Nitrile Coated Safety Gloves For Contruction

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Product Description:

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: 12 pairs/polybag, 240 pairs/carton , carton size: 42x25x48cm or as customers' requests
Delivery Detail: 20-25 days upon receipt of 30% deposit


safety gloves for construction


2. nitrile coating

3.smooth surface, knitted wrist

4. MOQ:1000 Doz

Material: 13 gauge nylon, palm coated with nitrile, knitted lining Romania mouth sleeve, smooth surface

·Despite the lightweight construction, the grip offer good resistance to abrasion and tear.

Comfort, the soft seamless knitted liner provides exceptional comfort and reduces hand fatigue.

The back of the glove is uncoated allowing the hand to breathe.

Advantage: anti-cut, wearable, oil, acid and other chemicals has a good defense


  1. ·Component Handling
  2. ·Electronics
  3. ·General Assembly
  4. ·Warehousing
  5. ·Light Engineering Work


1. Competitive price,

2. Better products,

3. We also provide OEM service. We can supply the goods according to the customers' samples.

Product name

nitrile coated gloves

Item No.



13G polyester coated on different nitrile colors

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As customer’s request


One dozen/polybag,20 doz/carton,carton size:42x25x48cm

or as customer’s request.


Widely used in industry, agriculture, construction, forest and transportation

Delivery time

20-25 days after receiving the deposit




1000 dozen



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Q:What are the safety and protective equipment for building construction?
The construction enterprise shall establish and maintain the safety management archives of construction facilities, equipment, labor protection articles and related safety inspection instruments, and record the following contents:1, static management information such as source, type, quantity, technical performance and useful life, as well as dynamic management information such as current use place, use state, responsible person, test and routine maintenance;2, procurement, leasing, renovation, scrap plan and implementation.3, construction enterprises should be based on the technical management system of enterprise security, the implementation of the technical management of construction facilities, equipment, labor protection supplies and related safety testing instruments, analysis of safety status regularly, determine the key guidance and inspection, take necessary actions.4, safety protection facilities should be standardized, standardized and instrumental.
Q:What are the safety protective equipment in chemical gloves
Fluorine rubber glovesThe fluorinated polymer substrate, similar to Teflon (PTFE), the surface activation energy is low, so the droplets will not stay on the surface, which can prevent the chemical osmosis, has a good protective effect for chlorinated solvents and aromatic hydrocarbon.8, chlorinated polyethylene glovesMost chemicals have protective properties. They can protect alkalis, oils, fuels and many solvents, and have excellent resistance to high temperature and low temperature, wear resistance, bending resistance, etc..
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Yes and No - Depends on what you are training on (I reccomend rune armor if you are traning on close range mobs, and that armor if you are training on long range mobs)
Q:There are Mercury in the environment, how to protect?
Protective measures:Respiratory protection: should be exposed to its vapor, should wear a respirator. Recommend self-contained breathing apparatus when necessary.Eye protection: wear safety goggles.Protective clothing: wear appropriate protective clothing.
Q:How to buy rubber gloves?
Acrylonitrile butadiene rubber has excellent protective properties for chemical oils, lipids, petrochemicals, lubricants and various solvents. But swelling occurs in some solvents, affecting their physical properties and lowering their protective function.
Q:Light Fittings Bayonet Water Resistant?
It is extremely risky to spar or actually fight without the proper supervision even if you have headgear and gloves. If you are going to do that no matter what then make sure you don't go cheap on your gear. I understand that money may be tight but a head injury can do some serious damage. Make sure you get well protective headgear and the correct gloves for sparring. Also if your brother isn't as experienced as you, then his style/form will be a little different then somebody who knows what they are doing. This may cause you to change your style/form a little which might actually be a step back, probably worse than just getting rusty. If you feel that both you and your brother know what you are doing then go for it. If not then maybe just look into some type of bag, whether it be a heavy bag, muay thai bag, or something else. Sparring is good fun, and a great way to improve but remember safety first.
Q:How do you make food grade vegetable glycerin?
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If anything safety is first and formost. I suggest HEPA filtered masks, but dust mask will work if nothing else. Spraying the droppings with bleach will help, but actuallly won't kill off viruses like you would think. Soo again Hepa filter mask for safety, make sure you cover up(coveralls) gloves, for safety again. I have done many of rodent/insulation jobs, Sunlight is the only thing that will kill off viruses in droppings, so SAFETY is the key!!!!

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