• Flagging Tape Brilight Color25mm ×100m (1''×328') System 1
  • Flagging Tape Brilight Color25mm ×100m (1''×328') System 2
  • Flagging Tape Brilight Color25mm ×100m (1''×328') System 3
  • Flagging Tape Brilight Color25mm ×100m (1''×328') System 4
  • Flagging Tape Brilight Color25mm ×100m (1''×328') System 5
  • Flagging Tape Brilight Color25mm ×100m (1''×328') System 6
Flagging Tape Brilight Color25mm ×100m (1''×328')

Flagging Tape Brilight Color25mm ×100m (1''×328')

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432 roll
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200000 roll/month

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Item specifice

Flagging Tape
144 rolls /ctn
25mm (1'')

Flagging Tape - 2mil 25mm ×100m (1''×328')

Flagging Tape is widely used in construction, mining, forestry, surveying and many other industries. As its highly visible and weather resistance perforance, so it is easy to creat a hivi signs or cordon off an area. Usually each industry has a universal code for different meaning, here we can supply all kinds of colors. Other colors and pattern is also available. The size of flagging tape is also available. 

Flaging Tape, made from PVC film, is an kind of non-adhesive tape for marking, warning and decoration.

Application: Flagging Tapes are general used as marking ribbon or warning signs in many fileds.

1. In Construction Site and Mining used as Marking Sign and Cordon Line

2. Forestry Timber Marking, Survery Marker, Hiking Marking Ribbon

3. Home and Garden decoration color ribbon

Other application of flagging tape: Disasters, Archaeology, Field Survey, Mining and Wildland fire supression. 

Other size and color can be made as clients request. just feel free to inquiry us. Color Code:↓

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