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M1 MISTRAL is a compact desktop μ-XRF spectrometer for the analysis of bulk materials and coatings. Its operation is fast, cost-effective, can provide accurate information and materials related to the elemental composition.

Determination of coating thickness and composition such as sample

Zn-Fe, Ag-Cu, Au-Ni-Cu, Sn-Ni-Cu, Cr-Ni-Cu, Au-Pd-Ni-Cu

Jewelry and alloy analysis:

M1 MISTRA jewelry, coins and precious metals ideal analysis tool. All jewelery alloys, platinum group metals and silver products. Less than one minute you can determine its exact composition. The results can be expressed in percentages or K (open).

The instrument with high spatial resolution, spot size down to 100 microns. It can analyze a sample of any shape, such as the most complex jewelry, without further preparation, more importantly, its analysis is lossless. Supported sample sizes up to 100x100x100 cubic millimeter. With cross crosshair video microscope, you can pinpoint the location where you want to measure. Electric Z-sampling station allows for quick focusing. Optional XYZ sampling station may even provide greater comfort.

M1 MISTRAL is equipped with a high-brightness microfocus X-ray tube, ensuring excellent measuring excitation spot, resulting in high fluorescence effects. With powerful, XSpect software suite is easy to use, the instrument can deliver accurate quantitative results, regardless of the analysis of bulk materials or the most complex multi-layer structure.

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Q:What does "ABC classification" mean for test equipment? Need to be specific
The instrument belongs to the equipment, and the equipment can be classified into class a key equipment, B class general equipment and C class equipment according to the importance, the advanced technology and the value
Q:Is there a 0 or lower scale on the measuring cylinder of the austenitic gas analyzer?
Is there a 0 or lower scale on the measuring cylinder of the austenitic gas analyzer?
Q:How to take the most accurate total station instrument height?
Out of the total station, in station on the Lishui screeds with ruler alignment, integer partition of water scale, reading level alignment ruler, 2 readings difference is the instrument, reading can be estimated to read 0.1mm, and use the same method to measure prism.
Q:How to realize automatic cleaning of test and analysis instruments and pipes?
With micro tube automatic cleaning agent, concentrated paste, completely without hand washing, blisters on a clean bubble, break through the traditional cleaning mode.
Q:What are the problems in the application of analytical instruments?
What's more, the sensitivity problem, the ordinary atomic absorption can not measure the PPB class metal elements. For nonmetal elements, the atomic spectrum is helpless, so the analysis instrument has the characteristic of specificity.
Q:With the development of science and technology, why can't instrumental analysis replace chemical analysis completely?
Chemical analysis accuracy is very good, but the precision is not good, that is a constant or semi trace components can accurately measure the content of trace components, but for the poor even can't be detected, the error range is small, usually require control in less than +-0.1%, the instrument analysis accuracy is poor but the precision is good, can a qualitative or quantitative measure of trace components, but the error range is larger, +-1% or more.
Q:What are the differences between the infrared carbon sulfur analyzer and the high speed carbon sulfur analyzer?
The infrared detection system is the use of infrared ray detection cell with carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, the attenuation of infrared intensity, to test the content of two elements in the system is to use the conductance, two kinds of gases are different solution absorption, ionization in solution, the formation of conductive ions, through the conductivity test, the content of two to calculate the change of elements
Q:How does the LabVIEW connect to the instrument?
LabVIEW and instrument connection, you can through the serial port (in software, VISA), GPIB, network port, USB and so on.Take the DC power as an example:In LabVIEW, the process is: connecting ports - Communication (reading data, issuing commands, etc.) - shutting down portsFind the Open function in VISA, select the port connected to the power supply in the input port, and set the relevant parameters (if the serial port, such as baud rate, etc.).
Q:Major of Applied Chemistry has two directions: fine chemical and instrumental analysis. Which one should be chosen?
Instrumental analysis is a more precise instrument for analysis, inspection, identification, etc.!
Q:The difference between paramagnetic oxygen analyzer and zirconia oxygen analyzer
The difference between the two applications,1 zirconium oxideIs mainly used in the measurement of the oxygen content in the furnace, occupy most of this type of application.Advantages: strong adaptability and corrosion resistant detector, dust and water, the technology is mature, the price is cheap, do not need tedious pretreatment, direct measurement, measurement stability.Disadvantages: process the atmospheric pressure near the measurement of gas flow rate is not too high, the application has some limitations. Of course, micro or high-pressure measurement applications also have a very small number.2 paramagnetic oxygen analyzerEffect of from sample gas pressure, through the pretreatment of vacuum dehydration dust and other means of measuring, high precision than zirconia.Is expensive, usually pretreatment maintenance accounts for the main work, also need to have some spare parts support.In heating furnace application, this instrument can also be measured, should be more widely.On accuracy: all manufacturers actually are not a lot of difference, the key is in poor condition, who is the most resistant, who has the best stability. Background gas composition is one of the key factors that affect him, and the type selection needs to be considered.Magnetic pressure analyzer: such as SIEMENS, one of the biggest advantages of the sample gas, and do not contact the sample gas detector, even dirty, within a short period of time there is no effect on the detector, maximum protection

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