nitrile coated industrial working glove

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product name

PVC Dotted Gloves,Wear points yarn gloves plastic anti-skid gloves protective gloves labor insurance gloves site work gloves




7g-15g ,S-XXL


yellow & white


breathable, slip resistance, seamless


as your request


As your request or  12pairs /dozen, 50 dozens-80dozens/woven bag or carton or according to your request


1-6 m



delivery time

within 20 days upon deposit

payment term

T/T. 30% deposit before production, the balance before shipment


construction, machinery, farm


breathable, slip resistance, seamless

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:12 pairs / dozen 20dozen/carton or as the customers' request
Delivery Detail:15-30days for industrial glove


13g nylon yellow/balck nitrile coated gloves industrial glove.
oil resistant, abradability.
factory manufacturer .
low price


1.Non-toxicity,environment friendly"
2.It can be made all kinds of sizes as your requirements
3.Competitive price and high quality
4.We can provide the samples.
5.Various of design and colors are availble.
6.outstanding grip and comfortable wear can reduce hand fatigue.
7.The seamless knitted cotton liner stretches for a snug
  ,comfortable fit and excellent dexterity."
8.Knit wrist cuff holds glove in place and keeps debris out.
9.Strict quality control system to make sure the quality is good and stable.

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