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1.reinforced palm, stripe cotton back
2.rubberized cuff, half lining
3.welding glove

1.reinforced palm, cotton back,

2.rubberized cuff, half lining

3.use for construction,maintainance,agriculture etc

Cow leather working gloves
Yellow cow split leather
White cotton back and pasted cuff
Flannel half lining

To be made in accordance with EU Directive 89/686/EEC , EN 420 and EN388 requirements

Good abrasion resistance

Economical style.

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For example, if you are dealing with chemical industry, daily chemical reagent, not wearing protective gloves if it is easy to corrosion to the hands, labor insurance industry have special protective gloves against acid and alkali corrosion, protect your hands from harm.
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No Piercing yourself is a bad idea in general. And using a safety pin/sewing needle is awful. They CAN'T be sterilised. And an open flame/alcohol/boiling won't help. (flames leave carbon residue too) The gloves are totally counterproductive if you go that route. Everything bad will be lurking on the needle anyway. Do it properly, or not at all. If your mum is willing to stab your nose, then surely she will be willing to take you to a pro. Theres no excuse not to.

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