pvc diotted cotton glove

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Specification of the pvc dotted  cotton gloves

Namecotton gloves
Material35% polyester +65%cotton
Length 20-26cm
Size X,M,L
Applicationsafety work ,industrial work ,household work,farm work, etc.
Packing 12 pairs/dozen,50 dozens/woven-bag,or as your request
MOQ10000 pairs
Delivery time with 15 days after the deposit
Load Capacity 12000 dozens per 20`GP
pvc dots one/two sides

Payment :

1.T/T:30% advance payment ,70% before ship or against the copy of the B/L

2.L/C:30% advance payment ,balance pay by L/C at sight .


1.65% cotton with 35% polyester

2. comfotable,excellert abrasion resistant .

3. The cotton gloves are contributed to absorbing sweat

4. It is also good performance for dustproof,

5.Dotted palm provides better grip and long-lasting wea


1.Supply excellent grip in dery conditon for safe and secure handing comfort .

2.Wih an extremely soft feeling and exceptional comfort ,it can reduce hand fatigue.

3.with durable medium duty,it has good resistant to puncuture and abrasion

4.Atractive appearance,muliple application,good protecion ,excellent comfort.

5.We are the manufacturer of the gloves,we can provide high quality gloves with competitive price.

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