industrial safety equipment machinery for industrial gloves

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Product Description:


Latex Coated Safety Glove from China

With high elastic latex and strings

Advantages: anti-slip, good grip, comfortable, durable;

Usage: For household, industrial, agricultural use. For machines, oil, construction industries, etc.



Latex Coated Safety Glove 

Brand Name


Model No.

A-L series


cotton+latex, polyester+latex, etc.


540g, 600g, 1080g, etc.




As per your demand.


10 gauges, 13 gauges


soft&comfortable, good grip, anti-slip, anti-scratch, breathable, etc.


Can be customized.


CE certificate


Within 24 months for normal usage.


Construction, automotive assembly, garden, farm, general handling, 

warehouse, refuse collection, etc.

Place of Origin

Shandong, China


2,500 dozens of latex coated safety gloves

Production Ability

25,000 dozens (300,000 pairs)/month


T/T (30% deposit+70% balance)


Within 40 days after the receipt of deposit


If you have detailed requirements, please feel free to inform us. More gloves can be customized.



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