Safety Shoes Lightweight Suede Cow Leather Sporty Men Safety Shoe Hiking

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2000000 pair/month

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Product Description:

Materials                 safety shoes work shoes safety boots 


Genuine Cow Leather


 EVA movable


 Breathable Air Mesh



Toe Cap  

 Steel Toe Cap


 D Ring

Mid Sole

Steel plate to be optional


SB, S1, SB-P, S1-P, S2, S3 to be optional 



 Features                  safety shoes work shoes safety boots 

  • Ø PU outsole: slip resistant, wear resistant and hydrolysis resistant.

  • Ø Steel mid sole: 1100N penetration resistant.

  • Ø Anti-static sole effectively releases static electricity of our body.

  • Ø PU insole reduces stress of impact on heel and the forefront.

  • Ø Breathable and comfortable air mesh lining.

  • Ø Genuine suede leather provides better water resistance.

  • Ø Safety steel toe cap withstands 200J impact and 15kN compression stress.

  • Ø Fashion design provides comfort and lightweight.

 Specifications         safety shoes work shoes safety boots 


PU injection, PU / PU injection Sole, dual density, TPU injection

Safety Category:

SB: with steel toe only

S1: with steel toe + 

antistatic sole

SB-P: with steel toe + 

with steel plate

S1-P: with steel toe + with steel plate

 + antistatic sole

S2: with steel toe + 

antistatic sole

 + water proof

S3: with steel toe+ 

with steel plate

 + antistatic sole + 

water proof

The Upper‘s material

 for Optional:

Cow/Buffalo Split Leather

Cow/Buffalo Suede


Crazy Horse Leather

Nubuck Leather

Smooth Leather

Full Grain Leather

Collar, tongue: PU padded with sponge

Toe-cap's Material

 for Optional:

Steel Toe Cap

Composite Toe Cap


Mid plate's Material 

for Optional

Steel Middle Plate

Kevlar Middle Sole


Lining''s Material 

for Optional

Air Mesh

Artificial Fur

Pig Soft Leather

Natural Fur

Design and Color of 

outsole for Optional

Design: Our outsole designs and customer’s designs

Color: Any your interested color, our attractive color 

for your reference.(Red, green, transparent color, yellow)

Different of insock 

for reference.

EVA+Mesh (Normal Style)

Good Quality of insole for you reference


 Packing and Shipping              safety shoes work shoes  



1 Pair / Color Box

10 Pairs / Carton

1 pair / Plastic bags

10 pairs / Carton

Low Cut Shoes

Package Size:

Size Range:




59*39.5*33.5cm =0.078CBM

61.5*41.5*35.5 cm


Middle Cut Shoes

Package Size:

Size Range:




61.5*45.5*33.5cm =0.094CBM

64*47.5*35cm        =0.106CBM





Quantity for Shoes

3300 Pairs

6600 Pairs

8100 Pairs

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Q:What are the detailed differences between safety shoes, 6kV and 14kV?
The 3 generation of rainbow light and breathable safety shoes, wool leather uppers, humanized breathable mesh design, detachable polyester fiber &EVA dual density PU insole, sole accommodation, non-metallic composite materials to protect Baotou and anti puncture in the bottom, anti smashing, anti puncture, insulation, abrasion resistance, oil resistance, 10KV SRC slip.
Q:Which brand of safety shoes is better?
Safety shoes are divided according to the domestic and foreign brands, the domestic market to do better with Senna, Wang Zunwang, shield, are professional safety shoes, the quality is also good; foreign brands are Bacou, Dyer tower etc..
Q:What brand of safety shoes are of good quality now?
Are all entrusted, it seems the competition is more intense ah. We are Bacou, general. Can wear six months like this. Next door Keda Electromechanical is wearing the lion, as if a little heavy, but can wear about 1 years. But they are heavy industries, and we are light industries. Different operating environment
Q:High temperature environment labor shoes 300 degrees
High temperature resistant safety shoes of various performance and technical indicators to achieve their protective performance, such as the toe was not injured, the foot is not stabbed, conductive etc.. But safety shoes aren't everything.
Q:What brand of safety shoes is good?
It's usually made of rubber, cheap and durable! Is willing skin skin, embossed leather, suede leather and leather furniture. Personally, I think the litchi lines are good and easy to maintain! If you are in a particular industry, the market can not meet your requirements, then you'd better go to some processing plants to order! As long as you order a larger quantity, then the manufacturers are willing to!
Q:What are the disadvantages of shoes for labor insurance?
Heavy, love sweating, smelly feet, socks for safety shoes sale, Tianjin safe
Q:Do you know the pros and cons, selection criteria and criteria for safety shoes?
Depends on your work environment, the general safety shoes are anti smashing function. If you want anti-static, piercing, electrical insulation what, in addition to the choice of Bai
Q:What's the difference between the safety shoes and the mountaineering shoes?
These two kinds of shoes can be worn in the ordinary life scenes, but they must not be mixed in the extreme working environment. Don't wear a pair of climbing shoes, work on the site, and don't wear a pair of safety shoes to climb the mountain.
Q:I want to buy a pair of good quality, reasonable price and piercing safety shoes. What brand is better? At what price?
Let's go to Ruian. Model coltqcst this good, also pretty. Start to wear uncomfortable, know people know, and suggest that you usually wear a size smaller than the number of.
Q:What are special labor protection products and classifications?
A head protector; a safety helmetTwo respirators, dust masks, filter masks, self-contained air breathing apparatus, long tube masks.Three eye protectors, welding eye protectors, eye protectors.Four kinds of flame retardant protective clothing; protective clothing, acidproof protective clothing, anti-static protective clothing.Five protective footwear; protective toe safety shoes, anti-static shoes, conductive shoes, puncture proof shoes, foot anti-static safety shoes, electrical insulation shoes, acid shoes, acid and alkali resistant rubber.Six anti fall protective gear, safety belt, safety net and close mesh safety net.

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