GSM+PSTN Home/Office Alarm System With 4 Wired and 99 Wireless Defence Zone

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GSM+PSTN Home/Office Alarm System With 4 Wired and 99 Wireless Defence Zone

Main Features

1.PSTN/GSM dual network alarm system.

2.Built-in propaganda horn without connecting another propaganda device.

3.Can be directly through GSM network of control panel to dial or inquiry the call charges.

4.Realize home appliance remote control,industrial-class wireless communication module.

5.Compatible with Fetion,can control by Fetion on computer .

6.1 group NO signal output,relay linkage alarm output.

7.Can operate the alarm panel by phone/SMS.

8.GSM frequency:850/900/1800/1900MHz.

9.Wireless frequency:315/433MHz optional.

10.Built-in Ni-Hi rechargeable battery,AC-DC.

11.With 4 wired and 99 wireless defence zone.

Accessary(wireless IR sensor 1pcs,wireless door sensor 1set,remote control 2pcs,siren 1pcs, AC Adaptor 1pcs)

Technical Parameter

Model No.
Wireless Receiving Distance
300~500m(open area )
Wireless Frequency
315/433Mhz optional
GSM Frequency
Power Supply
9V 500mA
Recording&Playing Time
10 seconds
Scheduled Arm/Disarm
4 groups
Compatible Code
Defense Zones
99 wireless zones+4 wired zones
Alarm Output
DC12V 300mA
Alarm Sound Intensity
Alarm Time
Working Environment
Temperature: -25℃~55℃
Humidity:RH 95%
Product Dimension

Q:Is it possible to add shock and tilt sensors to a stock 2000 acura tl car alarm?
From my experience, on many cars, just the slightest bump as I walk past them in a crowded parking lot on the car can set the alarm off. Many are that sensitive. Get the alarm checked by a factory authorized mechanic or at the dealership where you bought the car BEFORE you decide to sue anyone. If it turns out that your vehicle doesn't have the promised alarm the car company will probably install one at no charge.
Q:I have a bike frame and was wondering if anyone knew how to make a sidehack with no welding?
The valve of the hydrant is below ground, usually a couple of feet below the frost line, so the water doesn't freeze.
Q:electric car alarm device will automatically ring how the matter
The alarm appears a long time to sound, probably should be the alarm control chip damage, the best way is to cut the alarm and power, or turn off the door switch. But these two methods are required to complete in the seat, so the first car lock to break.
Q:Gas leak alarm ring how to do
Gas alarm alarm has shown a gas leak occurred (of course, some of the alarm will be false positives), if equipped with a matching gas cut off the solenoid valve will automatically cut off the gas source
Q:You know how they, well some of the ones we have, have two black shapes, what do they mean?
Hello Kash, You have a lot of choices for home alarm systems, but some things never change. Info I would ask for is: -How long has the company been in business? -Do they offer monitoring? If so, how much does it cost per month? Length of contract? Usually, shorter contracts have higher rates. If you're planning on being in your house for several years, you could save money with a longer contract. -Is monitoring done with a local central station, or one out of state? Smaller alarm companies usually don't have their own monitoring station, so ask who they are using and how long they've been around. -Who owns the installed equipment, you or the alarm company? Many contracts let you keep the system after a certain period of time. Other options may not depend on the alarm company itself, but on your own situation. The type of house you live in (flat-roof versus attic space), and whether you own or rent can make a difference. If you own your home, check with your homeowner's insurance company. Many offer discounts for monitored burglar alarm systems, and even better discounts for monitored fire systems. Adding a smoke detector or two may save you money in the long run. Most newer panels can do both burg and fire in one system. For more information, check out the link below. Good luck in your search, I hope this helps!
Q:What does it sound like right before/while a wheel is/about to fall off? Assuming it is some sort of truck - probably a smaller truck like an S10. Does it thump or scrape or click or screech or what? Is it high pitched, low pitched, loud, quiet? I know I asked a similar question earlier, but this I don't think I was specific enough so I thought I'd try again. Thanks!
I think you have answered your own question. While laws against gun ownership have been ineffectual in keeping guns away from criminals or the criminal minded, that is in no way an arguement for not trying. As our society evolves we must be smarter about who can easily buy guns particularly those of the people-killing variety.
Q:When cycling every time will ring, and sometimes will be heard after the sound is not heard again.
Is the alarm control line has broken place caused by poor contact.
Q:I thought replacing the battery would fix it, but it's still chirping, and it's driving me nuts.
hi taping the the switch won't damage the alarm. it just wont go off if the bonnet is opened when the alarm is on .it's hard to open the bonnet from the out side so i wouldn't worry to much about it .you could get a switch from a breakers for around ?5 and if it your self in a couple of minuets.or get one from ford for not to much more .you could just disconnect it unplug it or cut the wires and join them together if unplugging does not work.hope that helps.
Q:My argument is to keep the door open, we are only trying to keep our living room warm. I get the concept that keep the door close heats the metal and warms throughout, but I live in new Zealand and if you don't know heating is non existent. anyways the goals is to heat only our leaving room which is blocked off with blankets. Some of us say keep the door open as it gives direct heat into the room, and other argue differently. Let me know IF you ACTUALLY know what is right! Pretty sure door open is best.
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Q:What kind of home alarm systems are you guys using and where do you buy alarm systems online? My friend needs to buy home alarm systems. He lives in US. Thanks!
Same happened to us ,neighbour suggested we got the vacuum out and used the narrow nozzle to suck any dirt out of alarm .it worked but I don't know how

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