nylon coated wholesale working gloves

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100000 pair/month
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Product Namenylon  coated wholesale work gloves
Item No.LSZ1302
Matetial CoatedLatex Crinkle
Matetial Linning13 gauge nylon
Color availablegrey/grey
Coating way3/4 coating
Size7",8",9", 10", 11"
Logo PrintingSilk Screen or heat Transfer/OEM
Package12 paris/poly bag;20 bags/carton; or as per the customer's request
ApplicationMaintenance, Construction, Engineering, Plumbing, Assembly Industry, Automotive Manufacturing, Packaging, Electronics, Glass Industry etc.
Delivery time15-30 days after order confirmed
Payment TermT/T L/C

package:   12pairs/bag  20bags/carton or as the customers' request

MOQ:   6000pairs/style

port of loading:  Qingdao


1.Non-toxicity,environment friendly"
2.It can be made all kinds of sizes as your requirements
3.Competitive price and high quality
4.We can provide the samples.
5.Various of design and colors are availble.
6.outstanding grip and comfortable wear can reduce hand fatigue.
7.The seamless knitted cotton liner stretches for a snug
  ,comfortable fit and excellent dexterity."
8.Knit wrist cuff holds glove in place and keeps debris out.
9.Strict quality control system to make sure the quality is good and stable.

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