Safty Vest ANSI Surveyor yellow Reflective safety Clothing

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10000 set
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100000 set/month
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Reflective safety vest 
1.100%polyester price 
3.quick delivery 
4.EN471 standard

Item No.:



OEM style safety vest


100% polyester

Fabric style:




1000 PCS 


kid's size&XS-S-M-L-XL-XXL

Custom samples:


Sample leadtime: 

7 days ( This is depanded on different situation . )


T/T ,  Western Union or Cash 


By sea or by express


One piece in one poly bag . About 40 pieces in one carton .

Carton size: 

60 cm * 40 cm * 25 cm.

Gross weight; 

14 KG

Container capacity: 

42,760pcs in 1X20FCL   89,000pcs in 1X40GP    

Name:safety vest
fabric:120gsm warp knitting fabric 
color:hi-vis yellow,hi-vis orange,royal blue,paramedic green,red,black,navy,maroon,pink,sky blue
MOQ:1000 pieces

Details:1. conforms to EN471 Class 2 in HI-VIS yellow and orange

2.100% polyester fabric with velcro fastening

3.50mm width reflective tape around the body and each shoulder

4.also available in childrens

Certificate: EN471


size details(cm)


shoulder width46485052545658
CB longth70727474767678
arm holder23252727.52929.531


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