• MAXCLEAN Polyeseter Wiper Head Swabs 707;714;743;758;761;766;768 System 1
  • MAXCLEAN Polyeseter Wiper Head Swabs 707;714;743;758;761;766;768 System 2
MAXCLEAN Polyeseter Wiper Head Swabs 707;714;743;758;761;766;768

MAXCLEAN Polyeseter Wiper Head Swabs 707;714;743;758;761;766;768

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Polyeseter Wiper Head Swabs

Dust-free cotton swabs are more suitable for cleaning very small and narrow areas. The head of the dust-free cotton swab is made of polyurethane sponge, continuous filament polyester fiber or ultra new fiber, and treated in the class 10 (ISO4) purification chamber to ensure the ultra-low ion content and non-volatile residual content (no silicon, hydrogen and dioctyl phthalate DOP) of the wiping rod, and ultra-low particle production. The perfect edge sealing and closing technology of the cotton swab makes the head successfully fixed on the polypropylene handle, avoiding the pollution caused by the use of adhesives > The application of anti-static technology ensures that your products are not infringed by static electricity;  It is also suitable for medical (cell sampling, DNA testing), food industry and cosmetic industry.

Product description: The head is made of long fiber polyester dust-free cloth, ultra-fine dust-free cloth, polyurethane sponge, through hot pressing and ultrasonic welding, to prevent the fiber from falling off. Small amount of dust, low ion residue, can be used for high cleanliness product surface

It is cleaned and packed in a class 10 dust-free workshop with excellent cleanliness and chemical resistance.

Features: Good chemical resistance, can be soaked with isopropyl alcohol and other solvents to clean sensitive materials (OLED, optical lenses, etc.), hard disk head, etc.

Suitable for semiconductor, integrated circuit, optics, electronics, medical, food and other related industries

Industries of Application

  • Electronics

  • Manufacturing facilities

  • Hospitals

  • Medical devices

  • Computer

  • Semi-conductors

  • Laser optics

  • Medical offices

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Laboratories

  • Instrumentation

Q:What are the personal protective equipment needed for the welding operation environment?
Eye and face protection: mainly arc radiation (welding radiation mainly ultraviolet, infrared and visible light) protection. Protective products include welding goggles (3M welding goggles, Honeywell anti fog welding goggles), automatic dimming welding mask (3M welding mask, Dyer tower welding mask)
Q:What is car security products?
The above explanation, whether can give security under the following definition: the preparation and protection, in order to cope with the attack or avoid the victims, so that the object to be protected in a safe state, there is no danger from damage and no accident. Obviously, security is the purpose, prevention is the means, and the means to achieve or achieve security through preventive means is the basic connotation of security.
Q:Utility model patents only protect products, how to understand?
The utility model only protects the improved technical proposal for the shape and structure of the product.
Q:How to correctly select intranet data security products
1, first clear their own needs, the demand will do with product selection, rather than being fooled2, the budget range is probably how much, if not limited to the budget, it does not matter
Q:What are the categories of personal safety protection equipment?
Protective clothing: thermal insulation, waterproof, anti chemical corrosion, flame retardant, anti-static, anti radiation, suitable for high temperature or low temperature operation to heat preservation; moist or flooded environment to waterproof; may contact the chemical liquid with chemical protection; in the special environment of flame retardant, anti static electricity, pay attention to anti radiation.
Q:How can product protection be done in ISO9000 standard?
Under normal circumstances, the need for protection, including: sunscreen. Moisture-proof。 Fire prevention。 Anti bump. Anti extrusion and so on, and some in the packaging on the logo, and some are affixed with protective labels, the specific operation is flexible, while product protection should pay attention to customer requirements, need to cover some of the requirements of customers

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