GSM+PSTN Home/Office Alarm System With 4 Wired and 99 Wireless Defence Zone

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GSM+PSTN Home/Office Alarm System With 4 Wired and 99 Wireless Defence Zone

Main Features

1.PSTN/GSM dual network alarm system.

2.Built-in propaganda horn without connecting another propaganda device.

3.Can be directly through GSM network of control panel to dial or inquiry the call charges.

4.Realize home appliance remote control,industrial-class wireless communication module.

5.Compatible with Fetion,can control by Fetion on computer .

6.1 group NO signal output,relay linkage alarm output.

7.Can operate the alarm panel by phone/SMS.

8.GSM frequency:850/900/1800/1900MHz.

9.Wireless frequency:315/433MHz optional.

10.Built-in Ni-Hi rechargeable battery,AC-DC.

11.With 4 wired and 99 wireless defence zone.

Accessary(wireless IR sensor 1pcs,wireless door sensor 1set,remote control 2pcs,siren 1pcs, AC Adaptor 1pcs)

Technical Parameter

Model No.
Wireless Receiving Distance
300~500m(open area )
Wireless Frequency
315/433Mhz optional
GSM Frequency
Power Supply
9V 500mA
Recording&Playing Time
10 seconds
Scheduled Arm/Disarm
4 groups
Compatible Code
Defense Zones
99 wireless zones+4 wired zones
Alarm Output
DC12V 300mA
Alarm Sound Intensity
Alarm Time
Working Environment
Temperature: -25℃~55℃
Humidity:RH 95%
Product Dimension

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Q:electric car alarm device will automatically ring how the matter
The alarm appears a long time to sound, probably should be the alarm control chip damage, the best way is to cut the alarm and power, or turn off the door switch. But these two methods are required to complete in the seat, so the first car lock to break.
Q:thief is how to steal electric cars, sirens open, and now steal electric cars are carried directly to the car, the alarm how not ring ah
For car thieves in general the battery car installed on the alarm does not have any effect! I used my electric car to do the test, as long as the random use of wire, wire and the like conductive things into the charge jack in a poke can cause short circuit, the car's total insurance tube (20A or so) will be blown, if it is Installed the air switch, the switch will trip, the whole car no electricity, the alarm will not ring! I guess the car thieves also use this method.
Q:What do you know about the killing of the prototype?
It's not easy to hang up on such a simple question -
Q:Car wash when the motorcycle burglar alarm into the water how to do smaller voice
Motorcycles generally electronic products can not water, and tire stocks can not enter the water, it can be very easy to bad, for up to trouble
Q:Illegal installation of sirens fine
Article 97: Illegal installation of alarms and sign lamps shall be forcibly removed by the traffic administrative department of the public security organ and shall be seized and shall be fined not less than 200 yuan but not more than 2,000 yuan.
Q:electric car alarm ring will not automatically stop?
It takes about a minute or so to know to stop, if the outside non-stop interference alarm, would like to ring later will ring again
Q:How does the electric car alarm shut down?
5. The alarm may not interfere with the interference, or your charger pulse interference is too large, you can connect a few hundred K in the phase line resistance on the line. We know that the current charger is the main type of pulse charging, charging the battery may be affected by the impact of the output is non-constant current DC, the alarm by its impact.
Q:Will the hotel's smoke alarm get red?
For the prevention of family fires, to reduce the loss of fire in the modern city family, many people do not understand the family safety knowledge caused by fire accidents, so that good end of the happy family destroyed in the twinkling of an eye, and some lead to death, and once the residents of the family Fire, improper handling, alarm slow, is the main cause of casualties.
Q:How to make a car alarm
Car anti-theft alarm, is a multi-functional products, not only can the role of anti-theft alarm, you can also have remote control start trunk, remote control switch doors, remote control switch windows, remote start engine, remote locking engine and so on.
Q:Alarm 400w wireless can not be equipped with 200 watts of speakers
An alarm is an electronic product that alerts or warns us of an action in the form of sound, light, and air pressure to prevent or prevent the consequences of an event. Alarm, divided into mechanical alarm and electronic alarm. The alarm mainly uses the existing telephone network or the wireless mobile phone GSM.GPS network, through wireless or wired way, connect the host phone, or the phone, to achieve remote anti-theft function of electronic products such as infrared detectors, Smoke detectors, infrared fence and so on. With the progress of science and technology, mechanical alarm is more and more advanced electronic alarm instead, often used in system failure, security, transportation, medical rescue, emergency relief, induction testing and other fields, and social production Can not be divided

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