Latex Household Gloves Working Glove Waterproof Gloves

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Description of Glove:

Gloves is used in medical examination and health protection in hospital. They also widely used incleanness of home, test, food or defend of industry or agriculture, haircut and other fields.

Festures of Glove:

Type:Safety GloveModel Number:
Lining:interlock or jersey cottonCoating:PVC
Finish:Smooth or sandyCuff:knit wrist or gauntlets
Certificate:CE EN 388OEM/ODM:Yes
Features and Benefits:                 1.Excellent abrasion resistance.
2.Excellent Chemical resistance .
3.Water and Oil proof,anti-acid and anti-alkali, penetration resistance.
4.Suitable for mechanical and low-temperature environments.
5.sandy finish provides excellent grip
6.Certificate: CE EN 388
8.Customer's LOGO acceptable
Application:Chemical industry, machinery manufacturing industry, electroplating industry, painting, petrochemical industry, fishing and others.

Specifications of Glove:

Protects the hand in oil environment.

Whole hand dipped in PVC glue.

A comfortable ,flexible glove that is resistant to abrasion and very pleasant to wear.

Designed for easy movement and continuous wear.

PVC color can change according your demand.

Images of Glove:

Latex Household Gloves Working Glove  Waterproof Gloves


1.What about the delivery.

We can arrange the shipment about 15-25 days after the deposit.

2.What about payment term?

30% T/T deposit, balance against B/L copy.

Full T/T payment if quantity less than MOQ.

3.How much about MOQ?

Normally 100pcs,but small order is acceptable as well.

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Q:The protective tools worn by workers are divided into several categories
In the selection of personal protective equipment, not only should pay attention to the protective effect, but also should consider whether it conforms to the physiological requirements, easy to use. In use, need to strengthen management and inspection and maintenance, in order to achieve the proper protection effect.
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wear rubber, and lots of it. rubber gloves, rubber jacket, if possible. it's also a very good idea to remove water near it.
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The prohibition isn't against mixing bleach with detergent but mixing bleach with cleaners that have an active component such as an acid in that a chemical reaction could release chlorine gas which is extremely toxic, think WWI chemical weapons dangerous. Detergent is fairly inert and won't react with the bleach. However bleach itself is dangerous and you should wear gloves when working with bleach.Employers are required to meet industry safety requirements but it sounds like you're not working in an industrial plant that's heavily regulated with powerful unions so you're in a grey area as to what can be expected from your employer. But an employer is always required to provide a safe environment to work in. If you are not comfortable using bleach without gloves you should certainly say so and protest. To a certain extent, what's legal and what's illegal is simply what society deems as acceptable and unacceptable so if you feel that they should provide you with gloves, say so.
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the other guy was onto it.. it breaks down by weight class pretty much and gender for example i wouldnt let my daughter spar with 12 ounce gloves even though she is small, cause i dont want her face getting messed up. anyways it normally starts at 14 ounces up to about 150 after 150 you move to 16.. just for safety because people get wild and swing for the fences.. and the headgear is 14 ounces.. when you spar the general idea is to go at about 50% head 100% body.. but you should use 14 ounce gloves.. try to find the brand PRO good luck
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They can. That's why you should always wear a safety mask, gloves, aprons and always wash your hands after you touch them. Even you you are just touching the bottles.

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