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ROHS handheld analyzer --ROHS (material) Screening

   In recent years, more and more manufacturers to follow a series of requirements for the content of the material components into restrictions, such as the typical EU Hazardous Substances (ROHS-2), and the 2008 US CPSIA limits on the maximum content of lead in toys these regulations make more and more manufacturers choose to use XRF strict quality control. Handheld XRF has become the industry's widely accepted products, and forgive screening tool, which for heavy metals and other properties of the substance detection, which is quite effective

   Certified by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, handheld XRF is a very effective detection tool. NDT S1 TITAN provides enterprise can ensure the production of lead-free and comply with ROHS safety instructions for toys and other consumer products for effective detection of heavy metals. Where the detection limit of lead, mercury, chromium, arsenic, antimony and barium, and other harmful elements even reach ppm level

Easy to use: S1 TITAN is currently available on the lightest portable XRF analyzer tube. User interface is designed to provide intuitive operation and results are presented. Data management and transmission is extremely easy

Intuitive User Interface

Requires minimal operational training

Wide sample identification applications

Light weight -1.5kg / 3.3lbs, with battery

Environmental conditions: Protection class IP54; S1 TITAN can withstand all environmental field operation in the design, including wet and dusty environments conditions

Sealed waterproof and dustproof design

Rubber molding, durable

To prevent the intrusion of dirt and sand

Stand can be used to measure a sample of small and complex

Operating temperature: -10 ℃ to ± 50 ℃

Sample temperature (intermittent use): 150 ℃ for Ultralene window, 500 ℃ for Kapton window

TITAN anti-tie detectors: the detector was pierced to prevent the ultimate protection facilities, including this unique patent-pending S1 TITAN accessory can protect the detector window is not pierced sharp pieces of scrap metal and waste lines and other objects, while maintaining the S1 TITAN for almost any material quickly and accurately analyze

The expensive detector to minimize the damage piercing

Improve equipment uptime

No need to replace the window when measuring light elements or recalibrate

Even the measurement of magnesium, aluminum, silicon and other light elements also analyze the effectiveness without sacrificing any

ROHS II (2011/65 / EU) directive compliance

Restriction of hazardous substances: lead, chromium, mercury, cadmium, PDBE, PDB

CE certification of new requirements

Covering all electronic products

All restricted materials can be measured

CPSIA 2008- unleaded toys

Restricted lead content in children's products

Lead content must be less than 100ppm

Cover all toys, clothing and other products

Non-destructive testing to ensure that products meet the requirements

Trusted electronic products

A high degree of reliability for aerospace and medical applications

Provide products needed for the normal operation of lead content

Easily determine the optimum levels of lead

Other Restricted Materials Applications

Halogen-free production

Packaging Act

California Proposition 65

Safe Drinking Water Act

Alloy: standard alloy (Ti - uranium) can be single-phase measurements, to support the nominal concentration of light elements

Alloy LE: alloy analysis, including light elements. Most alloys contain ethnic specific types of high accuracy calibration

Precious Metals: Precious metal alloys optimization settings. Containing alloy grade ID and carat (Karat) display

Low levels of copper in the lead: Detection and measurement of low levels of lead in the copper (lead content up to 2%) in order to comply with the California Safe Drinking Water Act and Proposition 65. This calibration only for 800 and 600

ROHS (Material): for ROHS I / II screening of consumer products. Automatic mode and the user can select the calibration mode, used in plastics, the density of the material as well as user-defined limit IEC metal

ROHS (metal): for metal ROHSI / II of the specification, consumer products, metal, solder and security applications of the test water bill

ROHS (plastic): for non-metallic (plastics and polymers) ROHSI / II of the standard, non-metallic materials and consumer products use of safe drinking water bill each test, including chlorine

Limestone: used in cement, creating and building industries, in order to facilitate analysis of lime, cement and gypsum raw materials and steel. This calibration only for 800 and 600

Mining exploration: for mining, exploration, drilling machine-level control. Contains GeoChem Trace and GeoChem General. When using 800 and 600, this calibration support all light elements by measuring Division Duplex

Soil: Ideal for field testing of contaminated soil and reclamation operations under the EPA 6200. This calibration can be used for catalytic converters and electronic waste recycling applications. When using the 800 and 600, this calibration support all light elements by measuring Division Duplex

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Q:What instrument is used to detect formaldehyde more accurately?
The test principle based on formaldehyde self test box is recommended by the state as a colorimetric method of phenol reagent. Judging from the test results of formaldehyde, the formaldehyde self-test box is semi quantitative testing products, which can fully meet the needs of people to detect formaldehyde concentration in indoor air.
Q:Does the COD water quality analyzer require reagents?
At this point, the color of the mixture varies. The amount of Cr3+ is converted to a voltage change by photoelectric colorimetry. By measuring the amount of voltage to be changed, the curve is searched and calculated, and the COD value is obtained.
Q:How much is the indoor formaldehyde detector?
Formaldehyde detection price is relatively high, in fact, formaldehyde can be detected without detection instrument, with self-test box is also possibleAfter the formaldehyde test exceeds the standard, you can use the green wire and photochemical media to remove, because it contains titanium dioxide, so it can be very good decomposition of formaldehydeIn addition to the use of materials in addition to formaldehyde, but also with green, green plants and so on, so in addition to formaldehyde was faster and more thoroughly
Q:What is the difference between modern instrumental analysis and chemical analysis methods?
The function of the instrument to replace some artificial action, five concept identification and human, to speed up the progress of the analysis, to reduce the number of human errors; but if the principle is the use of new technology to achieve detection, then the determination object may be different, the determination of some heavy metals such as traditional chemical methods, may require chemical titration reaction each other through a variety of substances to judge analysis, a large number of samples needed before processing can be realized, but modern spectral instruments can realize nondestructive testing, do not need to complete the reaction through the middle to qualitative or quantitative, also do not need to sample pretreatment.
Q:Photoelectric colorimeter - spectrophotometer - urine analyzer - Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer - same and different points of enzyme analyzer
The same point: using the principle of light absorption law, qualitative and quantitative analysis of absorption peak and light intensity of matter belongs to spectral analysis instrument
Q:Is there an instrument that can detect leaking water in a wall?
Leak detection method of water pipe:1, the first thing to do is to close the main locks. The hose is then attached to both ends of the hot and cold water pipe.2, at the same time, one end of the instrument is fixed on another pipe in the same space.3, when the master in the use of equipment, you need to wring each interface, can not cause leakage, so that the measured water pressure will be accurate.4, when everything is ready, you can be ready for pressure testing.5, the water pressure will gradually increase, test the water pipe pressure, to see whether there is water leakage.6, the test division of the water pressure hit, in accordance with popular parlance, at this time the water pressure is 8 pounds.7, check the water pipes everywhere to see if there is water seepage or water leakage.
Q:Is the Zibo analytical instrument expensive?
Zibo Boshan sea instrument factory is located in the famous electrical manufacturing base, tourist city - Zibo, is a development, design, manufacture in one of the high-tech enterprises, with a number of analytical instrument development and application analysis of experienced engineers engaged in. Over the years by virtue of its strong technical support and perfect service, excellent customer service, successfully created a "sea instrument" technology professional brand, was recognized by the domestic chemical enterprises, R & D center and power system.
Q:X ray fluorescence spectrum analyzer and other analytical instruments, such as: AAS, ICP and so on, what are the advantages and disadvantages?
Both ICP and AAS instruments are tested by chemical methods. The advantages are: high accuracy and good repeatability. Generally speaking, third parties are using this method. The disadvantages are low test efficiency, great pollution and high test cost
Q:What are the commonly used instruments in biological laboratories?The company is planning to expand the laboratory instrument business
Sample preservation:Refrigerator / ultra low temperature refrigerator (Holland SKADI)Liquid nitrogen tank (UK, STATEBOURNE, CRYOGENICS)
Q:Carbon sulfur analyzer which brand is better? Laboratory use
The better, nature is imported brands, now carbon sulfur analysis instrument top brand of German ELTRA (in), LECO (the United States, Japan force) HORIBA (juechang).

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