Nylon liner whited PU coated nylon glove

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Product Description:

Product Description
Item No.LS3901-1
Description13gauge Nylon liner ,PU coated
Size7" ,8", 9", 10", 11" (S, M,L, XL, XXL)
weight± 25per pair
ColorWhite /white(be customized)
CuffElastic cuff
Package12pairs per pack, 20Dozs per carton
OR per buyer's requirment
Min. Quantity6000pairs
Logo printingSilk Screen or Heat Transfer
CertificateCE, ISO9001
ApplicationMaintenance, Cold Storage, Aerospace, Construction, Engineering, Plumbing, Assembly Industry, Automotive Manufacturing, Packaging, Glass Industry, Aluminium Industry etc.


1.We are real factory & control quality by ourselves.

2.We produce safety latex and nitrile coated gloves, export directly.

3.Different size to available according to customers' requirement.

4.Quality and finish time can be guaranteed.

5.All the products will be 100% respected carefully before delivery by our QC.

6.We assure you the best service at all times & promise you the safety delivery.

Packaging & Shipping

1.12pairs/polybag, 20dozs/ctn without individually polybag(normal packing)

2.OR per buyers requirements.


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I'd avoid it, especially if you have latex as opposed to nitrile rubber gloves. Anyways, you can also breathe in the mercury vapours too, which is not good for you. If you've spilled it somewhere, contact the manufacturer or look up an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for mercury online.
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