Safety Gloves,Cow Split Leather Work Glove,Leather Welding Gloves

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1000000 pair/month
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Function benefits:
1.It's soft and easy to use.
2.It can better protect your hands.
3.It's more thickness superior protection against abrasion.
4.It's widely used for in protection from chemical,fishing,building,marine operation,etc.


Physical properties:

Physical propertiesPhysical unitindicators
Breaking strengthMpa≥19.6
Acid treatmentBreaking strengthMpa≥17.6
(68%H2SO4,70°CX10h )Elongation%≥650
Alkaline treatmentBreaking strengthMpa≥17.6
(40%NaOH, 70°CX10h)Elongation%≥650



Preferred Style ,Heat Protection ,Dexterity & Flexibility ,Long-wearing Durability ,Wet & Dry Grip



Product Name

cow split leather welding gloves.

2Item No.MS85-044
3DescriptionRed leather welding glove
4Size Available:length 40cm
5Coating ColorRed color, we can make at customer request
6Package12pairs/polybag, 5Doz/CTN
7MOQ100 pairs
8Logo printingSilk Screen or Heat Transfer
9Applicationwelding industry
10CEEN388 test report
11Delivery time15-30 days after the down payment


1. All the products we supply are under strict control. And we offer good after-sale service.

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Q:Are insulated shoes gloves safe?
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