove computer hard disk lock?
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Q:different kinds of lightning rods?
Door alarms are set on the inside. Size is not important, but must be easy to activate/deactivate You forgot the most important: a reliable motion sensor. You don't want too many false alarms (say a simple knock on the door or a windy day). If you use batteries, you need a low-battery detector.
Q:What is the situation with the red light flash of the vehicle alarm?
The car alarm indicator light flashing, this situation is generally the vehicle had alarm.
Q:alarm device host 100W can bring 200W speakers do not?
No, you change the number of watts can only make the sound smaller, speakers than the power amplifier output maximum power, speakers and power amplifier does not match, can not play its maximum power, it may burn the power amplifier.
Q:What Type Of Fire Extinguisher Do I Need?
Having a laptop alarm clock would require you leave the laptop powered on all night so that in the morning it is already running to trigger the alarm. If you do find one I wouldn't recommend you get it. Besides, if alarm clocks don't work on you then why would you get another alarm clock? It isn't any different than having a traditional alarm clock when you get down to it. You set a time, it beeps, you get up.
Q:Am i the only one in school when I hear the fire alarm I thik of the game SCP: Containment Breach?
Yes you can replace it and it's easy enough. Only thing I ask is to inspect your heat exchanger when your in there. I can replace a mobile home unit in about 4 hours and 6 in my sleep and I cannot express enough to treat that furnace with great respect due to it's age. There are parts on those things that are not designed to last this long and this can be serious if not treated correctly. I'm not going to walk anyone through this just because I hope you have to call someone licensed to look at it. Good luck and be careful

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