Anti Static Workwear Coveralls with Hood

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Item specifice:

Item: Coveralls Fabric: Ploy-Cotton Fabric Weight: 240g
Color: Navy Feature: Anti Static Customization: Yes
Application: Working Protection Packing: 20 pcs/ctn Reflective Stripes: Chest + Back
Pocket: 4 Featyre 2: Acid & Alkali Resistant

Product Description:

Workwear Coveralls with Hood, Navy, Anti Static, Reflective Stripes

Hooded coverall offers a built in head protection option to the wearer. Our coverall has 4 pockets (chest posckt*2 + leg pocket*2), all pocket has flap.

There are Reflective Stripes on chest and back which provides higher visible in dark working condition. 

Basic Spec: 

FabricBlendFabric Weight240g
ClosurZipperWaist AdjustElastic
Apparel TypeProtective Work ClothingCustomizaYes


Anti Static, Acid & Alkali Resistant

Reflective Stripes on coverall chest and back. 

Logo posization: left chest, back, arm (logo customization)

OEM & ODM: fabric, color, design, package, logo etc. supplied fabric apparel processing available. 

100% cotton, polyester+cotton and more fabric options. 

Flame Retardant Coveralls also can be supplied. 

10 years workwear factory accept all kinds of workwear apparel processing orders. Bib Pants, Jacket, Apron, Lab Coat, Winter Workwear, Workwear Uniform... both available. 


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