SEEWAY HPPE Palm PU Coated Working Safety Cut

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15G Nylon and Spandex liner, Nitrile Micro Foam coated 
1. 15G Nylon and Spandex 
2. Nitrile Micro Foam coated 
3. CE - 4121


RF-1101   15G Nylon and Spandex knitted liner, Nitrile Micro Foam palm coated working gloves

  • 15 Gauge Nylon and Spandex knitted liner

  • Nitrile Palm Coating

  • Ultrafine Foam Finish, Good Grip

  • Best Quality and Competitive Price



  • Elasticated Cuff

  • Excellent Breathability on Back

  • Strong Abrasion Performance

  • Excellent Dexterity and Comfortable Fit

  • Prevent Grease and Oil, Suitable for Mechanical and Chemical Environments

Description Of SEEWAY HPPE Palm PU Coated Working Safety Cut Resistant Gloves                               

1.Material :

. Shell: HPPE;

. Coating: PU


. Shell: white or black mixed with white

. Coating: white, gray, black


. Cut resistant,

. Dust-free


. Ideal for applications where grip, cut protection or oil handling is important.

. Supreme cut resistance for maximum protection.

. Dexterous and flexible for secure handling.
. Open back ensures breathability for added comfort.

4.Certification available:

. Yes, EN 388 by CTC, level 5


. Automotive manufacturing  

. Paper industry 

. Glass industry 

. Ceramics industry  


XS(6”) to XL (10”)


. silk screen printing

. heat transfer printing

. sew label


1000 pairs

9.Samples Time:

. 7-10days-If you want to customize your logo.


. 1day-For our existing samples for reference.

10.OEM Accepted



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Safety shoes are divided according to the domestic and foreign brands, the domestic market to do better with Senna, Wang Zunwang, shield, are professional safety shoes, the quality is also good; foreign brands are Bacou, Dyer tower etc..
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PU is polyurethane, PU bottom is simply said to be made of polyurethane material soles. The bottom of PU is characterized by good toughness and elasticity. In this way, it is very well understood that the single density PU base, relative to the double density PU base, the toughness and elasticity are relatively poor, and the service life will be relatively short.
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