Cotton yarn gloves 24 sets

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Product Description:

600g,  bleached cotton yarn gloves, yellow cuffs, the gloves can not be damaged,  different lengths, 24 pairs of a PE bag, sealed, outside the bag color  stickers (our company provides artwork factory printing) product weight 1.19  kg product Length 31cm Product width 22cm Product height 10cm

Cotton yarn gloves 24 sets

Cotton yarn gloves 24 sets

Cotton yarn gloves 24 sets

Cotton yarn gloves 24 sets

Cotton yarn gloves 24 sets

Cotton yarn gloves 24 sets

Cotton yarn gloves 24 sets

Cotton yarn gloves 24 sets

Cotton yarn gloves 24 sets


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A:Our products can support customization, but there are requirements for the quantity, you can contact us for details.

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A:Your needs for the product, and what you want to know in detail.

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