Workwear Protective Clothing Braces Overalls Work Bib Pants

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Item specifice:

Item: Bib Pants Material: Cotton, Canvas, OEM Fabric: 270g/sqm
Color: as request Package: 1 piece /bag, 20-25 pcs/ctn Size: S-3XL, as request

Product Description:

Workwear Bib Overalls with Braces


10 pockets and additional strengthened folding rule pocket

2 sewn knee pockets letting for knee-pads NSP

wide braces + dense rubber buckles

triple seams and solid bolts for strengthening places exposed to tearing


Workwear Bib Pants

Fabric80% ployester + 20% cotton (100% cotton, other fabric is available)
Fabric Weight270g/sqm (other option available) 
Reinforce Fabric600D Oxford
ColorGrey + Black
DesignBraces + Buckles
Phone PocketYes
LogoClients Request
Packing1 pcs/bag, 25 pcs/ctn (or as clients request) 
Loading Qty.

20GP:  9000-10000 pcs

40GP:  19000-21000 pcs

This workwear bib pants mainly for OEM orders. 

Fabric, Color, Packing, Design... both can be made as clients request.

Work Suit, Work Trousers, Jacket, Shirts, Lab Coat, Apron ... can be done. 

We are a 10 years Professional workwear garments factory which establised in 2012 and has 5 production lines, 150 employees. We accept all kinds of workwear garments OEM & ODM orders. We can be your factory for a favourable costs meanwhile keep high quality and timely lead time. feel free to contact us.   

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