PVC Gumboots Light Duty Work Boots for Construction Farming

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200 pair
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40000 pair/month

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1. Application of Industry PVC Safety Boot

Construction industry,Mining industry,Oil field,Chemical Industry,

Scientific Research,Pharmaceuticals Industry ,Marine Fishery,

Agriculture,Breeding Industry,Gardening,etc.


2. Specification of Industry PVC Safety Boot

  • Upper:PVC

  • Lining&Sock:PVC

  • Outsole:PVC

  • Size Run:EU#39-45 or as your request

  • High quality,Comfortable feel,Low price,timely shipment

  • category:summer men cool sandals ,men shoes ,men causual shoes

3. Image of Industry PVC Safety Boot


PVC Gumboots Light Duty Work Boots for Construction Farming

PVC Gumboots Light Duty Work Boots for Construction Farming

PVC Gumboots Light Duty Work Boots for Construction Farming

4. Packaging & Shipping of Industry PVC Safety Boot




1pair/poly bag,12pairs/ctn 

Delivery Terms


Delivery Time

15 Days after confirm order

Payment Type

T/T,L/C,Papal,Western Union

Supply Ability

10000 pairs/week





5. FAQ of Industry PVC Safety Boot

1. Q: Your MOQ is 500prs/color, but I want to place a test order first, can I buy less quantity?

   Re: Yes, we have enough stocks, you can buy less quantity with many colors and size. And   the stocks quality is same as mass production products.

2. Q: Can your products made with our brand?

   Re: Yes, OEM is workable.

3. Q: If make with our brand, what is your MOQ?

   Re: 500prs/color

4. Q: You have many different colors and flower pattern boots, can you make the boots with 

     our design?

   Re: Yes, your design is appreciated. 

5. Q: Can you send me some samples without free?

   Re: Yes. We can send you 2 pairs without free. You only need to pay for the freight. 

6. Q: When can you send me the samples?

   Re: If we have stock, we will send you within 2 days. If the sample is your design, we must   to make it. We will send you within 15days.

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Q:What are the detailed differences between safety shoes, 6kV and 14kV?
The new standard stipulates that electric insulated shoes are a safety auxiliary tool for electrical work. As a labor safety manager, this should be clearly understood. Often some electrical knowledge of the lack of managers, mistaken for 6KV insulated shoes or 5KV cloth insulation shoes, the scope of application is 6KV or 5KV environment, which is very wrong. In the electrical safety management, the insulating tools are divided into basic safety appliances and auxiliary safety appliances. The so-called basic safety equipment, refers to the insulation strength enough to withstand the use of electrical safety equipment, such as insulation rod, insulation clamp, insulation table (ladder). The auxiliary safety appliances are not sufficient to withstand the electrical running voltage. In electrical operation, the basic safety appliances (such as insulated pads and insulated shoes) can not be connected with the live parts. But it can prevent the step voltage from damaging people. Insulated leather shoes and cloth insulated shoes, mainly used in power frequency 1000V, as auxiliary safety appliances.
Q:What brand of insulated safety shoes and shoes for electrician?
Electrical insulation shoes and no one brand is best, as long as the insulation shoes in line with national standards, you can.
Q:Does the shaver belong to labor protection products?
The shaver does not belong to the labor protection articles, and belongs to the personal life service articles.
Q:Acid, alkali, safety shoes, pickling workers can not use, the use of pH is how much?
Should avoid contact with high temperature, sharp injuries, shoes or soles leakage; after use, rinse with water to wash the acid and alkali liquid on the shoes, and then dry, avoid direct sunlight or drying.
Q:Why use safety shoes?
Sole: leather shoes outsole material with rubber, polyurethane, modified PVC, leather shoes in the national industry standard in the bottom of the external folding performance, wear resistance and hardness is provided, with folding, wear testing machine and hardness test. Choose shoes sole pressing with a finger should be flexible, with hand at the end of no small loss, feels sticky, soft bending as well. The rubber outsole shoes more quality problems, and the fault block off phenomenon, this is because the sole manufacturer profit figure of the quality of products, rubber in rubber content is low, with reclaimed rubber and other fillers in excess, the decline in the quality of the sole. The sole must produce an anti-skid function, according to different working environment, the sole material and texture design can increase the friction, has better effect on the anti slip sole; also made into a shockproof and prevent electrostatic and insulation, heat insulation, anti oil etc..
Q:What is the difference between anti static safety shoes and ordinary anti-static shoes?
Anti static safety shoes are mainly used in the electronic, chemical, easy, explosive and other environments. The electrostatic and electric ions are exported safely to prevent the electrostatic ions from producing sparks;
Q:What are the main functions of anti static and anti crash safety shoes?
Work shoes, anti - break shoes and steel work shoes are the same kind of shoes, that is, safety shoes for protecting toes. Safety shoes and labor protection shoes are shoes for foot protection, and they mean the same thing.
Q:What's the standard for safety shoes plastic Baotou?
At present, there are several different testing standards and certification requirements worldwide, according to the specific performance level of safety shoes and shoes Baotou. Including Canada, according to the z195-02 standard CSA certification, American ASTM F2413-05 standard (the standard to replace the ANSI Z41-1999 standard in recent years), personal protective equipment and is suitable for the European Union (PPE) regulations instruction 89/686/EEC.
Q:What are the specifications of labor insurance shoes for labor insurance products?
Test machine is provided with a pressing plate provided with a test for a nail, nail test cut tip head, the nail head hardness should be greater than 60HRC. Placing the sole sample on the chassis of the test machine, the position allows the test pins to pierce through the outsole. The test pin pierces the sole at a rate of 10 mm/min + 3 mm/min until the penetration is achieved, recording the maximum force required. Each shoe is selected on 4 points for testing (at least 1 points in the heel), each point is no less than 30mm, and the distance from the inner bottom edge is greater than 10 mm. The bottom of the block should be pierced between the blocks. The 2 points in the 4 points shall be tested at a distance of 10-15 mm from the edge of the base wall. If humidity affects the result, the sole shall be dipped in deionized water of 20 + 2 DEG C before testing, 16 + 1h.
Q:What are the functions of safety shoes? Where can I buy good quality safety shoes?
Safety shoes in our factory before buying a few months wear shoe edge cracked, and later in Shanghai Tungtex BATA for the safety shoes shoes is very light and very fashionable, changed my perception of safety shoes, safety shoes before feel ugly; wear now for half a year, no problem.

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