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Product Name: Adjustable metal ESD wrist Strap
The metal strap is made of anti-anaphylaxis and stainless steel material. The outside of strap is insulating layer and anti friction. The strap length is adjustable at random. It is featured by easy using way, long shelf life and no dust causing condition. It can be used in Class 100 clean room environment or above.
Metal strap resistance: <100Ω
Ground connection line resistance: 106 Ω
Electrostatic decay time: <0.1s

Product Name: Common ESD Wrist Strap
Common ESD wrist strap is made from soft and elastic material mixed with conductive wire. This strap has good conductive property. The strap length is adjustable. Spring grounding connection line can bear more than 30k times of tests to keep not being broken.
Ground connection line resistance: 106 Ω
Electrostatic decay time: <0.1s

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