• Disposable non-woven hat 100 pieces System 1
  • Disposable non-woven hat 100 pieces System 2
Disposable non-woven hat 100 pieces

Disposable non-woven hat 100 pieces

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20 bag
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100000 bag/month

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Disposable non-woven strip caps, dust caps, food caps

Uses: sanitary and medical care, cleaning, factories; blue

Packing method: 100 pcs per plastic bag

Disposable non-woven hat 100 pieces

Disposable non-woven hat 100 pieces

Disposable non-woven hat 100 pieces

Disposable non-woven hat 100 pieces

Disposable non-woven hat 100 pieces

Disposable non-woven hat 100 pieces


Q:Does our product support customization?

A:Our products can support customization, but there are requirements for the quantity, you can contact us for details.

Q:When you call or send a quotation request, what information do you need to provide?

A:Your needs for the product, and what you want to know in detail.

Q:What is car security products?
That is the so-called security, safety protection, safety, is not dangerous, is not violated, not an accident; the prevention, preparedness, and preparedness is alert, refers to prepare to cope with the attack or avoid being victimized, alert refers to precaution and protection.
Q:What are the personal protective equipment needed for the welding operation environment?
Hand protection: mainly for high temperature burns protection. It is recommended to wear welding gloves (Bacou welding gloves, welding gloves, Dyer tower), high temperature (high temperature resistant gloves gloves Bacou) etc..
Q:Utility model patents only protect products, how to understand?
The utility model only protects the improved technical proposal for the shape and structure of the product.
Q:How to correctly select intranet data security products
The most important is the trial, the trial after a period of time, stability, function, and customer service experience can meet the requirements are relatively clear, of course not try a lot of products, the industry comparison of several well-known for trial under it
Q:How can product protection be done in ISO9000 standard?
Under normal circumstances, the need for protection, including: sunscreen. Moisture-proof。 Fire prevention。 Anti bump. Anti extrusion and so on, and some in the packaging on the logo, and some are affixed with protective labels, the specific operation is flexible, while product protection should pay attention to customer requirements, need to cover some of the requirements of customers
Q:What are the categories of personal safety protection equipment?
Hand protection: wear anti cutting, corrosion resistance, anti permeability, heat insulation, insulation, thermal insulation, anti slip gloves, contact tip cutting and mirror objects or rough surfaces, may contact; chemicals, selection of chemical corrosion, anti chemical penetration of protective equipment; may be exposed to high temperature or low temperature surface, good insulation protection; may contact the charged body, the insulated protective equipment; contact oily or slippery surface, the anti-skid protective equipment, such as anti-skid shoes etc..

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