working safety hand gloves with cotton yarn

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China Main Port
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100000 pair/month

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Tongfu latex fully coated interlock jersey safety gloves  


cotton polyester,nylon, cotton jersey liner


22-28 cm or customized

Color of yarn

natural white, bleach, navy blue, yellow,grey,


400-500 gms/doz

Products range

knit glove, dotted gloves, latex coated gloves, rubber covered yarn, nitrile glove, PVC glove, welding leather gloves


1.factory large quantity supply

2.high quality competitive price CE&ISO9001

3.compressed packing, load more quantity

4.Free sample, short delivery time


General work,Handling, Industrial, Household, Farm

Sample time

in stock 2 days. customed 5 days

Delivery time

15 days for one 40ft container

Supply capacity

60000 pair/day


12 pairs/dozen, 50dozens/bag, custom carton packaging

Payment terms

30% deposit+70% balance against the receipt of B/L copy


Elastic and comfortable

Good grip and anti-slip

Anti-Acid, and anti-alkali, abrasion resistance


Suitable for construction, farm planting, gardening, auto repair, mining , chemical industry


Construction,farm planting,


General Handing,auto repair.


Chemical industry


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