White PVC work Boots American Style Black Men Women Rain Boots for Farming Fishing

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200 pair
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40000 pair/month

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1. Application of Industry PVC Safety Boot

Construction industry,Mining industry,Oil field,Chemical Industry,

Scientific Research,Pharmaceuticals Industry ,Marine Fishery,

Agriculture,Breeding Industry,Gardening,etc.


2. Specification of Industry PVC Safety Boot


SoleExcellent quality Rubber

FeatureDirect mould,cold sticky,goodyear is available

Size4--13 other size available

Mini Qty.500 pairs


PaymentL/C, T/T

Delivery time15days sample time,30days after sample of approval

3. Image of Industry PVC Safety Boot


White PVC work Boots American Style Black Men Women Rain Boots for Farming Fishing

White PVC work Boots American Style Black Men Women Rain Boots for Farming Fishing

White PVC work Boots American Style Black Men Women Rain Boots for Farming Fishing

4. Packaging & Shipping of Industry PVC Safety Boot




1pair/poly bag,12pairs/ctn 

Delivery Terms


Delivery Time

15 Days after confirm order

Payment Type

T/T,L/C,Papal,Western Union

Supply Ability

10000 pairs/week





5. Service of CNBM 

) You can select our designs freely.

) If you have special design , we can copy it for you.

)  OEM orders welcomed: follow your require for brand and design and size.

)  Many years shoes production experiences , Have our own export department

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Q:What is the advantage of using rubber soled safety shoes? Why?
About the benefits of using rubber soles: Rubber soles are a very traditional sole, but they are excellent in wear and high temperature resistance.
Q:Antistatic shoes and conductive shoes are two kinds of safety shoes with different functions. What are the differences between them?
1, anti-static shoes should be used with anti-static clothes, so that it can effectively prevent static electricity.2, conductive shoes and anti-static shoes, when worn, can not match the use of insulating insoles, these two safety shoes, function can not match.3, anti-static shoes can prevent electric shock below 250V, and conductive shoes must not be used for electric shock sites.
Q:Regulations for the use of electrical insulating safety shoes
Insulation shoes are suitable for use in power equipment under AC 50Hz, 1000V or under 1500V, and are worn as auxiliary safety equipment and labor protection articles when they work. Staff in the use of insulating shoes, with the essential tools of touch live parts, and can be used for the protection of the step voltage caused by click. Step voltage refers to electrical equipment grounding, in the direction of maximum potential between the ground potential gradient 0.8M points difference.
Q:What are the disadvantages of shoes for labor insurance?
Relatively heavy, but also easy to smelly feet, hope to adopt
Q:Excuse me, what's the model of safety shoes and protective shoes? Thank you
Specific products and brands are of different types, such as safety shoes, anti smashing Bacou was 101701, anti smashing puncture proof 102703 and so on, this is their own set, not too standard rules.
Q:Anti static, anti crash, safety shoes and insulating shoes, is it a kind of shoes?
Anti break shoes generally refer to shoes worn on different occasions to protect the feet and legs from foreseeable damage.
Q:What kinds of safety shoes do you have?
Safety shoes are divided into five main types, mainly toes, shoes, insulated shoes, anti-static shoes, rubber boots, cold boots.1. Anti break shoes generally refer to shoes worn on different occasions to protect the feet and legs from foreseeable damage.2. Insulating shoes are a kind of safety shoes made of insulating material. The scope of electrical insulating shoes, pointed out clearly in the new standard: high test voltage below 15KV electrical insulation and electrical insulation shoes cloth shoes, used in power frequency (50-60F) under 1000V operating environment, electrical insulation test electric city more than 15KV shoes, suitable for power frequency above 1000V in the working environment.
Q:What are the national standards for the implementation of shoes for labor insurance?
Our safety shoes at present can be divided into: the protection of toe safety shoes (i.e. anti-static shoes, anti-static safety shoes), anti piercing safety shoes (we usually called safety shoes), electrical insulation shoes (that is, we usually say the insulating shoes), anti-static safety shoes, acid and alkali.
Q:What are special labor protection products and classifications?
Labor protection articles refer to personal protective articles that are provided by the production and operation units as employees, so as to avoid or mitigate accidents, injuries and occupational hazards in the course of their work. The special labor protection articles refer to the safety protection articles which have special protection function to the human body during the production process of labor operation. There are six categories of special labour protection products.
Q:How can I take out the steel plate from the safety shoes?
That won't come unless the sole is broken.

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