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Does the nuclear power plants in the water quality analysis instrument, such as pH meter, conductivity meter and so on are used in what place, what is the special requirements?
The pH for the detection of water pH; for the detection of water conductivity conductive ion content.
What are the basic structures of spectral analysis instruments?
Signal processing and display system signal processing, including signal amplification, mathematical calculation and conversion, etc.. The display system includes electric meter display, digital display, fluorescent screen display, result printing and so on.
What safety matters should we pay attention to when using chemical reagents and using analytical instruments?
The selection of chemical reagents should be based on analytical requirements, including analytical tasks, analytical methods, and accurate results. Different grades of reagents should be used. If you want to use high purity or guaranteed reagent trace analysis, in order to reduce the blank value and avoid the interference of impurities.
What is the principle of an industrial analyzer?
The principle of instrument detection is thermogravimetric analysisIt will be of far infrared heating equipment and electronic balance weighing together, in particular the atmosphere conditions, the required temperature, within the prescribed period of time in the process of heating the sample weighing quality, in order to calculate the sample moisture, ash and volatile industrial analysis index.
Excuse me, when laboratory qualification is confirmed, how does analytical instrument confirm?
1 、 is the instrument equipped with the accuracy grade according to the standard requirements?;2. The general requirements for calibration / calibration of analytical instruments;
Carbon sulfur analyzer which brand is better? Laboratory use
The better, nature is imported brands, now carbon sulfur analysis instrument top brand of German ELTRA (in), LECO (the United States, Japan force) HORIBA (juechang).
What instruments are used in building lightning protection testing?
Ground resistance tester is to abandon the traditional artificial hand power generation mode, using advanced large scale integrated circuit, application of DC/AC technology will transform three terminal and four terminal measurements with a model of the new digital ground resistance tester.
What are chip analysis instruments and methods?
C-SAM (ultrasonic scanning microscope), nondestructive examination: 1.. The lattice structure inside the material, impurity particles, inclusions, precipitates,.2., internal cracks, 3. delamination defects,.4. voids, bubbles, voids, etc. Germany