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  • Pure Cotton Welder Flame Retardant Work Uniforms Jacket + Pants System 2
  • Pure Cotton Welder Flame Retardant Work Uniforms Jacket + Pants System 3
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Pure Cotton Welder Flame Retardant Work Uniforms Jacket + Pants

Pure Cotton Welder Flame Retardant Work Uniforms Jacket + Pants

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Navy White Orange

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Flame Retardant Clothing
100% Cotton
Copper Button
Navy, White, Orange, Deep Blue
Fabric Weight:

100% Cotton Flame Retardant Work Uniforms, Jacket + Pants Style

Our work wear uniforms are made of 100% pure cotton fabric. And we adopt copper button for closure which can provide higher high temperature resistant perfermance. 

Material: 100% Cotton,

Fabric Weight: 390gsm

Color Options: Orange, White, Navy, Deep Blue (customized available) 

Closure: Copper Button (zipper version is available)

This flame retardant work suit is made for welder, foundry, boiler, steel mill etc. 

We also accept Logo printing on the back and chest or as your request. 


10 years professional workwear manufacturer, flame retardant Annual Sales 100,000 pcs

MOQ: 20 pcs (for spot work wear), 100 pcs (spot workwear with logo printing), 5000 pcs (for total OEM, fabric, color etc)  

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