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Safety Vest High-Visibility Reflective Good Price Good Quality

Safety Vest High-Visibility Reflective Good Price Good Quality

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20000 set/month

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Structure of High-Visibility Reflective Vest Good Price Good Quality Description:

Safety products is a name of all the productions which can protect people during there lives; we have several kinds of safety products, such as: gloves, glasses, vest, mask, shoes, kneecap, and so on;

Our company has established extensive cooperation relationship with over 200 countries in the fields of safety equipment by making full use of its absolute superiority in both abundant source and solid technologies support. We sincerely welcome partners around the world to establish business cooperation with us on the basis of mutual trust, benefit and development.

Main Features of the High-Visibility Reflective Vest Good Price Good Quality :

1.breathable,can wear long time comfortable 
2.soft,comfortable,light,latex free, no stimulus to skin
3.various colors and sizes are available for different request

4. SMS (Spun bond + Melt blown +Spun bond nonwovens), PP, PP +PE, Micro porous, spun lace,


Images of the High-Visibility Reflective Vest Good Price Good Quality:

Safety Vest High-Visibility Reflective Good Price Good Quality

Safety Vest High-Visibility Reflective Good Price Good Quality

Safety Vest High-Visibility Reflective Good Price Good Quality


High-Visibility Reflective Vest Good Price Good Quality Specification:


PP/SMS/SF/PP+PE coated






with hood/collar,with/without boots,front zipper,zipper     cover flap 


white,blue,green,red,yellow ect

normal packing:

1 piece/polybag * 50pcs/carton


1000 pcs


breathable,comfortable,soft,invironmental,non-irritant,soft,anti     dust 

production capacity


delivery time

20-30days after receiving deposit


Lingyang/ OEM


hospital,medical/food/electronic/chemical/beauty     industry,household


ISO9001:2008, ISO13485, CE, FDA






a.What is monthly capacity

---CNBM is one stated own company and our monthly capacity is about  2000tons.

b. Now which countries do you export your goods?

---Now we export to  South East Asia,Africa, North America,South America  ect.


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